New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


5. what a day


I just woke up & my back is killing me, I didn’t have such a great sleep. I kept thinking of Mick & making me feel awkward in Nialls place. The couch wasn’t too comfortable either.. I sat up & rolled my shoulders. I walked out of the room just to find a quiet dorm. I figured Niall would be sleeping.. I then creped into his room to see him sprawled all over the bed still sleeping, He’s one hell of a charmer now isn’t he? I looked around the room hoping to find something that would wake him up. I then saw a whistle hanging up on the door. I snatched it & crouched down right beside Niall & blew the whistle as loud as I could. “WHAT THE HELL!” He yelled falling out of bed. I started smiling to myself, this is pretty funny, then breaking into complete laughter while he just stared at me with a cranky look on his face. “Oh c’mon lighten up!” I said pulling him off of the ground. “What time is it?” He asked.. “About noon!” I said.. “Thank god for the weekend!” He laughed hobbling out into the kitchen. “Want something to eat?” He asked.. “Yeah sure, what do you have?” I asked. “Nothing let’s go get some breakfast, I’m buying.” He stated. “You don’t have anything?” I asked. “Not enough for the both of us, I can eat a lot!” He stated. I wasn’t going to deny free food so.. “Ok where should we go?” I asked. “Before we go, I need help with a disguise!” He said.. “Ok, what could I do?” I questioned.. Disguise? “You’re a girl, you’re good with makeup yeah?” He said.. I just laughed & walked into the bathroom. “I don’t have any of my make up with me remember?” I said.. “Ok well we could run over to your place & grab your makeup!” He suggested.. “Okay.. Lets go.” I said as we went into our rooms & changed into our original clothing. I then grabbed my coat & we left, we ran really completely sprinted up to my place. “Okay let me go see what I can find! Go into the bathroom.” I told him. I looked around my room for something he could use, I then found a fake lip piercing to use to scare my parents. I grabbed that & my makeup bag & went over to Niall in the bathroom, he was there sitting on the counter studying the room. “Ok hold still I said walking up to him. “What are you going to do?” He asked somewhat scared.. I just shook my head & took out the fake piercing holding his face still placing it on his lip. “You have really pretty eyes.” He exclaimed. “Uh thanks.” I said feeling a little awkward. I realised I still had my hand on his face holding him still then flinching it taking it away to find something in my makeup bag. I could tell he was still looking at me.. I then found some black eyeliner & took it out. I had to hold his face again so I could put it on. He was still looking into my eyes as I focused on the makeup. I put a bit of the liner under his eyes making him look a little depressing.. I then grabbed my foundation & put it on his face, because he was tanner than me I had foundation that would make him look pale. I put it on his stood back & looked at him. “Perfect!” I said as he turned to see himself. “Woah.” He exclaimed squinting his eyes at his reflection. “Good job” He said hopping off the counter standing awfully close to me. He was a lot taller than me. Like Mick.. I snapped back to reality. “Hey you can’t go out there dressed like that! You need something to match the look.” I said going to my room to see if Mick left behind any good clothes that would match Niall’s look. I found some black ripped skinny jeans to match Niall’s black top. I then walked back into the bathroom & through the jeans at him. “Put those on & you should be unrecognisable!” I laughed & left the room. He came out moments later looking really different. “Whoa.” I said, I didn’t recognise him myself. “Alright now I am STARVING lets go.” He said grabbing his coat as we headed out..

*Nialls POV*

Wow, I never realized how beautiful her brown eyes were. She had a sparkle in them.. Making her shine even more. I think.. I think I really like her. & now it’s my decision if I’m going to do anything about it.. Even if she’s with Mick. Every time I was with her I would always try to stand close next to her. & while we’re getting breakfast I think I made a good impression on her buying everything. It didn’t make me look cheap. After brunch we left, don’t know where.. We just started walking. “Thanks Niall.” She said looking at me with a grin on her face. “Anything for you.” I stated. “Want to go catch a movie at the cinema?” She asked. “Sure, what movie?” I asked.. “Well first of all I’m paying this time & I kind of wanted to see ‘pitch perfect’..” She said. “No I’m paying.” I argued. “Do not bother arguing Niall! I’m paying! If you agree to see a movie that I want to see then I’m buying your ticket!” She hissed hitting my arm. “Okay fine.. & OUCH!” I said even though it didn’t hurt.. She giggled & we left for my car. I opened the car door for her & then hopped in on my side. “You’re a good driver right?” She asked looking nervous. “Yeah don’t worry about it!” I said lightening up the mood. I turned on the radio & I could tell right away she didn’t like the music it was playing..  I switched the station & her facial expression changed fast! “Turn it up! Oh my god I love this song!” She snapped. I have no idea what the song is but I like it. Everything was better now cause she was happy singing some song & I enjoyed seeing her happy. Now we finally reached the theatre. I looked at her as she tried opening the car but failed because I locked it.. I wasn’t letting her buy the tickets. I jumped out of the car leaving her in there ran into the theatre now buying the tickets. She finally came into the theatre running at me. I guess she figured out how to unlock the car! Figured she would. “What the hell was that?” She snapped hitting me. “I bought the tickets!” I said feeling rather proud. “I told you I was buying it!” She said. I just shook my head & hugged her… She then lacked to hug back… Well that sucks. We went & bought our food into theatre to see this movie… ‘Pitch Perfect.’ As I watched the movie I realized the main character Beca.. She wanted to do her own thing but still had a great personality & in the end of the movie she basically ended up with the guy that liked her. I hope that’s what happens to her & I… She’s really something.

*Sarahs POV*

Well that was one of the best movie’s I have ever seen! I loved the entire movie.. It was awesome. “You liked the movie?” Asked Niall. “Yes I did, a LOT!” I must have looked stupid with the grin on my face, I wish I could see it again.. “Did you?” I asked.. It didn’t really seem like he did. “Yeah I did! That girl Beca… She reminds me of you.” He stated… “Really?” I asked.. Shes seems like a much cooler person. “Yeah totally!” He laughed.. I don’t see it but okay… We walked off to his car & drove back.. “I had a really great time with you today.” He stated as we pulled up. “Yeah me too!” I stated. “Would you have considered us seeing a movie like that… A date?” He asked. Whoa… Um what. “Uh why would you say that?” I asked.. My mood quickly changed… “I don’t know,  I mean we spent the whole day together, you stayed at my place last night… It just kind of made me think of it as a date..” He lowered his tone.. “Niall, you know… I have a boyfriend who I am really committed to. It was just as friends okay?” I stated getting out of the car. “Okay..” I heard him whisper… “Hey I think I should probably head home…” I stated. “Um alright I’ll see you around.” He said looking rather disappointed. I don’t know what his deal is…

*Nialls POV*

She doesn’t get it! At all… I used to think I didn’t need a girlfriend, until I met her. My heart sinks every time I think of her.. Badly. Okay… I need to talk to her before Mick comes back. She has to know & he does not. I’ll do it tomorrow.. I need my sleep no matter how much it hurts to be alone. 

*Sarahs POV*

Another lonely night.. Without Mick. I did not like this.. Maybe Niall could come over.. Just to hang out, I’ve never been a fan of being alone in general. But I keep thinking of what he said today.. date… It wasn’t a date… I want to call him to come over, but I don’t have his number… Oh well.

*Ring ring ring, Ring ring ring*

That’s my phone…


“Hey, Sarah?”
“Yeah Hi Niall.”

“How did you know it’s me?”

“The accent Niall…”
“Right right.”
“Anyways what’s up?”

“Do you want to hang out?”

“Um yeah actually I was just thinking about that.”

“Really? Okay… Do you want me to come over?”

“Yeah sure.”
“Alright see you soon.”
*End of call*

Well that worked out. Niall is coming over now!

Now after about 15 minutes I heard a knock at the door. Guess that’s Niall! I open the door to only find a familiar face but couldn’t quite put it together.. It was not Niall. “Hey, babe remember me?” He said, Now I know. It’s the guy from the ally. I was quick & now attempting to slam the door but he held it open, he’s too strong! “Hey c’mon lets work things out alright? I want to get to know you better sweetheart!” He yelled. “Go away you creep!” I hissed. I was struggling to keep the door shut as he kept pushing against it me barley being able to hold up any longer. How do I get out of a situation like this!? What did I do last time… I screamed… I then let of the door letting it swing open. “You ready to cooperate?” He hissed. Now it’s time to scream & I did loud & long. He then ran up to me trying to grab me. “Shut up & come here!” He yelled as I kept screaming, I don’t know what else to do… Where is Niall? Then I heard someone from down the hall coming & I stopped screaming. “HELP ME PLEASE SOMEBODY!” as loud as I could. Then three girls showed up in front of my door & ran inside seeing me in distress with this monster. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” One of them hissed at the guy. He just shook his head, reached into his pocket & pulled out a KNIFE, okay I don’t know what else to do now.

*Nialls POV*

I ran up the stairs to go see Sarah hearing a screaming coming from her room, I hope she’s alright I couldn’t take the elevator it was broken! I run down the hall to hear faint mumbling now. “Hey man just put the knife down & leave we don’t need this.” Someone said.. It wasn’t Sarah, was someone else there? The door was closed as I heard it slam from down the hall. I looked through the peep hole of the door only to see 3 girls with Sarah standing in front of some guy with a knife. My first instinct was to call 911 so I did. I went down the hall so they couldn’t hear me.. I made the call & went back to her dorm. “Look if any of you call the cops I swear you’re dead.” The guy hissed now holding the knife at one of the girls neck. I was scared now too.. If I do anything he could kill her. Damn it.. Okay… here goes nothing.


*Sarahs POV*

Here I am in tears unaware of what to do. Some girl has a knife at her neck pleading for life & I’m held hostage on the floor. I kept crying trying my hardest not to let them see. All of a sudden ….. BAM!

The door swung open to see a very scared/angry looking Niall I don’t think he really knew what he was doing, I’m just glad he is here!
“Niall!” I yelled. “You again? Fine take another step & she’s dead.” He hissed. Someone here is going to get seriously hurt & we can’t do anything about it. He then pointed the knife at Niall. “You! Get on the ground!” He hissed. “What if I don’t!?” Niall argued… “So who’s life is going today huh?” The guy hissed. All of a sudden someone else bashed through the door! “PUT YOUR HAND UP!” I then let out a sigh of relieve. The police are here. Perfect timing. The guy dropped the knife obviously intimidated by the police man with a gun. A few others came in & arrested him. I quickly got up & hugged the girl that had the knife at her neck. She was shaking as well as me. “Thank you for trying.” I squeaked still traumatized. She just nodded & pulled away as we went to go talk to the officers.

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