New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


6. continuing a bad day


After a long stressful talk with the officers the girls left as well as the police took away that crazy guy… It really was the worst possible time Mick could have left… I walked back into my place & saw Niall waiting patiently. I just looked at him still a bit shaky from what had just happened. That was pretty traumatizing. He then walked up to me & pulled me into a hug. “Everything’s okay now.” He said rubbing my back as I shook. I pulled away unaware of what to do now. “Want to go to my place?” He asked… I wouldn’t really feel comfortable staying here in the cases of what just happened so I nodded as we then headed outside. The cold air hit me like a ton of bricks. Niall noticed then put his arm around me. Usually I wouldn’t agree to that… But it’s freezing outside, he’s just being nice…Right?

We then reached his dorm & he let go of me to open the door. “You hungry?” He asked. “Yeah I haven’t eaten much today.” I stated as he dug around in the mini fridge. He pulled out two sandwiches & brought me to his couch & sat down. We ate our sandwiches & surfed the tv for something to watch… Nothing on of course. “Do you miss Mick?” He asked… That was kind of out of nowhere… “Um, yeah. I mean, it’s a little nice having time to myself but in a way I miss him being around.” I replied… “I really like spending time with you, you know? You’re a really great person to be around.” He trailed off looking me dead in the eyes. He had really pretty eyes… I never noticed until now. I looked back getting lost, I wasn’t thinking. He then pushed himself closer to me without losing eye contact. He then put one arm around my waist.. Getting butterflies I let him. He pushed back my hair, leaned in… & kissed me. I didn’t stop him being lost in the moment. The kiss lasted a few moments then I stopped. I stood up feeling rather strange as to what had just happened. “Niall I have to go.” I walked to the front & grabbed my coat. I know it’s my apartment but I need to go for a walk. “Hey wait!” He called. “Why are you leaving?” He asked. “I just made a big mistake & I , I need some time.” I said walking out of my place.  Niall ran after me. “Sarah please I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself!” – “Niall I kissed back & that was a huge mistake, I have a boyfriend & you know that.” I snapped continuing to walk away. “Oh come on, you liked it that’s why you kissed back!” He snapped “I get it okay? I made a mistake we all do. This was a huge one now please LEAVE ME ALONE!” I hissed now running. Niall walked the other way out of the back door of the building, then my phone rang. It’s Mick.

“Hey Mick!” I said hoping he couldn’t hear the worry in my voice.


“You alright?” I asked he normally wouldn’t just say hi.

“Why did you kiss him?” He whispered.


“Why did you kiss Niall!?” He interrupted. Well… I can’t lie to him. But I need to know how he found out.

“How did you find out?”

“There are people following him & taking pictures every second of the day Sarah, it’s all over twitter now.” He hissed.

“Mick, I’m not going to lie to you…”

“Why did you do that!? How could you?! I thought we had a trustworthy relationship & you just ruined it! I've never done anything to you like this, why?!” He hissed.

“I’m sorry, Mick. It was a mistake! I regret it, every second of it I promise! Mick please!”

“No! How could I ever forgive you or trust your word after this?”

“I don’t expect you to! What I did I understand was horrible! But I’ve never done anything like this before, I wasn’t thinking clear!” I argued. Now tears falling from my eyes.

“No Sarah, I can’t deal with this, we’re through.”  He said & hung up the phone. I felt my heart drop. Like someone had just stabbed me. I then slid down the side of the wall & cried into my knees. What was I going to do, Mick is coming back soon & he’s supposed to live with me? He’s going to move out… I know it. My luck, my first love is gone.

*Nialls POV*

I couldn’t’ wrap my head around this. She kissed back & now she’s mad at me. What am I supposed to do? I like her, a lot & she has just pushed me away. I hope Mick doesn’t find out. That wouldn’t be good for anyone here. He would never speak to me again. I walked back to my dorm & opened the door, walked in &….” SURPRISE!” They all yelled. Louis, Liam, Harry & Zayn all stood in my hall. I just looked at them in awe. But I couldn’t take my mind off of Sarah. I just did something that probably ruined a friendship. t

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