Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


10. do you remember me ?

Authors Note: so i will be adding a new character in the story who will be playing a girl related to Ariana and will be the girl Harry falls in love with so if your interested email me what you look like and your name. my emails so email me and it will be closed 4 days from now so hurry! :) 

Arianas pov

I woke up with this massive pain in my head in fact my whole body aches. I look around the room and notice my arms hooked up to this machine okay so im guessing im in the hospital ? there's this remote on the side of the bed i move my hand slowly and grab it i press a random button and my bed moves slowly oops wrong one i press this button that i think has a nurse on there and beep yay got it right away a nurse comes in and says good your awake be right back i nod but that just made my head hurt lots more a few seconds later a doctor comes in with a clip bored i never get why they always carry around a clip bored i guess to look smarter. He says " how are you feeling?" fine but my head hurts like heck and my body aches so much mhm and writes something down and oh yeah do you remember anything ? he asks i think and i shake my head no but i remember my best friend named i think... Amanda ? he nods takes a deep breath and says well.. you were hit by a car and hit your head really hard and had to get surgery that's why your head hurts. i reach up and feel this band around my head i start crying and say will i ever get my memory back ? he takes another deep breath and says well its possible but you wont remember things right away i say okay is Amanda here ? he says yes she is along with a boy but Amanda was with you when you both were hit and she scraped her head nothing serious but you you had something serious you could of  died which you did but we revived you if you survived something like that then you must have something important here and someone could be thinking of you. i said okay... can you send Amanda in here.. please sure thing he got up and walked away. okay lets get thing right my name is... what is my name i think again i came from was it California and am i still in California ?  or ? just then My best friend walked in wait no scratch that ran in and hugged me NO Amanda not so hard. Sorry im just so happy your okay she said i said thanks can you please tell me where i am and what my name is? Well right now your back in your in the hospital. Your originally from Doncaster and stayed here for about ten years then moved to California when your uhm dad died. Your lived in California with your step sister, your mom, and step father. They treat you like crap your step sister was a brat your step dad he abused you hit you everything your mom she had a drinking problem thats why you moved back here to start a new. Your name is Ariana Mae Manuel i thought about it and nodded is there anything else i need to know ?  hm well you have a boyfriend his name is Louis Tomlinson hes in a band called One direction with 4 other boys there names are Niall hes my boyfriend so uh no touchy touchy , Harry he has curly hair, Liam he had Justin bieber sorta hair and Zayn he has black hair thats in a quiff. i thought about it and  no i have no idea who they are Can you go and get them please i said uh yeah sure be right back with that she walked out while she was gone a nurse came in and said it was medicine for my aches i thanked her and Amanda returned with 5 boys all who had red eyes and an excited look on there faces a boy with brown hair that was swished to the side and with blue eyes stood by me held my hand and said with his voice cracking do you remember who i am ? i looked at him tried to remember who this person holding my hand is and said No pulling my hand away but could you tell me who you all are ? 

Louis Pov

No she said no man did that hurt could you please tell me who you all are she said i cried a little and Liam rubbed my back and said its okay mate you can help jog her memory i nodded. Well im your best friend we were friends for as long as i remember but im also your boyfriend i said today's your birthday but i bought you a ring that said forever and Always which your wearing right now i said lifting her hand up and pointing to it and i pointed to mine and she nodded and looked at the rest of them Niall said hi im Niall the Irish one. Liam said hello Ariana im liam the smart one in the group Zayn said hi im zayn and Harry said hey babe the names Harry, Harry styles and winked at her ! Harry is not hitting on her when i have the hard part i have to make her fall in love with me again. A word with you Harry ? i said giving him a death glare every one looked at me like i was crazy i never say anything that intelligent he said sure be right back babe Ariana just looked at him weird NOW HARRY i practically yelled fine he responded when we got out i said wait no screamed at him  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HARRY SHES MY GIRLFRIEND SHE HAS ENOUGH GOING ON DON'T YOU DARE START HITTING ON HER ! he looked at the floor and started playing with his hands and said i know Lou i know but i love her. Anger built up inside of me and i just clutched my fist and....   

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