New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


7. things are looking up


"Wha...What are you guys doing here?" I asked. "Here to see you!" Louis said walking up to me giving me a hug followed by the others forming a group hug, it's been a while. "You alright mate?" Liam asked as they all pulled away. "I uh.. Didn't think you guys would be coming, & I just needed some time to myself..." I replied. They all looked rather worried. "Something happen?" Asked Zayn. “Uh, yeah. Think I could talk to you Zayn? Alone?” I needed someone to talk too, they would all be great help but not all at once. They all sat down on the couch as Zayn & I walked into my room. “So what happened mate?” He asked. “I messed up, with a girl. Big time.” I stated. “What did you do?” He asked being extremely serious. “Well it all kind of started off at the begging of the month when I met this guy named Mick, he instantly became a friend. Then, I met his girlfriend, Sarah & she just completely hated me but I talked to her enough to where we were good friends for a bit, then I fell really hard for her. I still like her… a lot, more than anyone I’ve ever liked & I tried to respect that she has a boyfriend but I just lost it & kissed her. I ruined it Zayn.” I said putting my head in my hands. “Look mate, time will fix it, it’s not going to be alright, right away, I’m sure you will be fine & fix everything with her. Just give her a little bit of space yeah?” He said… “But I always want to be with her. Always. She’s so different from other girls, she is so realistic.” I stated.. I got butterflies thinking of her. “Try your best, she’ll come around, I promise.” He said. I felt better talking about it.

We walked back to where the rest of the boys were sitting. It’s been a while since we all chilled. I sat down with them & talked about what we’ve all been doing & what we’ve been doing.

*Sarah’s POV*

I went back to my dorm still silently crying to myself. I walked inside & looked at myself in the mirror. I had mascara dripping down my face, wonderful. I went to my room, changed into more comfortable clothing, took off my makeup went on to my laptop & looked on my twitter. It had blown up with a bunch of teenage girls messaging me & hating on my because of the picture they saw of me & Niall. I read a lot of them. They were mean, really mean. Death threats? Really? This is getting to out of hands. I picked up my phone & dialled Niall’s number, my hands shaking & starting to cry again.


“Niall look at what you did! It’s all over twitter, I’m getting so much hate! Death threats Niall! DEATH THREATS!” I hissed.

“I… I’m sorry.” He choked.

“Why Niall!?” I hissed still crying.

“You know, you kissed back.” He argued.

“I know I did Niall. It was a spur of the moment, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place!” I spat & hung up the phone.

I fell back onto my bed & stuffed my head in my pillow letting it get soaked with tears. Then my phone buzzed. I sat up sniffling & grabbing it. It was a text from Mick… My hands now shaking I opened my phone to read it.

‘I saw what was going on with twitter.’ He said… After I basically cheated on him.. He still cares.

‘um yeah, it’s pretty bad’ I said.. I don’t know what else to say really.

‘im sorry’ he said..

‘don’t be, it’s my own fault.’

‘we all make mistakes… I understand why you did it. Hes a huge popstar why wouldn’t you kiss him lol :p’ he said… That made me feel a bit better, even though that’s not quite the reason.

‘hey sarah can I call you? I wanna talk.’ He asked.

‘k sure J’ I said. Then my phone rang.

“Hey Mick!” I said hoping we were going to really work things out.

“Hi.” He said blankly..

“You know I’m sorry right? It was a spur of the moment, I know it’s not really an excuse but yeah… I’m not going to lie.” I said..

“I know & I was thinking… Maybe we shouldn’t get back together, I forgive you & all but.. I just don’t think we should.” He said… Ouch.

“Um… Well, why not?” I questioned trying to prevent myself from crying again.

“I just… I think it’s best for us.”

“Fine I’ll move out. Goodbye.” I said attempting to hang up.

“No! don’t … I will, I’ll save you the trouble.” He said… Wow actually..

“Fine.” I lied, then hung up. No I’m moving out, I can’t stand being in here knowing I ever shared it with Mick. I fell back into bed … Continued crying, this was a lot on my shoulders. I mean, I love Mick & he just dumped me over the phone. Ouch.

*Nialls POV*

After a few good laughs with the guys I felt like a walk, some extra time to think about everything. “Hey guys, I think I’m just going to get some air, just take a walk for a bit alright?” I said. They nodded as I grabbed my coat & headed out the door. I really wanted to see Sarah… She’s all alone… I should really talk to her, about Mick & everything.

*Sarah’s POV*

I lay in bed hoping the world would just go away… Everything is falling apart. I just lost the most important person in the world to me. I have to move out now & just hope I have a better future. All of a sudden I heard a knock at me door, a rather slow & quiet knock though… Strange. I got up wiped away the running tears & then answered the door. There stood a rather upset looking Niall resting his head on the door frame but quickly shot up as I answered. He just looked at me with a worried look on his face. “I’m so sorry.” He said looking down at me. I can’t do much else. It was a mistake of mine to, I can’t stay mad at him forever. I just walked into a big hug, he was surprised at first but hugged back even tighter. I started to cry again, attempting to not let him hear it I was still upset about Mick. He pulled away & looked at me with a lot of concern. “Why are you crying?” He asked…He still doesn’t know. “Mick broke up with me.” I squeaked. I could hardly even speak thinking about it. “I never meant for it to go this far.” He said looking as if he was about to cry. “No one did Niall, but everything happens for a reason.” I said. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing, you know? If he’s clueless enough to let you go then he sure as hell doesn’t deserve you.” He said… that sort of made me feel better… “Hey do you want to come to my place? I have some people over, might take your mind off of things!” He suggested… I do really need to take my mind off of things… “Alright. Mind if I change? I don’t really want to meet people looking like this!” We laughed as I went to get changed as he waited by the door. I put on a plain black v-neck & some white skinny jeans with black converse. I let my wavy black hair down out of the messy bun & then left with Niall. “I think you will really like my friends.” He stated. “Why’s that?” I asked. “They’re just some really cool people you know? You will get along with them just fine!” He laughed. Once he reached his place I could hear mumbling from inside & a couple “be quiet!”s as we neared the door. He unlocked the door & let me go in first. Out from behind the door someone ran up & tackled me to the ground! “What the hell are you doing!?” I hissed as a curly haired boy looked at me in shock. “Oh god, sorry about that, thought you were Niall!” He said still hovering over me. He then realized what he was doing , stood & helped me up. I looked around to see four other boys.. Wait. It’s One Direction… Of course. They all just kind of stared at me. “Sarah, this is Louis, Liam, Zayn & Harry!” He stated. They all just kind of waved at me. “I just thought I uh, should bring her here just to meet you guys & what not.” Niall said. They looked at me with a weird look on their faces. “What?” I snapped. Then Niall leaned in to whisper to me. “I think they’re just a little surprised that you’re not making a big deal over them. They’re just used to it.” He stated. I shook my head & laughed a bit. Common super star reaction. “So uh, what do you guys wanna do?” Niall asked easing the awkwardness. They just kind of shrugged. Then Zayn looked up. “We could go see a movie!” He suggested. They all kind of looked at each other then back at me. “Sure?” I said… I don’t really know what movie we would see, it’s rather late in the evening. “Great! I heard the new ‘Paranormal activity’ movie is out!” Said Harry.  I’ve already seen it but I don’t really mind seeing it again. We all nodded our heads, they grabbed their coats & pulled the hoods over their faces so other people couldn’t see them. We headed outside into the cold with the guy all huddled together hiding their faces. We all reached Harry’s car & they all climbed in. I looked around & noticed that there isn’t a spot for me… Then Niall noticed. “You can sit on my lap if you like!” He seemed pretty eager.. I didn’t have a choice really so I climbed over & sat down. Harry then started the engine as Niall pulled the seat belt over us making me get closer to him. Harry turned on the radio as the guys started talking about random stuff about their tour I think. Niall still ungagged in their conversation had then managed to slip his arms around me… I just leaned back hoping the car ride would be over soon. After about 10 more minutes we reached the theatre & climbed out. Harry locked the car & we headed inside luckily without anyone noticing them with their hoods. We bought the tickets but Niall paid for mine, again. We all sat down but Niall & Harry almost seemed like they were racing to sit next to me. Well, awkward. The beginning of the movie wasn’t scary as I remember it. Later in the movie it got a bit abnormal.. Leading to the guy all huddling close to each other. It got a bit boring because I knew what was going to happen… “You alright?” I asked Niall… He seemed pretty scared considering he’s already seen it. He shook his head & replaced his head back into my shoulder hiding from the “Demons”. He looked back up at me after I laughed at him… “I’m not really scared, I just like being close to you!” He said smirking. I then leaned my head on his for a moment before he sat up & put his arm around me. “I know you’re scared, admit it!” He laughed. “I am NOT!” I argued. “Alright, deny all you want!” He challenged. I just shook my head. “AH!” I screamed as something freaky popped up on the screen huddling closer to Niall as he held me tighter. “Told you.” He laughed… “Hey, I didn’t see that coming!” I hissed. He just shook his head & looked down at me with a funny look on his face. “Kiss me if you’re not scared.” He insisted. I could feel my cheeks burning red. I didn’t really know what to do at a situation like this. He just looked down at the ground & back at me, I don’t think I could get out of this one. He had a really big grin on his face. “Don’t bother answering!” He laughed leaning in & pressing his lips on mine… Still holding my waist he pulled away looking at my eyes, leaning in & kissing me again, we kissed for a few moments then I felt a tap on my shoulder causing me to flinch away from Niall. “Should we leave you guys alone?” Harry laughed. “Oh, oops! No sorry, just got caught in the moment!” I laughed, looking back at Niall who was also laughing… He looked back at me with his piercing blue eyes & kissed me once more before pulling me back into a cuddle with him for the rest of the movie.
*Movie Ends*

I got up & stretched followed by the other guys. “That was good even though I’ve already seen it!” I joked. “Yeah but you were still scared!” Niall laughed. I just shook my head & looked to see how the others were. Louis had completely fallen asleep.. We all kind of looked at each other thinking of what we could do.. Liam then grabbed Louis drink which only had ice in it then pour it down his shirt… Louis quickly shot up screeching like a little girl & we ran Niall holding a tight grip on my hand running away from a very pissed off Louis & out of the theatre back to Harry’s car hopping in, me on Niall’s lap again. Louis then finally reached the car but by the time he did the doors are closed & locked! “Damn you! Let me in!” He hissed slightly laughing. Harry then rolled down the window.. “Climb in through the window & you get a lift back to Niall’s!” He laughed. Louis gave him a death stare but started to climb causing us to burst out laughing! Especially Niall holding me tight he was shaking from laughing so hard. “HAH! Damn you, I made it!” Louis laughed as Harry started the car & started to drive without Louis being buckled in causing him to jerk onto Zayn. “Get off!” Zayn laughed pushing him onto the space between the front seats & ours. “Fine then, I’ll stay here!” Louis pouted then looking up at me giving me a wink… um what? The rest of the car ride the boys talked as Niall hummed a few songs into my ear holding me right up against him. Once we reached the school we all piled out Niall still close next to me. “Now what?” Liam asked.. “Let’s just go back to my dorm guys, we will figure out what to do when we get there.” Stated Niall. We all agreed & started walking up to his room. Niall kept brushing his hand against mine like he wanted to hold my hand…I just kind of ignored that until we reached his place. We entered & the guys except for Niall & I sat on the couch. Niall sat on his chair & invited me to sit on his lap… I’ve already done it twice.. Why not? I sat down while Louis gave us a creepy-ish grin. “Are you guys, a thing?” He asked somewhat laughing. “I could feel Niall looking at me but I avoided eye contact but he still didn’t speak… I don’t think I’m ready to just get over Mick… I mean, yeah I kissed Niall but that… That was just… Friends? No, we kissed it’s more than that. We both just kind of shrugged when Liam started to speak. “Hey if it’s alright with you I was thinking of inviting Danielle over!” I don’t mind, I need another girl around. We all nodded then Louis spoke. “Yeah if he’s got Danielle & you two have each other then I’m going to text Eleanor!” He stated. Awesome!

After about 30 minutes of talking about random things someone knocked on the door, Louis said he had gotten a text from Eleanor saying she was just reaching the building with Danielle. Liam & Louis quickly shot up & ran to the door to greet their girlfriends… I don’t know them or if I’ll get alone with them. They all walked in hand in hand & said Hello to everyone. “Hey, El & Danielle, this is Sarah!” Said Louis. “Hey! How’s it goin?” Danielle asked. “Not bad yourselves?” I replied. “Great! We love it here!” They said. I smiled as they sat down with their boyfriends. “Anyone bored as I am?” Harry laughed. We all nodded & looked around hoping someone would suggest something. “How about a game of truth or dare?” Niall suggested winking at me… I blushed a bit looking way… He has a real charm. “Alright.” They all agreed. We all sat on the floor & Louis grabbed a bottle from Niall’s desk & placed it in the middle then putting his arm around Eleanor. He spun it then it pointed at Harry. “Truth or Dare?” Louis asked. “Dare!” Harry snapped. “Alright I dare you to run down the hall knocking on everyone’s door!” He laughed. Harry shook his head, got up & walked out of the room & started running & knocking.. We all looked at each other & started laughing really hard. Harry then ran back into the room out of breath & sat down as we still laughed at him. “OKAY okay it’s my turn to spin it now!” He snapped then spinning the bottle to have it land right in between Liam & Danielle. “Truth or dare?” He asked. “Dare!” They replied together. “Alright… hmm.. I dare you to… Go snog each other for 10 minutes… Or as long as you want… I can tell you want some alone time!” Harry stated. That was pretty funny. They laughed & stood up & walked out into the hallway. It was now down to me Niall, Louis, Eleanor & Harry. “They won’t be back for a while so I’ll spin again!” Harry stated. I don’t mind. He spun it & it landed on Niall who was right beside me. “I’m guessing you will pick dare?” Harry said. Niall nodded then looked at me. “Alright, off you guys go then!” He said… “Wait what? That’s not a dare!” I stated. “Niall gets it, just go with him!” Harry laughed as Niall stood up holding out his hand for me to take.. Where was he going with this..?

We walked to his room & sat down leaning up against his wall. “What was he talking about?” I asked. I was getting a little nervous. “Oh well.. He was talking about snogging.. But I don’t think I want to do that just yet, even if we did at the movie.” He said… “Okay then what are we going to do?” I said. “Well I think it was just a good time to tell you something… You probably already guessed but, I like you, a lot actually..” He said, I kind of did know, but ignored it. I smiled at the thought. I mean hes this huge popstar & I’m here at University trying to find a career I would enjoy & walked right into this. I don’t even care that Mick & I broke up by now. Everything happens for a reason yeah? Niall & I stared at each other for a moment before couldn’t help it, I clearly have feelings for him. I leaned in & kissed him, he didn’t hesitate. This time, it felt like we really fit together. As two people could ever be perfect for each other. He placed his hands around my waist making the kiss more deeper & passionate. “Be mine?” He said breaking the kiss but his lips lightly touching mine. “Oh yeah.” I said rather cheeky. I wrapped my arms around him causing us to be completely pressed up against each other. We broke apart to catch our breath & stood up. He looked down at me again & pressed his lips against mine holding my waist backing me up towards his bed. He sat down first & gestured me to sit on his lap, I did & placed my arms around neck again.. He then placed his hands on my hips as we continued snogging. Even though I’m Canadian & the proper term is “Making out” I still love that word “Snogging”. After a few moments, it got pretty hard core. I Pushed myself on top of him still snogging. I don’t expect it to go that much farther.. I don’t want it to. Right now I feel like I’m on could 9. Forgetting everything, sticking to the moment.. His kissed my neck a few times before pulling slightly away. He looked at me for a moment & kissed my jaw. “You alright?” He asked seeming pretty pleased with himself. I nodded & continued kissing. He ran his hands up & down my back & mine went through his hair. 

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