Living In the Moment

She's everything he needs. He's everything she needs. Will pressure of him being 1/5 of One Direction stop her? Or maybe it's because the boy is her cousins band mate? Or maybe they'll find a way. Because love isn't sensible. It's stupid, confusing, and all about living in the moments.


3. Chapter 3- The Boys

“Thanks random security guy!” I say as I put the key in Niall's door and walk in with my two small bags. I set them down by the door. “Niall?” I ask

“Back here!” I hear him call from the room. I walk in and smile, seeing Niall and Liam laying on the bed on their bellies looking at the computer. But then I frown, realizing there’s only one bed.

“AnnieLovesboybands wants to know who’s there!” Liam says after concentrating at the computer.

“Are you guys doing a twitcam?” I ask sitting out of the cameras view on the bed.

“Yup, it’s Louis’ cousin Jessi, who’s staying with us for the next few weeks!” Niall smiles widely.

“Come here!” Liam grabs my waist and pulls me into the camera’s view.

“No, I’m sure they just want you two,” I smile.

“There’s pizza on that table” Niall informs me. I rush over and grab some

“People want you.” Liam tells me from across the room.

“I can’t help it.” I giggle joking around.

“No, really Jessi!” He laughs back, “People are asking for you to join us on the twitcam.”

“Oh...” I say and walk over. “Hey guys, @MadisonPaynee says “wanna see you two kiss!” I laugh.

“Which two?” Niall laughs as Liam kisses his cheek.

“Mwaaaa! That’s your kiss!”


It’s around one or two in the morning and Liam just went back to his room after we ended our twitcam.

“That was fun.” I say as I grab a pillow off of Nialls’ bed and throw it on the floor.

“What are you doing?” He asks me, staring as if I’m crazy.

“Making a bed?”

“I’m not letting you sleep on the floor!”

“Well it’s your bed, Niall!” He pauses for a moment.

“The bed is huge. No one will think anything bad.” Niall reassures me as he makes his way over to me and picks up the pillow and puts it back on the bed for me. I nod and crawl in.

“Night Niall,” I say quietly after he turns the lights out and gets in bed.

“Night love.”

Nialls P.O.V.

Her scream wakes me up.

I sit up, to see her wiggling around in bed until she throws her pillow on top of her head and sighs loudly.

“Jessi?” She jumps at the sound of my voice.

“I had it again.” She whispers almost asleep again.

“Had what?” I ask moving her pillow off of her face.

“The nightmare.” She starts crying slightly. I pull her into me to give her a hug, but we end up lying there together. With her head resting on my chest, and my arm protectively around her waist and the other playing with her hair.

“Shh.” I whisper in her ear. “It’s over, go back to sleep.”

Jessi’s P.O.V.

I wake up from the sunlight streaming into the room. I open my eyes only to see that my head is resting on Niall. His very toned body. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that. His arms are wrapped around me. And I find it pretty comfortable. I remember what happened last night and sigh, a little embarrassed. I try to wiggle out of his grasp without waking him up, successful. I notice his baby face is even cuter when he’s sleeping. Mentally slapping myself, again!

Then I hear his phone buzz and I see it’s from twitter from Harry on his lock screen.
Get it in Nialler! Jessi and Niall are cuddled up in bed!

I didn’t even have to open the message! I take my phone and text Harry.

Harry are you still up?

Within two seconds it seems, he texts me back.

Harry’s Curls:
Yeh, come get weird hotel breakfast with me! xx

I smile and text him back quickly.

I don’t know what room you are..


Harry’s Curls:
I do! I’ll pick you up in a few. Is niall comin?

No, he’s asleep. And you obviously do know what room since you were in here earlier taking pictures!


Harry’s Curls:
You guys were cute now get ready.

I sigh and put my hair in a bun, leaving my black sofies on along with my sweatshirt I got from Casey saying ‘I love Louis’ on it with a little picture of his face. I laugh, I can’t wait to show Louis this. I brush my teeth and don’t bother to put makeup on.

I hear Harry knock on the door and I grab my phone and walk over, opening the door up.

“Shh!” I shush him

“I didn’t even say anything!”

“I know, but I didn’t want you to be loud, Niall’s sleeping!” I say as I put my Toms on.

“Why were you two cuddled up this morning?” Harry grins cheekily at me. I stop walking and turn around

“I’m not like that, Harry.” I said giving him a look.


“Thanks for getting soggy waffles with me!” Harry laughs as we ride up the elevator.

“Thanks for taking me, or else I’d be eating cold pizza Niall and Liam ordered last night.” The door opens up and we hug and part ways to our rooms.

I start walking back down the hallway stoping at the door. "Crap." I whisper, I forgot my room key. I sigh and knock on the door, "Niall?" The door swings open

"Jessi?" Zayn says. And I start bursting into laughter.

"Sorry wrong room!" I smile and start to turn around but Zayn grabs my wrist and pulls me in to him room. "Um hi?" I say noticing his shirt off.

"What were you doing with Niall?" He asks.

"Excuse me?" I ask shocked.

"I said, what were-"

"No I know what you said, and nothing. Nothing happened, I woke up like that."

"Are you sure?" He asks placing his hand on my arm.


"Can I just warn you, that if you lead Niall on, he'll take it seriously because I know for a fact that you're exactly what he needs in a girl. So no games."

"Zayn!" he just shrugs "I'm not looking for anything! And I promise you that, you guys are Louis best friends and I couldn't first of all, and second of all I don't want to." I say. "Even though you obviously work out." I wink running my hands down from the top of his abs closer to his, yaknow, but stop right where his pants are, walking out of his room. I look back at him and his jaw is dropped.

"Just kidding Zaynie." I laugh and shut the door behind me. I'm freaking hilarious. I lean against the wall and text Niall changing his name.

Jessi Mitchell:
What room number are we?

are you really lost? haha

Jessi Mitchell:
I'm right outside of Zayns room shut up

The next second, a door opens right across the hall from Zayns door and Niall's little blonde head pops out.

"Found you!" He says walking out and holding the door open for me.

"Gee thanks Nialler" I say standing up and walking in.

"No problem!" He smirks. I run and jump on the bed.

"I want more sleep." I mumble into the pillow right before I hear obnoxiously loud knocking on the door. I sit up and see Niall jogging to the door and Louis walks in.

"Hey Louis!" I say smiling sitting up more.

"Hey bab- Nice sweatshirt!" He smiles. I look down and laugh too.

"Gotta sho-"

"GOTTAA BEEE YOUUUUUUUU!" Harry sings loudly waltzing into our room.

"How'd you get in here?" Niall asks.

"Oh, I stole a room key." He shrugs jumping on the bed next to me. "ONNNLYY YOUUUU!"

"Hush!" I say covering his mouth with my hand only to have him lick it. "EWW HARRY!" I scream holding my hand "What is you!?!?" I ask looking at my infected hand.

"I licked her." Harry says while everyone starts laughing. I stand up and walk into the bathroom and wash it off.

"Your so gross." I slap his arm. I notice Liam and Zayn are in the room now. "When did you guys get here?" I ask "You guys just pile in unexpectedly" We laugh.

"We are magical faries!" Louis says jumping around the room. "Come with me Niall!" He says jumping around holding Nialls hand then they both start jumping around. "Come with me Harold!" Doing the same thing. "Come get breakfast with me my fellow friends" and they jump around walking out of the room.

"Is that normal?" I ask Zayn and Liam.

"Pretty much." Zayn says.

"You should start packing" Liam says.

"What? Why?"

"We're leaving Natick, we're moving on in the tour!" He says.

"Oh right." I laugh and get up and quickly start throwing stuff in my suitcase.

"Did you even pack?" Zayn asks Liam.


"TO LIAM'S ROOM!" Zayn shouts grabbing my hand.


"Why do you have a light up tooth brush...?" I ask Liam as I lay on his bed next to Zayn.

"Becashue Shime shpeschial"

"Mate spit out your toothpaste before you try talking!" Zayn laughs. Liam goes into the bathroom and comes back out.

"Because I'm special!" He says proudly while stuffing his toothbrush and paste in his bag.


a/n ehhh its short. oh well. hope you guys likkee ittt!! :D

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