New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


8. Stress....


Niall I could tell knew that it wouldn’t go much further between us.. Maybe.

Right now we were both feeling extremely intense. The kissing was deeper & we had firm grips on each other. He was over top of me holding my waist while I ran my fingers through his hair. He leaned in so our bodies were completely pressed up against each other. He then started tugging at my shirt upwards trying to get it off, I had a long bandeau underneath it because it was just a tank top & I don’t think I’m going to let us go all the way. After about 10 more minutes were only in our underwear. We’ve now both calmed down a bit, It was getting late. “We forgot about everyone else.” He laughed. Lying down beside me. I laughed. I couldn’t really hear anything. We both got up & put our clothes on. Being quiet hoping we could hear them. We weren’t making any noise for a few moments when we started to hear whispering. I walked up to the door & opened it only to have Louis & Harry running away giggling. I shook my head. “Very mature!” I yelled. Niall Laughed & walked up behind me & placed his arms around my waist kissing my cheek. We walked out Niall’s arm still firm around me to see Harry & Zayn sitting on the couch. “Where did Louis go?” I asked. “He just headed out with El & Liam went with Danielle!” I nodded unaware of what to do. Harry kept looking at me. I grabbed Niall’s hand & we walked back into his bedroom & sat down. “Move in with me?” He said blankly. I had nowhere else to go really… “Alright.” I said yawning.  “You want something to sleep in?” He asked. “Maybe just some pants, I’m wearing a tank top so it’s alright.” He nodded & stood up & walked to his dresser. He grabbed a pair of sweatpants & handed them to me. Niall then walked into his bathroom as I slipped the sweatpants on. After, I walked out to see Zayn had passed out while Harry sat there on his phone, he quickly shot up as I walked in, his face lit up.

*Harrys POV*

She was extremely beautiful. Seeing her made me feel good inside. I got butterflies & over all just happy. I don’t know her properly but there’s something about her, she’s unique, she stood out from the rest. She walked in the room she looked comfortable in Niall’s sweatpants… She’s basically with Niall, hes one of my best mates, I can’t do anything about it really, it is my choice, I’ll show her how much I care one day. “Hey!” I said smiling at her. “Hi.” She replied, she looked tired. She stood there looking a little clueless, it made me smile. “Need anything?” I asked. “No, I’m just waiting for Niall!” She said. I nodded. “Are you two a thing yet?” I asked, I need to know this. “Um, yeah we just kind of got together.” She yawned. I knew it would happen. It was bound to eventually. I nodded, it was now pretty late & I’m tired! I stood up & stretched.

*Sarah’s POV*

Okay… Not going to lie, as much as I thought ‘One Direction’ was stuck up, they weren’t, they were like the guy friends I would have in high school. They were attractive as well… Can’t deny that, Harry stretched causing his shirt to go up, he… He’s in shape. I caught myself staring but quickly looked away. I  can tell Harry’s going to be a good friend, he’s the kind of person I like to surround myself with, even if he is totally famous. He pulled me to the kitchen area & started making some tea. I  sat down & browsed my twitter. Hate was getting worse & it didn’t make me feel good. People, called me ugly, a slut & a few other things. Death threats fused up my account as well. It made me sick & sad to think people would actually say these things. I looked at my phone horrified. Harry noticed as he finished making the tea. “You alright?” He asked.. I slowly nodded as he handed me tea. “Thanks.” – “Anytime!” He seemed pretty proud of himself with that. We finished our tea in kind of an awkward silence..  I put my cup in the sink followed by Harry, he got rather close behind me reaching over my shoulder placing it in the sink as well, I could feel him grinning. I turned & we walked out. I was heading for Niall’s room when Harry tugged at my arm. “Goodnight!” He said holding his arms open. I walked into a big hug, his arms went all around me, he had a really firm grip for a moment but let go, I smiled & walked back to Niall’s room. Niall was lying in bed on his phone but looked up as I walked in. He smiled, put his phone on the bed side table & opened up his arms. I smiled & laid down in his arms, my head against his chest as it slowly rose up & down. He kissed my head & held me tighter. I felt really secure with him, like all the bad stuff in the world just went away. His switched off the light & then pulled the blankets over us. This… Reminded me a lot of Mick. A lot. It was always like this. I seriously need to forget about that. I’m with Niall & I’m moving in with him! After a lot of heavy thinking I managed to fall asleep.

*Next morning*

I woke up with a pain in my neck. I was curled up to Niall all night so that’s probably why… I looked up to see Niall fluttering his eyes open… Okay, that was seriously cute! He smiled at me & then leaned in attempting to kiss me. “No not now, we both have bad morning breath, & until that’s fixed I’m not kissing you!” I joked, he snickered & stretched as I sat up. My smell was never great in the morning but I smelled something delightful. Bacon? Niall quickly realized the smell & shot out of bed pulling me with him. We ran into the kitchen to see Harry by the stove cooking & Zayn sitting at the table drinking tea. Harry turned around as Niall raced up to him stealing a bit of bacon. I smirked at the sight & sat down across from Zayn. “Morning!” He said. “Morning..” I said yawning. I wasn’t great morning person. It always took me at least an hour to fully wake up. Harry grabbed a few plates & set them on the table. Smiling at me then kissed me on the cheek.. Niall noticed. He didn’t do anything though he could tell that I didn’t like it… In the next half hour we ate our breakfast & talked about random stuff. I got up to clean my plate but Harry quickly got it from me. “Don’t worry about it!” He smiled. “Okay thanks.” I said looking at Niall. I just shrugged. “Hey we should go to my place & pack up my things!” I said to Niall, I was moving in today.. He nodded & headed for his room pulling me with him. I sat down & searched my phone while he got ready. When he was finished we grabbed our coats & headed back to my place. He held my hand & stood really close. I leaned my head on his shoulder as we reached my place. I had a half day so I didn’t need to be at school until 12:40. I packed most of my things & told Niall I had to go to class. He walked me to the seminar room & kissed me goodbye. Luckily no one saw..I hope. After a long day in class & went back to my place to finish packing. I looked at all the photo`s of MicK & I. It hurt me a little seeing all of them. I grabbed a garbage bag, snatched the photo’s & threw them in. I threw it down the shoot & smiled. I heard a knock at the door, I figured it would be Niall. I opened it just to see… Mick. What. He smiled & walked in. “You’re here early..” I stated. “Yeah, my cousin, he got sick.” He said… “What… Where are you going?” He asked looking at all of the boxes. “I’m moving out. I figured I’d save you the trouble.” I stated sounding rather annoyed.  “I said I was moving out.” He snapped. “To late!” I said walking back to finish packing? “So you’re going to live alone?” He asked. “Nope.” I replied. I don’t really want to tell him where I’m going, but he’s going to find out eventually. “Who are you going to live with then huh?” You don’t really have any other friends here.” He hissed. Okay… Alright, he’s just being immature. I am not going to lose it. “I’m moving in with Niall.” I stopped & looked him dead in the eye. “Slut.” I heard him mumble under his breath.. “You’re going to regret saying that & you will be sorry for ever losing me.” I hissed. That just ruined my day… Wow. Then I heard another knock on the door, I opened it to see Niall happily smiling at me but his face expression changed as soon as he noticed Mick… Uh Oh. “Niall.” Mick spat. Niall didn’t do anything but nod. I looked at Niall Grabbed his hand & left the apartment. I’ll be back later but I can’t stand being around Mick. Niall didn’t say anything, it was quiet for a few moments. My eyes got foggy. Was calling me a slut really necessary? I get enough of that on Twitter. The tears that welled up in my eyes fell down my cold face. That’s when Niall noticed I was extremely upset…

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