Living In the Moment

She's everything he needs. He's everything she needs. Will pressure of him being 1/5 of One Direction stop her? Or maybe it's because the boy is her cousins band mate? Or maybe they'll find a way. Because love isn't sensible. It's stupid, confusing, and all about living in the moments.


2. Chapter 2- Being Introduced

“So boys,” The interviewer says to the five of them, “relationship statuses?” She laughs .

“Single.” Zayn says smiling smalley.

“Food.” You can guess who said that.

“Single.” Harry says quickly and turns towards Liam.

“Danielle!” Liam says all giddy.

“El, still.” Louis smiles all proud.

“But Louis, we all saw you walking in here holding a mystery girls hand!”  The interviewer gasped, obviously just to add drama to her stupid show. I rolled my eyes.

Yup. I’m in a secret relationship with my cousin. And he’s cheating on El. So practical.

“No, no, no! She’s only my cousin, no worries!” Louis laughs,  “She’s-”

“Well lets have her out shall we?” She looks over at me. Way to plan that. I shake my head, but someone pushes me lightly out towards the boys. “Here she is!”

“Hi.” I say and take a seat next to Louis.

“Jessi is staying with us on tour for the next few weeks!” Louis smiles and pats my leg.

“Any crushes formed?” She asks.

I roll my eyes and open my mouth  but Harry beats me, “Niall let her eat his last of his food!”

“Yeh, if Niall gives you his last chip, you must be really special.” Zayn smirks, obviously trying to embarrass one of us.

“Wow, Niall.” I smile and look over at him grinning, “It’s only been an hour!” I joke. He just laughs back.

“Don’t you believe in love at first sight?” He jokes back as we both lean back into our seats again.

“NIALL HORAN.” Louis practically shouts, “Didn’t I say to stay away from my poor cousin?” He says wrapping his arms tightly around my body.


Helpp mee! Too many fans, security obviously doesn't believe me!

I laugh at the text Casey sent me just now. We are at a signing at the Natick mall. One of my second homes. There are so many fans, it’s absolutely unbelievable. I’m awkwardly sitting between Louis, and Niall at the tables. It gets even more awkward when I see people I know. They’re sitting Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, and then Zayn. I stand up and see Paul, standing off the side. I hear as I leave,

“Why is that whore with you guys!?” Some fan asks, I stand in front of Paul, frozen. He stares at me, knowing that I heard it too.

“Please don’t talk about my cousin like that.” Louis says coldly.

“Hey, don’t listen to them.” Paul says, I can’t make out what Niall said to her. I shrug my shoulders.

“I’m not a whore. I’m not even dressed like one...” I laugh it off. “But my friend Casey is here and we all are going to hang out but security doesn’t  believe her that she’s not lying, and -”

“Enough, what’s her name?”

“Casey Repetosky, she’s blonde, longish hair...” I pull out my phone and show a picture of her. He nods and tells some other guy, showing him the picture.

“Go ahead and sit back down.” Paul tells me smiling.

“Thanks, Paul!” I jump and sit in my chair. I look over at Niall, “Woah, Niall.” I whisper in his ear. He is clenching his fist so tight it’s turning white. I can somehow tell that something is bothering  him. But he hides it and smiles at his fans. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just sometimes fans can be rude.”  He whispers back and then high-fives a fan.

“I know, I heard my new label. One Direction's’ whore.” I laugh at it. It really didn’t bother me.

“It’s not true!” Niall says .

“I know, it’s okay, Niall. It didn’t bother me. I say and take his hand in both of mine and unclench it. He smiles at me and I was about to say  thanks, but a fan gushed at us.

“Oh my God! You guys are, like, the cutest couple ever!” She giggles and walks to Harry.

I laugh and let go of his hands.

“Well, excuse me, love birds, but can I talk to my best friend?”

“Casey!” I turn around to see her settling in a chair behind Louis. I scooted my chair next to hers.

“So, pretty crazy. Huh?”


“My hands are free!” Liam sings and jumps on the red tour bus after everyone else and lays on the couch thing. After everything, the bus is taking us back to the hotel where they are staying, and somehow, Casey and I are getting home so I can pack and stuff.

“Now that we are out of the craziness, can I get a real hug from my best friend! Please?” Casey pouts and turns to me after catching up with Louis. (They’ve met plenty before) She opens her arms wide and I run into them.

“When was the last time you two saw each other?” Zayn asks us.

“Friday!” We both respond.

“I was thinking the way you two are acting, a couple weeks or so...” He laughed.

“They are addicted to each other.” Louis says.

“I’m hungry...” I hear Niall pout. I turn to him and laugh.

“Are you always hungry?” Casey asks.

“Nothing comes between me and my food.” He states.

“Sounds like Jessi,” She says, I roll my eyes and slap her arm playfully. Niall groans and starts spazzing out on the floor rolling around. The boys look at him and then shrug it off like it’s no big deal. “Uh, blondie?”

“JESSI!” Niall stops and holds out his hand.

I jump. “What?”

“Get me foooood!”

“No, lazybones.”

He grumbles and stands up, walking around until he finds some food. Casey sits down next to Harry who puts down his phone and instantly strikes up a conversation with her. I walk over to Niall.

“Thanks, by the way.” I whispered to him.

He turns to me with a puzzled face on “For what?”

“The whole whore thing...” I start to say but he drops his bag of chips on the table and takes my hands in his.

“Don’t listen to them...” He says staring into my eyes. “It might get worse, I don’t know, but everyone is here for you. But I just want you to know that you are not a whore. Or anything like that. And you most certainly don’t look like one in a jean jacket and long pants.” He tells me. I don’t know what to do except hug him. I don’t know how long we were there for until someone speaks up.

“Uh, Niall? Jessi?”

We let go of each other. Well that got awkward.

“So! Louis, who am I staying with tonight?” I ask, since each boy gets their own rooms.

“Well I think Louis would be best right?” Liam says.

“El doesn’t know she’s my cousin and she didn’t pick up her phone tonight and you never know what pictures might be taken of her walking in my room. And El might assume things...”

“I have a girlfriend too...” Liam says again.

“I’m considered a player already!” Harry laughs. I can tell he isn’t though. It’s just talk. Talk. Just like how I’m One Directions’ whore.

“Sleepover!” Niall squeals like a little girl. “Snuggle timee!” He jokes and winks at me

We all go into conversations, until Zayn steals my phone straight out of my hand when I was using it.

“Hey!” I shout standing up and running over to him. “I was texting-”

“Conor?” Zayn waggles his eyebrows.

“Is he your boyfriend?” Niall asks me quietly.

“What?” I ask spinning towards him.

“He’s just extra nice with her. Constantly.” Casey grins.

“Oh my God... Can I please have my phone back, Zayn?”

“Hold on! I’m putting my number in!” He says finishing up and tossing the phone over to Liam. I sit back down next to Niall and Casey. “Case!” Zayn makes her jump.


“Phone. Now.” He grins and holds out his hands to catch it.

“Kayy” She smiles and takes out her phone and tosses it to him just as Liam tosses my phone to Harry. Our phones go around in circles until we get them back.

“Text me.” Harry says looking at the both of us.


“So we have your numbers too...?” He laughs. Casey and I both just chuckle and take our phones back out. I send out a message to all four of the boys, since Louis already has my number and literally laugh out loud when I see the names they put in as themselves.

To: Curley, Daddy Direction, Zayn Macaroni, Niall my Snuggler.
“asdjfkasjdnfkasdf My number!”

“Okay, Harry...” He looks over at me as phones go off. “Your name is about your hair?” I ask.

“Yup.” He smiles.

“Liam, Daddy Direction.” I smile. “Niall!” I laugh at him, “Really?”

“I will keep my distance.” He winks.

“WHY WHAT HAPPENED!” Louis yells and looks at my phone then sends daggers towards Niall. “You better keep your distance, blondie.”

“Zayn, I think you tried typing your last name too quickly,”

“What?” He asks looking over at me.

“Your name in my phone is ‘Zayn Macaroni’” I tell him and everyone just laughs.

A few minutes later, when the bus stops at my house, the boys hug us goodnight since it’s been a long day and they’ll probably be asleep anyway when I get there.

“Here’s one of Niall's’ room keys.” Paul says to me and hands me one. I smile and thank him.

I grab Casey's’ hand and we walk out of the bus and wave the bus goodbye. As they’re driving out, Niall shouts, “I’ll be waitin’ up for ya!” in his cute irish accent. I roll my eyes.

“He’ll probably be stuffing his face anyway.” I giggle at Casey and we make our way into my house and say hello to my family and go up to my room and start packing for the next couple weeks.

“I’m going to miss you so much!” Casey sighs laying in my bed taking hilariously awkward selfies on my iPhone.

“Me too!” I say, “But don’t worry, I’ll have fun for you.” I smirk. Only to have a bear hit the back of my head. “Hey!” I said picking up the teddy. “You gave this to me, don’t kill it.” I laugh tossing it at her too.

Casey helps me pack for the next half of an hour. Mostly just getting distracted though. Until my phone buzzes. She’s laying on top of my mini suitcase being stubborn to letting me leave.

“Your phone buzzed.” She says boringly.

“I heard, may I have it?”



“Because you’re leaving me. And our friends. Still at school. For two freaking weeks. Traveling with the five most sexyest guys on this planet Earth!” She pouts.

“Not my fault I’m so amazing.” I roll my eyes joking and run towards her and tickle her until she falls off of my bag, revealing my phone.

“I’m fine, don’t worry! I only landed on-” She pauses and I look up at her as she pulls something from under her back. “Your hairbrush?” She pouts.

“Ooo!” I gasp smiling. “Thanks Case! I’ll need that!” I giggle. I unlock my iPhone and see the text is from Niall.

Niall my Snuggler:
Hurry upp! I need to cuddle! (;

I laugh and text him back.

I’m on my way in a few minutes. Get one of the boys or something! :P

“So... Jessi.” She says looking over my shoulder.


“You don’t even know what I was going to say!”

“Yes, I do. You were going to ask me if I like Niall!” She laughs and shrugs.

“Hey, he’s not bad on the eyes.” She replies to me.

Niall my Smuggler:
Funny. I’ll call Liam.(; but really! how much longer so we know when to stop (;

I giggle and reply

10-15 mins. see you sooonnn

“I’m going to miss you so freaking much, missy!” Casey says to me as we hug. Her house is so close she’s just walking home before I leave.

“I’ll miss you too!”

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