Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


16. A special song to you

Arianas Pov

I woke up and i heard banging on the door Louis didnt hear it ,heavy sleeper! so i got up carefully not to wake him  and looked in the little peeky hole in the door and of course i was too short so i grabbed a chair and stood on it there stood 4 boys and 1 girl in there pajamas i got so confused i looked at the clock on the wall and it read 4:30 in the morning ! what the heck i opened the door and they said finally ! i yawned and said sorry what are you guys doing here ? They laughed and said you guys have to get up and get ready, Wheres Lou ? asked Harry rubbing his eye i smiled and said over here but be quiet they nodded and i lead them to our room when we got in there Louis was cuddling with a pillow that i left there Harry chuckled and took a picture. go wake him up liam said , i sighed jumped in bed next to Louis hugged him and Louis kissed my forehead i kissed him and he kissed back after a few seconds and pulled away and whispered in his ear " Babe get up time for rehearsals " he groaned and said " noooo i wana stay in bed forever with you " I laughed and said "the gangs in here" his eyes shot open and turned to his side and there Zayn hugged Niall and said " noooo i wana stay in bed forever with you " Louis Laughed and said ha,ha,ha very funny he took my hand and we both got up together. Louis said what are you guys doing in your Pajamas ? Liam said Paul told us to go and get you guys then go get ready. ohhhhh, then get out of my hotel room and go get ready Louis said shooing the guys and Amanda out but Amanda fell asleep on our couch and Niall had to carry her out. When they left Louis said " go shower and when you get done ill be done with making food " and smiled i nodded kissed his cheek and went in the bathroom locked the door and took a shower i washed my hair with my shampoo that i packed because the hotels shampoo smelled like... i dont even know how to explain it when i got out i wrapped myself with a towel unlocked the door and there was Louis standing there in a poddy position he pushed me aside but not to hard and closed the door and screamed " what kind of girl showers for fifteen minutes !" i laughed and said "the girl you Love " and went in our room closed the door and Locked it i changed into a bright yellow tanktop with a smiley face were the eyes were hearts and a smile with a  tongue sticking out, i matched it with some black skinny jeans i put my brown Uggs on and put my pink scarf on i brushed my long brown hair and can see some curls i smiled and said makeup time ! i applied mascara put some blush on and put on my baby lips in pink punch. when my hair dried a little i blow dried it and curled the ends. i smiled and grabbed my phone and walked out everyone was outside so i guessed Louis let them in and they all screamed " FINALLY YOUR READY !" i laughed and said " HEY ! it takes time to look this good" pulling my hand down my face slowly they laughed and Louis came behind me and kissed my cheek and said your always perfect i smiled and said thanks. Louis laughed  ill be ready in five minutes heheh maybe he said walking in the bathroom and closing the door  we ate causally talking waiting for Louis after ten minutes he walked out in a towel and went in the room After 20 minutes Lou came out and said yeah im ready lets go ! i laughed and he took my hand and we all walked out i heard Harry say to Liam " yep there a good couple they take a LONG time to get ready " i think Louis hear it too because we both turned around at the same time and said " The Perfect couple " me and Louis thought the same thing and got all excited and high fived each other we ran in the van cause there were fans chasing us and i was not in the mood to be pulled down AGAIN ! when we got in it was about a 15 minute drive to the place they were singing. when we stopped we ran out again and ran till we got to were they were suppose to be singing me and Amanda sat in the front row while the boys ran in the back of the stage and soon came out with microphones then (btw this is from there up all night tour cause i have no idea what they will do for the Take me home tour ) the song we all know and love started ! " Girl i see it in your eyes your disappointed cause im the foolish that you anointed with your--- and so on and ended up on What makes you beautiful. before they sang Louis said now this is dedicated for a special girl in my life.... this will always be your special song i love you ! and Liam began the song they pretty much practice the whole day because the concert was tomorrow which was okay i guess... When they finished we headed home to get ready for dinner at a restaurant.  

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