Living In the Moment

She's everything he needs. He's everything she needs. Will pressure of him being 1/5 of One Direction stop her? Or maybe it's because the boy is her cousins band mate? Or maybe they'll find a way. Because love isn't sensible. It's stupid, confusing, and all about living in the moments.


5. Chapter 5- Lies?


Zayn strolls into the bunk room and swing his arms around to the wall, blocking me from walking away. "Have fun?" Zayn teases me, waggling his eye brows at.

I roll my eyes and push his arm down so I can walk past. "A blast." I say walking to my bed.

"Woah, why the attitude?" He smirks.

"I don't have an attitude!" I glare at him. He looks at me, obviously amused. "I don't have an attitude." I repeat nicer.

I climb onto my bed, "Of course not." Zayn assures me sarcastically. "Night babe."

"Hmp." I respond shoving my face in my pink pillow. I squirm around, confused. Niall was being to sweet and fun today. He and I had the kind of fun that makes you feel so alive. Anything I ever worried about disappeared. It's these stupid Americans, they suck compared to Louis and his friends.

"Sleeping already?" I hear Louis soothing voice chuckle at me. I actually make an attempt to lift my head up to look at him. "Long day?"

"Yeah, just need sleep." I answer and he ruffles my hair saying goodnight.


I feel my sleepy body being moved off my bed and into someone arms. I clutched onto them at first, afraid I was going to be dropped. I see Niall carrying me, "Niall?" I ask muffled as he sets me down on my feet.

"You refused to wake up." He shrugs.

"Because I don't need to." I try to climb back up to my bed but Niall grabs my waist with his arm setting me in front of him, pushing me to the back of the bus where everyone else was. "Louis!" I whine, "Nialler woke me up." I pout going over to him sitting in his lap like a baby.

"Well that sucks." Harry says and taps my shoulder which causes me to fall of Louis onto the floor. I lay there, too lazy to care. Some of the boy chuckle then Niall grabs my hand pulling me up sitting next to him and Louis on the couch.

"Will someone make me food?" I ask hopeful.

"Tacos!" Louis shouts and I wince.

"Louis it's morning and we're on a bus." Harry pats Lou's shoulder.

"Niall go get us some food." Louis tries again.


"You suck."

I smile as we start to watch cartoons, Loony Tunes. "Niall, will you get me some cereal?"

"Sure," he shrugs getting up.

"WOW NIALL." Louis cries "Get her food and not me?"

"It's a blonde thing." He winks walking out, making me grin like an idiot. I watch him walk out of the room- then I feel someone kick me knee.

"OW! Zayn!" I glare at him and just smiles knowingly.

"My bad!" He says innocently and looks at Liam who winks at me. I shake my head, they're such idiots. I stand up and follow after Niall. I skip over and he turns around smiling at me. I lean my elbows on the little table looking up at him as he pours Cheerios in two bowls.

"Well if I knew you would come with  me anyway, I would've made you get it yourself." He laughs. "But don't worry, I understand how irresistible I am for you." he jokes winking. I laugh and put the Cheerios away.

"Niall, no-"

"No milk, no spoon. I know." He pours some in his own bowl. "Give me some credit." He says handing me my bowl. I smile sideways, impressed and take it. "You're welcome."

"So where are we tonight?" I ask him as we eat at the little table.

He munches and swallows, "New Jersey, we're getting to the hotel tonight since we already had a signing today."

I swallow shocked, "You did?"

"Jess it's 3 in the afternoon."

"Wow. I'm impressed." I say shaking my head.

"You're turning into Zayn."

"Not with this hair." I say pointing at my bed hair which is probably awful.

Niall cocks his head to the side then laughs. "I agree." I slap his arm playfully. "So, this concert isn't as big as the ones in New York, so you can come see them if you'd like to..." He says before shoving a huge spoonful of Cheerios in his mouth.

"Yes! I still haven't seen you guys preform, I want to so bad."

"You've heard us sing plenty."

"It's not the same though!" I smile finishing my Cheerios as Niall does too.


I walk back towards the boys tour bus, carrying two bags worth of Taco Bell. I know, I'm such a good person. The bus is parked behind the venue, away from fans before the boys go inside. The wind blows my hair around my face a little as I get closer to the bus. The door opens for me, "Jessi's back!" Liam shouts across the bus.

I laugh and hold the bags above my head, "I got Tacos!" Louis grabs the bags and runs in the bus causing me to laugh at him. I smile as Niall walks down the steps and grabs my hand pulling me in to the bus grinning.

"I love you so much marry me." Zayn says with food in his mouth and flicking Harry's hand away from his chips.

"Sure, sure."

"Sorry mate." He says to Louis. Niall attacks the food, finding two and a bag of chips.
 He munches happily.

"I love crisps so much." Niall says, "Have the girl, I'm marrying these angels." We laugh at him and Liam hands everyone a napkin.

"Crisps, it's called chips!" I start this argument with a giggle.

"You're with Brits-"

"And me!" Niall pouts at Louis.

"-And Niall, get used to it." Louis chuckles.

"Well you're in America." I smile.

"I still can't believe there's no Nando's in America still." Harry comments, "Have you ever hand Nandos before?"

"Probably when I visited Louis but I don't remember anyway."

"We're taking her back to London with us." Niall says "You poor girl."

"Why does 99% of our time involve food?" I ask still shoving chips in my mouth.

"Because Niall's a pig." Louis pats his blonde head.

"You guys, lets go." Paul says. "Jessi are you coming?" I nod my head vigorously jumping up. He nods motioning me to walk over. "Be careful, no exploring okay?" He reminds me.

"Okay, who told him I got lost!?" I ask looking at the boys who all start bursting into laughter. At the last venue I thought it would be fun to explore before the show started and I got lost and ended up having to call Harry to save me. I sigh and promise Paul I'll stay out of trouble.

We get inside and the boys go on stage and rehearse for a little bit while I sit against the wall on stage on my phone.

Zayn falls to the ground and Liam automatically grabs his feet dragging him away. "Jess! Take a photo!" He laughs like a maniac, as I get my phone out and take a picture. Zayn looks drunk and Liam just looks constipated. I chuckle to myself opening up twitter.

@JessMitchy: haha what happens at rehearsals! I'm sure none of you are surprised.. (; @zaynmalik @LiamPayne

I attach the picture and tweet it. I scroll through twitter a bit when Casey texts me,

From: Bestfrann(;

got anything to tell me missy!!!! :(

Then there's a link.

"Obviously all of you Directioners are wondering who is this girl? Well she is Jessi Mitchell, from Natick Massachusetts, in America! Jessi is cousins with Louis, and he invited her- with the boys approval hopefully- to come on tour with them for a few weeks. Lucky gal, but I bet the boys love her after she buys them Taco Bell eairlier today!

There was a picture of me with the Taco Bell bags, holding them above my head smiling as if I was in victory.

"But she is deffintally cozying up with the boys, as you see her and Niall holding hands as she walks around a town in New Jersey yesterday."

A picture of Niall and I walking around from yesterday, we were holding hands and swinging them. Niall looked adorable, laughing at me. And I look weird. My hair was blowing around a bit and my head was bent back as I was laughing, my free hand on my stomach. I cringe.

"Also, getting back on the bus, Niall pulls her in holding her hand!"

And another picture of us.

"But what I am wondering is why is there a picture of Jessi and Harry that Louis- her cousin!- tweeted. The caption was- 'the love birds beat me and Zayn in a game of cards.' What's Harry doing kissing Jessi's cheek? Is she with Niall? Or Harry? Or is Jessi playing them both?"

I text Casey back saying it was all lies. I click my phone off and slam it on the ground. Louis, Harry and I were kidding around! We did beat them in cards, but we weren't together! Same with Niall and I! And I most certainly am NOT dating any of the boys, let alone two of them. I was so mad that people had to be so nosy.

I tweet setting the rumors to rest, saying I'm not together with any of the boys, that they were just my friends and Louis' band mates. I tune back in to the boys practicing.

"Cause I can-"


"you more th..."

Harry tries to sing his line but bursts into laughter along with everyone else when Niall and Louis both scream the wrong lyric. They can always take me out of my bad mood, I think as I laugh my butt off. Niall and Louis grin at each other and Niall flashes a glance in my direction winking suductivily, being as obvious as possible laughing. Then Liam slaps his arm and points a finger in his face but Niall just laughs more.

I love these boys.

From: Bestfrann(;

okay so i get the harry part, but why were you and blondie holding hands??

To: Bestfrann(;

lol nothings going on, we were just goofing off. people are creating fake drama.

From: Bestfrann(;

mhm okay whatever you say.... (;

I roll my eyes. Stupid bloggers. If only they knew what almost happened at the park.

If only Liam didn't interrupt us.

I shake me head, I can't think like that. But focusing back at the boys, I look at Niall who turns his head quickly... blushing? And it's hard not to.

merrrpp so randomness. this is supposed to be like the Up All Night tour so awko sause.. idgaf



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