New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


9. Mick...


“Why are you crying?” He asked… “Stupid Mick, he just knows how to ruin things!” I said. I wanted to just scream. “Hey, he lost something precious, don’t let him ruin you.” He said holding me… “It’s not always easy, things lately have been hard on me.” I stated.. They really have been. People are mean. “Things are hard on you to make you stronger, people don’t know what they’re saying, It doesn’t even matter. I’m here for you, you know? Always.” He said whispering into my ear. He’s good at comforting me… He’s a good person, I doubted that.. I nodded my head. “Okay we’re going to go back to your place & get you’re things, we won’t let Mick bother us okay?” He demanded. I shrugged my shoulders. & started walking back. We reached my soon to be old dorm & walked in. My eyes were red from tearing up now, I don’t want Mick to see… Mick was in our room, well technically his now. He noticed me & I pit head down as Niall kept his arm around my shoulders. Mick didn’t seem to happy. “So you guys really are a couple now?” Mick snapped. Niall nodded but I kept my eyes at the floor. “C’mon Sarah, he’s a celebrity. Celebrity relationships never last long!” He hissed. Niall was just about to say something but I interrupted him. “Mick, what’s your deal? You broke up with me! Why are you being such a dick!” I hissed. The tears that had welled up just fell. “You think I would actually get back with a girl that CHEATED on me? Huh!? No, I wouldn’t. I loved you & you had the nerve to do that!” He hissed. What the hell am I supposed to say now. “Hey look, it wasn’t her fault okay? I kissed her! It’s my fault. Do not put this on her, she doesn’t deserve it, & you don’t deserve her! You never did.” Niall yelled. Mick slowly walked somewhat close to him & spat at his feet. Okay, Niall lost it. Niall got this look of rage across his face. Took a deep breath & swung at Mick’s face. Mick hit the wall. “Try me.” Niall hissed at him. “Niall don’t take it too far okay?” I pleaded. “I think you should go Niall, I’ll handle this.” I suggested as Mick stood up ready to hit back, Niall didn’t hesitate & just walked out. “He can’t even help his own girlfriend, he just walks out on you eh?” Mick smiled. “Hey, leave me alone. You broke up with me, why can’t we just get along like normal people? Let’s move on. I really do not know why you’re like this, it’s not necessary!” I snapped. I don’t want trouble. “You think I wanted to end it? You think I just stopped caring that my girlfriend cheated on me? I didn’t & I still don’t! I ended it because I can’t stand this crap drama in my life, you used to be aware of how to stay away from it but you walked right into it. I have better things to focus on rather than a stupid relationship!” He hissed his eyes getting a little shiny with tears but refusing to let them fall. He was strong.. “Mick, I didn’t mean for that to ever happen. It was a spur of the moment. I know I can’t defend myself any further because, yes I do know it was wrong of me. I don’t like drama any more than you, but things like this are going to happen to us, it’s life & we can’t run from it forever. & what we had was never ‘stupid’ Mick, it was love.” I argued. It’s not fair.. Why did this ever have to happen. We just looked at each other with horrified faces. “I need to get my things & go.” I said pushing by him grabbing my suitcase & a couple boxes. I texted Niall to come back & for a help with carrying things. I waited outside the door for Niall. This is all to much.. I slid down the wall onto the ground & sobbed into my knees.

*Micks POV*

I didn’t know what to say to her. She’s the girl who I fell in love with, my first love. We were a rather intimate couple… I knew every little detail about her & she knew me like the back of her hand. We had a bond that no one could break… Instead she did it herself. I don’t think I’m going to bother trying to get her back… Obviously she’s going to choose the international super star. We had so many memories together & they were just smashed to pieces. We’ve known each other ever since we were little kids, I had always had a crush on her then one day she told me she liked me back. We were only 10. We thought it was silly that we had feelings like that for each other so we waited until later. I asked her to our school dance & it carried on from there… All these thoughts filled my head as I collapsed on the bed.

*Sarah’s POV*

The elevator door ‘dinged’ & opened for me to see Niall looking at me worryingly. He leaped over to me & sat with me. “What happened.” He asked quietly. “I’ll be fine, just it’s stressful you know?” I said.. He nodded & helped me up. He grabbed the boxes as I dragged my suitcase behind me. We reached his place after a quiet 10 minute walk. The other guys were still there but I walked straight to Niall’s room & put my stuff there. He followed me after saying hi to the guys. “You alright?” He asked, he knows I’m not but it’s still polite to ask I guess… I nodded took a deep breath & fell back onto my new bed. “Scoot over.” He smiled. “What do we do now?” He asked. I shrugged. “We have class tomorrow, we should get some rest.” I stated. “Now?” “Not now but soon, I should unpack a bit.” I said as he nodded pulling me up. For the next hour we sorted out our space & I got most of my things unpacked. I puffed & sat down. “Okay I think I’m ready for bed, I’m so tired!” I yawned. Niall agreed & we got dressed into some pj pants & sweatshirts. I really feel comfortable around him. We went into the living room to see Zayn & Louis passed out with Liam & Harry up on the laptop. “We’re heading off to bed.” Niall whispered. They nodded trying not to wake the others. Niall hopped into bed opening his arms for me. I crawled on top of him looking into his eyes as he held my waist. I slowly bent to kiss him. He didn’t hesitate pulled himself up & kissed me Passionately until we were then completely making out. We had school tomorrow so not tonight.. We’re not going all the way. After a few moments of that, we passed out. I fell asleep on his chest with his arms tight around me. A dreamless sleep… I felt secure.

“WAKE UP WAKE UUUUUUP!” Someone shook me violently. “Aw what the hell.” I mumbled. “YOU NEED TO GET UP!” I batted my eyes open to see Louis jumping up & down, I looked over at Niall who had his face buried in the pillow. I then noticed outside it’s still pitch black outside. I couldn’t see anything. “What time is it?”  snapped at him. “It is now… about 2 am!” He said rather proud of himself. “Why do I HAVE to get up though? I asked. He then grabbed my arm & dragged me out of bed, oh what fun… He pulled me to the window, opened it &…SNOOOOW

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