Living In the Moment

She's everything he needs. He's everything she needs. Will pressure of him being 1/5 of One Direction stop her? Or maybe it's because the boy is her cousins band mate? Or maybe they'll find a way. Because love isn't sensible. It's stupid, confusing, and all about living in the moments.


4. Chapter 4- Wisher

I'm so very sorry for not updating in forever I'm so mean :( but i've had writers block and in the past couple months, I haven't had a moment to even organize my thoughts together. but I'm trying again! it makes me happy. I love you guys <3 sorry again

"Say bye-bye to New York." Louis says as I stare out of the tour bus window as we leave yet another destination.

I smile turning to him. "I wanna stay." It's already been a week and a half with the boys.

As stupid as it sounds, even over this short amount of time, I formed a teeny crush on Niall. Every time I think of it I mentally slap myself. I only have a few weeks left.

"In New York or with us?"

"Both." I frown like a four year old.

"I'm touched." He says batting his eye lashes, holding a hand to his heart. I chuckle and pat his shoulder then go into the other room, running to the couch. I plop next to Niall while Zayn and Harry are on the floor playing a video game. Niall chuckles as they obnoxiously elbow each other around. His laugh is like music, I look up and smile at him realizing that I sat really close to him on a huge couch. Niall flickers his blue eyes at me.

"What?" He asks amused, smiling also.

"Oh nothing..." I blush looking away.

"Why do you do that?" He asks me.


"Not tell me what you're thinking?" I chuckle in response, "It drives me crazy." He exaggerates, then slides his hand around my shoulder casually.

"Why?" I roll my eyes.

"Because..." He drifts off his sentence. "I don't know." He laughs at himself.

"You want to know what I think?" I ask speaking for him, a smile teasing at my lips.

"Of some things..." He says a few minutes later, once Harry and Zayn leave the room bickering about the game.  "Like this..." Niall slides his arm to my waist, pulling me closer. "Or..." He touches my cheek, flickering his eyes at my lips.

At this point I'm trying extremely hard to keep my breathing in tack.

Zayn bounds into the room. We spring apart. "No I'm not hungry." He says staring at Zayn, probably knowing what he came here for.

Liam jumps into the room. "Nialler do you wan-"

"I'm not hungry." He explains softly.

"You feeling alright?" Liam asks serious, oblivious to Zayns face.

"Fine." Niall says Liam shrugs and walks out. Zayn stays and stares me down.

"I'm a little hungry actually." I say standing up a little to fast, walking out.

"What did I tell you about leading him on?" Zayn whispers to me in the bunk rooms.

"I'm not playing around Zayn!" I say back.

His eyes go wide and he smiles devilishly. "Really, now?"

"Zayn... Stop thinking whatever your thinking."

"Can I hook you two up?" He asks giddily. "Tell Niall or something?"

"No, Louis would be pissed, and Niall doesn't want-"

"Trust me. Niall wants you." He nods. I look at him acting grossed out. "NO. That came out wrong! I mean he's definitely fa- likes you."

"Zayn, I'm going home in a few weeks. Stop making things up, I don't want to like him when I'll never see him again." I avoid his eyes, trying to squeeze around him so I can get to the front of the bus.

"Jess," He stops me by grabbing my arm. I turn around and glare at him, suddenly not in the mood. He clenches his jaw a few times before I roll my eyes trying to walk out again. "Wait, Jess, you're seeing us again..."

"Yeah, but not like this. You boys are always on the go, Zayn I don't want to like him." I say quietly.

"You aren't making any sense." Whispering back as he frowns.

"If I like him, then I'll be hurt."

"Niall wouldn't ever hurt you."

"I live in America Zayn. I'm normal and not someone who would be in you guys' lives. This is a stupid conversation, it's a small crush. I can't let it grow when I'm not going to see you guys again, it'll hurt to much." He nods hopefully starting to understand where I'm coming from, because honestly I confuse myself.

"I'm sorry." He says.

"It's okay. I didn't mean to be rude..." I say, letting a small apologetic smile appear. Zayn puts his arm down, which was blocking my way from leaving. Out in the front of the bus Louis is sitting at the little couches scrolling through his phone. Liam and Harry are by the snack stash talking and I suddenly have the urge just to be with Louis.

"Louis?" He looks up at me but his smile fades, and he gives me a funny look. Jokingly I touch my hair, and look at my outfit. "Everything seems fine, why the look?" I chuckle.

He scrunches his eyebrows together for a moment before smiling and opening his arms. I crawl in next to Louis and hug him. "You look flushed?"

I sigh and sit back in the couch running my hand through my hair. "I'm just hot."

The conversation drops as he tweets thanking his fans and all that jazz. I don't like Niall, he's him. He's Niall Horan. And to be honest he's just like a brother, like the other boys. I became closer to him a tiny bit than the other boys that's all. I made up my mind realizing I was being silly. "Hello?" Louis snaps his hands in my face.

I jump a little and look at him laughing, "Sorry, daydreaming. Do you know where my phone is?" I ask him and he frowns.

"No sorry. Look in the bunks maybe?" I nod and get up skipping to my bunk. There are 6 bunks, on the right from top to bottom is me, Zayn, Liam and on the left is Niall, Harry and Louis. I put my feet on Zayns bed looking for my phone, I lift my blanket up move my big sweatshirt away then I remember I left it on the couch by the t.v.

"Wow, Jess." I whisper to myself at my suckish memory. I walk to the little door and right as my hand was about to touch the knob I hear Zayn talking.

"No, man I'm sorry. I just don't think she thinks of you like that."

"It's cool it's not a big deal, I'm acting like a girl." Niall responds.

"No, you're not. Let's just go out there." With that I quietly as possible run back to the front of the bus.

"Oh Jess! Look I found your phone!" Harry exclaims rather happy with himself.

"Oh, thanks, where was it?"

"In the mini fridge..." He says and him and Liam start laughing. "How do you even manage that?" He asks me raising an eyebrow.

"What? I didn't-" I pause, looking at Louis but he was still focused on his own phone. If he put it in there he would've been smirking at me. "NIALL!" I yell and spin around only to bump into his body.

"Can I help you?" He asks me politely before sticking his finger in his mouth and putting it in my ear before I could even react. "Wet willy!'

"EWW! NIALL YOUR SO GROSS!" I scream and glare at him before charging. He chuckles and runs away.

Niall scurries behind Zayn grabbing his shoulders using him as a guard. "Niall!" Zayn tries to escape his grip as I try to get between him over to Niall. He moves around his shield and starts tickling my sides. I fall to the ground- my only defense.

"Stop!" I plead between giggles, he just continues his laughter ringing out. "Help!" Right then someone pulls Niall off me. He sits up and I see Harry grinning hunched over behind me like Niall was his prey. Harry leaps to Niall and tackles his and they start getting in a fight. The other boys are laughing and Zayn stands me up, I shrug and let them have their fun taking my phone from where it was on the floor.

I have a text from my brother...

From: Josh

reminds me of the last day i saw you.. (imagine me making a girly voice)

I laugh when I see he attached a photo of him with five pieces of bacon sticking out of his mouth.

To: Josh

you miss me that much? love you too girl

From: Josh

i miss annoying you

To: Josh

well dont worry I've got five more here... one just gave me a wet willy

From: Josh

i like that one bring him home

To: Josh


From: Josh


I smile, I miss my family. I only see Josh every other weekend or so and my sister every week too. But even so I still miss calling them and skyping them. I'm busier now that the boys are running around getting me in trouble, and I don't have internet to skype them. I'm not complaining, no parents for a few weeks makes any kid happy. Harry and Niall stop tackling each other, and are now comparing hair lengths. Harry grabs a curl, pulling it to make it as long as possible while Niall does the same to his.

"Somebody make me food." Niall whines from the floor. "Make me food you're the woman here." He says smiling at me. I look at him with an eyebrow raised and kick his shin.

"Make your own god damn food." He grumbles and wines scotching on his butt to Liam who gets up rolling his eyes.

"Only because I want some too." He says pointing his finger. Liam ended up making a few bags of pop corn, which most ended up on the floor because we are all throwing it at each other and trying to catch it in our mouths.


Niall's P.O.V.

"We're taking a break, let's go outside!" I say jumping around happily.

"Where are we?" Jessi asks turning around in the couch looking outside of the window pushing hair out of her face. I shrug and grab her hand, "Niall!" She laughs looking behind me at the other boys smiling. I see Harry elbow Zayn and they throw looks at each other right before my view of them slips away because I run out of the bus dragging Jessi with me.

I don't let go of her hand and skip outside happily, "Niall! What are we doing?" She laughs once again at me running next to me.

"Going on an adventure!" My eyes smile at her as we slow down to walking. I swing our intertwined hands watching her look around at the little shops and birds flying around

"We don't even know where we are!" She says turning around looking at our bus a block or two away. I just roll my eyes smiling and we fall into conformable silence for a few minutes as we walk around. We come to a little park with giant trees all around it. I look over at her as she smiles slightly, she slowly lets go of my hand walking ahead of me. I put my hands in my pockets, following close behind.

"I love these," Picking up a dandelion and skipping over to me. Both white and yellow dandelions cover the grass. "I know they're weeds but I still think they're pretty." She smiles twisting it around in her hands, her face needs to stop looking so perfect. Jessi leans down, picking up two wishers handing one to me. "Make a wish." She whispers.

"I don't need to." I say quietly also. "I've gotten everything I'll ever need."

"Isn't there one thing you wish you could change, or have?" She counters. After a moment of thinking, there's something but I know a silly wish won't change it. I blow it out staring at Jessi. "See, there's always something..." Jessi blows out hers too.

"It wouldn't be right anyway." I whisper, "it's unfair for me to wish it."

"But you did."

"I know." I say chuckling at myself.


As we walk around the park, we found a tree that people carved things in. Laughing Jessi points at one.

"That's so messed up." She just clutches her sides laughing at the tree.

"It's hilarious!" I laugh and sing along to the music playing from somewhere we spend ten minutes searching for. Jessi gasps when I start singing, "You know this song?" I nod my head still singing to Chicago's song 'Saturday In The Park".  "This is my all time favorite." She says dancing around me.

"It's the best song, who doesn't?" I laugh.

"Will you help him change the world, can you dig it- Yes, I can. And I've been waiting such a long time, for today."

"Slow motion riders, fly the colors of the day. A bronze man still can, yell stories his own way. Listen children all is not lost, all is not lost. Oh no, no!" We sing together laughing our asses off at how obnoxious we are.

"I'm obsessed with Chicago," Jessi breathes out a grin plastered on her face.

"I can tell." I chuckle as she spins around me singing the song.

The song ends and she pouts, "AGAIN!" She yells at the music causing me to chuckle. Jessi walks up to me, "It's Saturday, and we're in a park." She smiles tugging on my sleeve.

I nod my head and tuck some hair behind her ear that was blowing around in the wind. Jessi's hand travels from my biceps down to my hand. She leans her cheek into my hand slightly and closes her eyes for a moment before she blushes and looks away. Of course, Etta James 'At Last' turns on next. She blushes more biting her lip and lets go of my hand after the first couple lines of the song. I decide to take my wish in my own hands, as I step forward and take her hand back in mine. I swing her smoothly to me and turn her around onto my chest as she still bites her lip. Refusing to look at my in the eyes.

"What are you doing, Niall?" Jessi asks so quietly I can hardly hear her, still not looking at me.

"Living in the moment." I whisper in her ear. "Dance with me?" I question, putting my other hand on the back of her neck. Once she finally looks at me, a smile slowly begins to form on her lips.

I realized my wish backfired because I heard my phone ringing. Jessi shoots away from me, stepping a foot away blushing again. I sigh and pull out my phone, answering Liam knowing that we'll have to go back to the bus.

hope you guys liked it! :) what should happen next?

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