Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


8. A day with you

Authors note : hey guys when you read these could you comment on how it is or anything i feel like no one likes it so please comment and maybe i could most 1 more today if i finish my homework thanks !*******************************************************************************

Arianas Pov

i woke up to the sun shinning on to my face and to having Louis there holding me.I slowly got up from the bed bed trying hard to not disturb his peaceful slumber.  i sat up moving his hands and i started up get up but having two strong hands pull me down and say "where you going beautiful ?" in his lovely morning voice i chuckled " we have to get up boobear " Louis  grumbled and said cant we stay here all day ?" awh im sorry but no i need to get up " he frowned but it didnt take long for him to smile again and said "if i get up you have to let me buy you new clothes today" i protested and said " babe you know i don't like wasting your money " "awh come on babe i have enough money"  i said "okay okay but im not buying that much stuff " Louis said he was going to go make breakfast for me and the boys and i said i was going shower. i showered got out picked a floral t-shirt that was flowy  with some jean shorts and paired it with some flats. i blow dryed my hair and curled the ends i put a white sparkling eye shadow on my eye lid and in my inner corners to make my eyes pop i put eye liner and some mascara people say i have long eye lashes but the mascara just kinda makes it look a bit longer. done with eyes now for lips and cheeks i put a nude pink color on my lips and a blushing pink on my cheeks done ! i ran down the stair but stopped halfway realizing i forgot my purse, sunglasses, and my phone i ran back down and said hello fellow people and how did you sleep last night in Ala Ari's hotel but did it in the worst British accent causing everyone to laugh  i chuckled too and ran in the kitchen grabbed a plate and grabbed my eggs and bacon from Louis and sat down it didnt take long for him to come and join me we ate together and he said he was going to go shower so i sat down with Liam and said we hardly talk eh i know your secret  i said staring at him evilly " what who told you zayn ? i bet it was zayn wasnt it he told you about Danielle didn't he? liam said giving Zayn the death stare i just laughed hysterically and i bet everyone was looking at me like i was crazy and caught my breath and said haha no zayn didnt tell me you did i always found out things by saying those four little words I Know Your Secret i high fived zayn and liam said " Very well done " i laughed and said very very i ran up to look for Amanda cause she wasnt down stairs so i crept in her room and jumped on her she laughed and said " HA! i knew you were coming " i laughed and said theres food downstairs so if your-- she ran out and said " i heard food and i shall go to the food i laughed and looked at myself in the mirror and i just touched up my makeup i got a text message from my mum saying "Happy birthday sweetie i love you !" oops i forgot my birthday was tomorrow oh well i didnt like celebrating it anyway so i decided not to tell Louis or the guys. i replied "Thanks mom love you too" I ran down and the boys including Amanda were smiling at me i said okayyy lets go Louis he said okay! and we ran out together got in Louis car and drove off into the sunset! nah just joking we drove off to the mall. When we arrived we had to put our sunglasses so no one would recognized us im really surprised that the fans dont send me hate maybe ill get one saying Louis's our inspiration brake his heart we brake your face i just brushed it off. Me and Louis and of course Paul was there walked in and went to Forever 21 and i looked around and picked a light blue collared shirt and a neck less Louis was just following so i ran to the cashier trying to take my money out before him but he won and he paid i just gave him a death glare and he poked my cheeks and said smile ! we walked out but two girls asked Louis for a picture and a autograph  he said okay and the girls said " So this is your girlfriend right louis " Louis chuckled and said yep and peaked me on the cheek the girls said " awhh ! and said your really a cute couple " and they walked away. We continued walking till i saw this cute couple store i looked at louis and he nodded we looked at paul and Ran it didn't work cause he pretty much caught us but worth a shot right ? we looked around and saw a superman couple shirts Louis picked it up and said chose one cause there were two different shirts for the girls a tank top kinda shirt or a shirt that hung over your shoulder i said hmmm the T-shirt i said happily he nodded we got our sizes and paid for them Louis asked if there were any dressing room she nodded and leaded us to the back Louis said go change i said kk i changed and surprisingly got out at the same time and posed a superman pose then the lady came back out with a camera and asked if she could take a picture of us for a wall for cute couples we agreed and we posed like super man again and she laughed and took the picture and walked out and and i went to Charlotte Russe  Louis said he was going to the bathroom so i said okay i found this was a chance to buy my own things but paul was following me around i didnt mind so i picked a high low pink and black dress and some white and black sunglasses i went to the cashier and she said "20.19 please " i took my wallet out but paul pushed it down and said Louis demanded that i was to make sure you dont pay he gave me some money for you i said no i got it paul but he just handed the money to the lady i grabbed the bag and walked out great timming cause Louis was comming with a Tiffany and co bag i stopped and said whats that for when he got to me " he said it for you  babe" with a smile and Happy early birthday gift ? i smiled and opened a bag with two boxes i opened one and it had a neckless with my nickname on there " Ari" i hugged him and he said go on then open the other one i opened the other box and it had a promise ring that had forever and always with a heart on it i smiled and kissed him i love it i said putting the ring on he said im glad you like it shall we go home ? i nodded and we headed home when we got home i opened the door and BAM ! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ARIANA !!! screamed Niall, Ariana, Harry, Zayn, and Liam i jumped and i said thank you guys so much i wonder who told you guys it was my birthday i said starring at Amanda she just acted dumb and said " i have no idea what you mean. i smiled and hugged them all Harry noticed the ring i was wearing and screamed " RING, I SEE RING ! I said relax guys its Louis gift to me for my birthday i showed them it and they all said " AWHH thats so sweet " i smiled and said yeah i have the best boyfriend glaring at Louis . He smiled and said and i have the best girlfriend and kissed me it didnt last that long cause they all screamed EWWH! and Get a room we laughed and i said why cant we just do this tomorrow? they all said cause we have a interview and yeah i said oh GIRLS DAY me and Amanda screamed at the same time we all chuckled and Louis said that were all going out for dinner so get ready NOW he screamed we all looked at each other and said " LAST ONE DOWN IS A ROTTEN EGG ! we all screamed and rushed to get dressed i decided to wear my pink and black high low dress and the present neckless thaat had a A on it and i just wore my ring. i ran into the bathroom and just retouched my makeup done ! i ran back down and Louis and Amanda were down already i looked at Louis and he was wearing some trousers and a sorta baseball shirt that was black and white simple but effective. i look at Amanda and shes wearing a strapless dress that was floral and reached down to her knees her hair was curled. Of course Amanda had to brake the silence and say Love your dress Thank you very much i said turning around slowly but fast enough. You look beautiful babe said Louis thank you i said jumping on his lap. down came harry then niall then Liam and then zayn  we ran into the car and drove off to a restaurant. when we got out they lead us to our table witch was just breath taking it was right next to the beach  and it was just perfect cause it was sunset i sat down and louis was by me followed by harry then zayn then niall then Amanda then Liam. we ate talked stories then we paid, then we decided to walk on the beach we walked then i jumped on Louis back and fell asleep then woke up to Niall and zayn screaming then i heard Louis say in a whisper shout "shhhhh be quiet youll wake her" then zayn said "you really love her dont you Lou ?"  " shes my world" Louis said i smiled at that and fell back asleep i woke when Louis was putting me into the car and he said " sorry love did i wake you ?" not at all i said cuddling next to him when we arrived  home we all went to bed and saying good night to everyone me and Louis went to my room and fell asleep with him next to me . Before we fell asleep he whispered i Love you Ariana your my whole world i smiled and said i love you too and he kissed my forehead and we fell asleep. 

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