Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


9. Girls day out

Ariana"s Pov

i woke up to having Louis kissing my forehead i smiled and he said good morning babe sleep well babe ? i nodded and he said good i took his hand and we go up together turns out me and Louis were the only ones up so we said hehehe he ran to the kitchen wrapped some whipped cream and a banana first we went to Harry zayn and Liam we put whipped cream in there hair and put the bananas in there mouths and laughed quite enough for them not to hear us then we took a picture of them and Louis uploaded it to Twitter . now for niall and Amanda we crept in there room and we put a smile on Niall and a uni brow on Amanda we laughed way too loud and they woke up and Laughed with us Liam woke up and and said alright who did this huh ? we just laughed and made our way downstairs we ate cereal by the time Zayn and Harry came down but Zayn didn't have his quiff and harrys hair was damp so i guessed they showered. Liam said they had half an hour till they had to go to an interview so we decided to do a lazy day well for thirty minutes. Me and Louis were on the couch watching tv when a Lady says " is Louis tomlinson  over Eleanor Calder ? or is Louis just using girls to make her jealous we have some pictures of Louis kissing a girl at the beach who is this mystery girl ? " I look to Louis with a sad and very hurt look i just hugs me and says the things people say i nodded and said how come you never told me you had a girl friend ? He looked away for a second and looked back to me i could tell it was too painful for him to tell me so i said you dont need to tell me Louis No i need to tell you i promise i wont keep any more secrets from you any more i nodded. He took a deep breath and said Harry introduced me to Eleanor and i liked her i still couldn't stop thinking about you and i missed you dearly but... Management said i needed to forget about you and move on so i pretended i did but i loved you i got to know Eleanor more and she just reminded me of you so much so i asked her out we dated for a year and it was the day before our anniversary and i had our whole day planned out so i got a text from her saying she was outside our house and i ran to open it and invited her in but she said no and she said that she doesn't love me any more and broke up with me. i decide to tell people that i broke up with her because i didn't want fans to send her any more hate. And then the boys realized i wasn't my happy self so i told them i was okay 5 months passed and i ran into you and that was the best day of my life and now your my girlfriend and my whole world. when he finished he had some tears falling down his eyes he said im sorry. i looked at him and hugged him he hugged back and stopped crying i let go and i kissed him he kissed back and Liam came out and said Lou go get ready he nodded and asked if me and Amanda wanted to come i said sorry i made plans with Amanda but ill watch it later okay he smiled and kissed my forehead and ran up stairs i continued watching tv and the boys all came down and said bye to me and Amanda saying they will see us later i kissed Louis and Niall kissed Amanda. and they left i got a text message from Louis saying I miss you already :( i smiled and replied saying babe your just down in the parking lot and i can see you but i agree i miss you too. i then got a text from Zayn with a picture of Louis sitting on the chair saying he really misses you he's looking at your picture :) i just smiled and told Amanda that we should go get ready and go shopping ! we ran upstairs and decided what to wear i wasn't thinking and just picked a white shirt with blue stripes, some red colored shorts and i picked my blue colored Toms and went to the shower i washed my hair and put my clothes on. i blow dried my hair and curled the ends i put on some mascara and eye liner i put some chap stick on and went out side and Amanda was out there putting some nude pink lip stick on i guess she was thinking of Niall when she was picking her outfit too cause she was wearing a red collared shirt and some tan shorts along with white high tops she also had a gold four left neck-less on and her hair was curly like always. she smiled and said hey louis i laughed and said hey Niall shall we take a picture of our selves and send them to Louis ? she said sure i took the picture and sent it to Louis and Amanda sent it to Niall. we laughed and said shall we i said opening the door we shall and walked out i locked the door and ran into Amandas car we drove to the Mall and i got a text from Louis saying awh how cute i really do miss you now :) xx and i miss you too i texted back. Me and Amanda were walking across the street and then i heard honking and well things went black i heard sirens and people talking and well i just completely passed out i hope Amandas okay.

Louis Pov

Awh i miss my Carrot more then ever now that she sent me a picture of her outfit. we ran out when the interviewer said "they have a number one album in america and and the worlds biggest heart throb Please welcome The British boy band One direction !! "  Of course they asked whos single and whos not i smiled thinking of Ariana and forgot to raise my hand and the interviewer said so harry and Louis are single ? Oh wait no i have the worlds most greatest girlfriend i said smiling ahhh the crowed of girls screamed and yet again they kept asking the same questions we heard when i got a call from Amanda she never calls me so it must be important i answered Hello ? Omg Louis you need to come to the hospital right away !! oh no why is it Ariana ? yeah.. we were on our way to the mall and we were crossing the street when a drunk driver hit her i just broke ill be right over i said i put my hands to my face and cried i look to the boys and said im sorry Arianas in the hospital the boys nodded and said go i got in the car and made my way to the hospital  i walked in no wait Ran in and searched for Amanda i saw her in a room getting stitches on the side of her head  when the doctor finished i walked in i sat down and said what happened and where is she .she looked down and said we were on our way to the mall and were leaving the mall parking lot. The sign said we could walk so we went and Ariana was looking at her phone and and then this guy in a truck who was mad and drunk went right into me and her but i just slid and scratched my head but Ariana she had to get surgery oh her head and the doctor said she might have head trauma. me and Amanda just wept silently when the doctor came in with a clip bored. He sat down next to me and said so i guess you her boy friend right ? i nodded and he said well shes in her room right now and the surgery went well but she may not remember anything because she hit her head pretty hard so you guys may see her but she may not remember you. so i have to make my girlfriend fall in love with me again ? i said looking up with this pain in my heart. he nodded great just great. he left and a nurse came in 5 minutes later and said Ariana Mae Manuel's friends i said yeah but not so loud cause my throat hurt she lead us to a room and there lied my girlfriend with a bunch of bruises on her arms and legs the part that hurt me the most is i probably caused her this i texted her it all made sense i just broke i should be the one in the bed not her ! i screamed . Louis calm down its not your fault its the guys fault i took a seat next to the bed and held her hand i started saying how much i love and miss her and how it was my fault about all that happened. i saw her eyes flutter open and she looked around i said Ariana ? she looked at me and her eyes just rolled to the back of her head and all i heard was -beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep- oh no i screamed help somebody help please !!! a bunch of doctors came in along with nurses pushing me and Amanda  out of the room i wont leave Ariana forever and always ! I sat in the waiting room probably looking like a mess but i didnt care i soon saw 4 boys walk in but i couldn't tell my vision is blurry i heard niall say with his voice cracking most likely talking to Amanda " Is she o-okay ?" i looked at him and said i honestly don't know i just dont know. we stayed silent for a while and Amanda said she was my best friend... she helped me with everything. Harry and zayn said she always found a way to make us laugh. Liam said she could make anyone smile when there upset. I looked at them all and said she was the love of my life. i ran to Liam who was just across from me and cried on to his chest he rubbed my back and said everything's going to be all right Lou dont worry shes strong.i nodded but i knew this are not going to be okay. the same doctor came in and said we revived her shes alive now and she has no idea what happened i basically told her how she got her and that you guys are here she said she remembers Amanda and asked for you to see her. Amanda got up and walked then jogged then ran toward her room i wanted to go in there i just hope shes okay

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