Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


4. Awkward stares

Authors Note: sorry but the all of the boys will be single in this fanfic and louis had Eleanor but they broke up.


Ariana's P.O.V  (4:00 in the morning)

Well last night me and Louis were texting each other but dont get me wrong i love it and he invited me to go to the airport with him to pick up and meet his friends. i never did know Louis was in a band call one direction i mean i heard of the band name but really didnt care. Anyway his friends seem nice but yah know i guess i still have feelings for Louis no one can find out about this, i mean i just dont want to be turned down if he finds out. Anyway i need to get ready Louis's gonna be here in 1 hour just enough time to get ready. i took a quick shower and decided what to wear. i ended up picking a light blue v neck with a sweater some pants and my white uggs i also added a light blue beanie. i decide to put light makeup i curled my lashes applied mascara and eye liner. i brushed my hair and curled the ends i looked in the mirror and smiled at my outfit. by the time i finished i heard two honks and a text from Louis i opened it and it said "hurry up carrot" i never knew why he called me carrot but i called him boobear haha i replied back saying " fine boobear be right out" i ran out and jumped in as soon as i got in i screamed ON WARD BOOBEAR !! we both laughed and i heard him say the "same old carrot i used to know" i sure am i never did change ! i screamed in his ear We laughed and ended up playing truth or dare and laughing because i dared him to honk at every car that passes by us and i had to lick the windows when he honked that made time go by fast because by the time i licked the window Louis screamed WERE HEAR GET OUT OF THE CAR LOVEEE !!! i protested but ended up comming out and jumped on Louis back complaining my legs hurt. we waited for five minutes and heard 3 british accents and 1 irish accents scream oh THERES LOU ! Me and Louis started walking toward them but me still on Louis back. Oh so this is the lovely girl youve been talking about mate said a boy with curly hair i looked at louis and he blushed omg massive turn on when boys blush aha. Louis ran up to all of them and hugged them saying he missed them and walked back to me. they all said hello and the boy with green eyes, curly hair and dimples said im harry nice to meet you, a boy with an irish accent and blondish brownish hair and nice blue eyes said and im niall the irish one i smiled and another boy with brown hair and brown eyes said and im liam nice to meet you love with a wink erhm hello i said and a boy with black hair and light brown eyes said hi love im Zayn nice to meet you all i smiled. And screamed to louis IM HUNGRY FEED ME BOOBEAR ! boobear? are you guys dating harry said with a frown and they all looked at me and louis with awkward stares. i said oh no but me and louis are best friends and i call him boobear and i call her carrot louis said interupting me and smiling i playfully punched him and jumped on his back. i whispered in his ear i didnt eat yet can we go to starbucks? yeah sure and turned around boys were going to Starbucks ! As soon as we finished with starbucks and ate Louis said what now ? Harry said why dont we go to the beach ? we all agreed and had to stop at my flat first so i could change. we all ran into my flat so no one would see us i went in my room and chose a 2 piece bikini that was mint green with black lace tied it and put on some shorts and a pink flowy shirt i ran out and said " TO LOUIS HOUSE ! "  we ran out but niall was eating we all looked at him and started laughing. We ran out as soon as we got to the beach found a spot and put our stuff down harry niall and liam ran to the water and louis said come on Ariana and zayn i wana swim aha okay okay me and zayn said zayn ran to the water to join liam niall and louis leaving me and louis together. i said but louis can we go later? okay truth or dare ? louis said. hmmm Dare ! i replied aha he smiled and said who do you like? i thought in my head C-R-A-P  erhm uh no. awh come on Ari he said pinching my cheeks well i guess if its a time to say it its now... erhm Louis yess Ari ? i uhm i like you i said blushing and looking away he said Awh Ari i like you too i loved you ever since we were kids but you moved and i never got to tell you !  omg really yes really next thing you know it were leaning toward each other and only inches away when we hear HEY ARE YOU GUYS COMMING !? we both look and see zayn laughing darn you zayn. louis said come on lets go i took my shirt and shorts off and jumped on louis back and whispered  into his ear so are we uhm dating ? he said well Will you Ariana Mae Manuel go out with me ? awh louis come on you know i hate it when you call me by full name but yes i will, i jumped off and he held my hand and i blushed i think he noticed because he looked at me and pinched my cheeks again and said awwh my Ari's blushing. When we got to the water Zayn said so are you and Louis dating now ? he said smirking Louis looked at me and i nodded yes, yes we are louis said with a smile i heard a couple awhs and i smiled but when i looked at harry he was faking a smile i thought it was nothing so i splashed Liam and he said " oh its on like donkey kong !" i screamed and laughed i guess we did that for 15 minutes cause it was sundown know and we all went to wash up when we finished me and louis went back to the sand and cuddled it was so romantic i mean we had the sunset and everything i look up at louis and smiled  we started leaning toward each other and kissed i felt him smile and i heard a bunch of screaming and a bunch of awhs and "get a room!" we both pulled away and smile well lets go to your flat Ari for a sleepover said louis you could cook dinner and everything he smiled sure lets gooo ! 

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