Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


25. Crazy !

Arianas Pov

Today i had to make the invites and stuff because yeah we decided to go for a spring wedding and it would be in Hawaii ! Louis i said looking at him, Yes wifey he said kissing my hand i smiled and said we have to go over the guest list and stuff. he laughed sat by me and said okayyy. Lets start with my side i said picking up a piece of paper and pen, i have to invite my mom my step sister and my step dad actually me and my step dad have been getting along since i left and im actually am calling him dad i think the only reason me and him fought was because i just couldn't accept him as my dad but really i know my dads up there helping me. by now i had at least 20 people who i wanted to invite. My mom, Step dad, step sister, my friends from high school who i still had contact with, Brandon, and Jordan i know i know who invites a guy who cheated on me.. I do i wanna show him im better off without him, I also invited my Cousins, Aunts, uncles grandparents, Everyone ! When i finished i had about 100 people i turned to Louis and his eyes are big i laughed and said go ! he smiled and said his main family and friends he also had 100 people so it worked out fine. i spoke and said okay entertainment he smiled and said One direction I laughed and wrote it down. He smiled and said babe stop worrying i looked at him like he was crazy because we had at least 4 months  to get ready for everything and that his birthday was coming up. i nodded and said oh by the way Paul called and said that you guys have rehearsal tomorrow. He made a sad face and i kissed him and i have to go and look for photographers  for our wedding. And i need to fly to Doncaster to get some photos when we were younger from you mummy and i need to fly to California to get photos too  i said with a nervous smile. He sighed and said okayy but please be safe i nodded and i said Amandas coming he sighed again and said im sending a body guard with you and when will you get home ? i kissed his cheek and said as soon as possible he nodded and we went to go and tell my aunt the good news. I knocked on her door and she answered Ari hello Louis ! she said pulling us in. Would you guys like some tea ? she said screaming from the kitchen i laughed and said yes please. she soon returned with three cups of yorkshire tea i took it and gave one to Louis and one for my self she sat on the couch and said so whats up. I smiled and i said im engaged, her mouth dropped and she started crying i turn to Louis and hes just as surprised as i am. I walk on over to her and rub her back when she stops she just starts Laughing. i look at her like shes crazy then she stops. Sorry i cried because your growing and stuff then i started laughing because of how crazy i am. I laughed and hugged her Oh Auntie Helen ill always be a kid... FOREVER YOUNG i said screaming the last part she laughed then turned to Louis. Now you, since her dads not around and im his little sister i get to play the role of the dad ! she then lowered her voice. you young man better take care of my daughter if you dont you have to deal with me she said pointing her finger at him. He laughed and said dont worry i promise i will never hurt Ariana. She laughed then said Ari when are you going to pick the picture from your mom, tomorrow i said starring at her. Great cause im coming with you no way in hell am i letting you go by yourself. i laughed and said okay okay ill leave you alone to let you pack. we started walking out then i turned around oh by the way can you tell Ellie, Ashley, Chloe that there going to be my bridesmaids ? She nodded and pushed us out. We got home and looked at the time hmm two o'clock wanna go Waikiki and walk around ? said louis poking my cheek? i Laughed and said yeah sure do i ask The boys and Amanda if they wanna come ? He nodded and i ran upstairs i first went in Amanda's room and Niall was in there i walked in and asked them if they wanted to come they said sure and pushed me out i went in Liam's room and asked him he agreed i went in zayns and he said sure i went in Harrys room and ran in i really wished i didnt because Harry... he was naked i screamed OMG HAZZAS NAKED !!! I covered my eyes and ran out i heard him say something like he was sorry ? i ran in the Living room and sat by Louis with my eyes big he laughed and said you saw harry naked i nodded and he laughed you will get used to it i nodded and Harry came down. Hey Ari sorry about that what did you want to ask me ? he said rubbing his hands together i was going to ask you if you wanted to come with us to Waikiki i said playing with Louis hair. Uh yeah sure but of course ill feel like a 7th wheel around you Lovers he said flipping his hair. Erhm i can ask my cousin Ellie to come ? i said looking at my phone. Oh yes Erhm i would like that thanks Ariana he said walking over to me and hugging me and running up the stairs. I laughed and called Ellie (Phone Call with Ellie) Ellie- hello !? Ariana- yeah hi Ellie get ready your coming with us to Waikiki and oh yeah Harry's your date bring your car ! i said screaming and hung up fast. She said shes coming so go and get ready ! i said pulling Louis's hand upstairs shoving him in his room and running into mine.i pulled out my black tank top my pink shorts my black high tops quickly changed into them. Put my hair into a high ponytail put my silver heart earrings and put my ray bans on i ran down stairs and everyone was down there waiting for me. What the heck i said i rushed just to get down first ! well you failed said Amanda who was wearing a blue tank top with a bow that covered the shirt some pink shorts and pink converse. we waited for about 5 minutes and we heard honking i look out and scream shes here we all run out and she screams hop in bitches were going shopping ! i Laugh hug her and say Love your outfit ! Ellies wearing a pink shirt that has free written across the shirt in cursive and has a bird on it and wore some jean shorts and her hairs in a fish tale braid. We all hop in and thankfully we fit ON WARD  i scream pointing everyone laughs and we drive.

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