Living In the Moment

She's everything he needs. He's everything she needs. Will pressure of him being 1/5 of One Direction stop her? Or maybe it's because the boy is her cousins band mate? Or maybe they'll find a way. Because love isn't sensible. It's stupid, confusing, and all about living in the moments.


1. Chapter 1- Pilot

“Wake up sleepy head!” My older sister, Ashley’s voice rings through my head waking me up for the day ahead. Ashley is a little more than three years older than me. Making her 21, while I’m waiting for my birthday in June, to make me 18. She’s in college but still comes home most weekends. I also have another older sibling, my brother. Josh is 23. I have no clue what that boy is doing. He’s becoming a doctor and stuff. So pretty crazy stuff going on. I yawn and stretch like a cat, but end up falling off the bed. I hear Ashley laugh as I just lay there. On the floor, on my face, too tired to move.

“Nice reflexes, Jess.” She teases me while walking out of the room.

“I hate you.” I mumble in the floor, but I doubt she even heard me. I find enough willpower to lift my head up to look at the clock. Nine in the morning. What the crap. It’s Sunday! Resting day, sleepy time doesn’t end until twelve. I stand up, knowing Ash woke me up for some reason today. I walk into the bathroom and brush my teeth and splash some water in my face. Leaving my clothes on I had now and my messy hair. That maybe could pass for some sort of bun?

“Your cousin is coming to town for a few days this week, Jessi.” My mom said slowly as I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen for breakfast. Food is my boyfriend. Yes, I’m single. Unless you actually want to count food as a companion, I’m cool with that.

“Really who?” I asked getting all excited and skip over to the table and sit next to my mom taking a bite of some of the bacon she pushed over to me. My cousins and I always get along so well, I can’t even explain it. I even know my parents cousins kids. But they live in another country.

“But you don’t have to see him if you don’t want to...” She says as Josh steals a bite of my bacon.

“I’ll let you know once I know who?” I laugh and whack Josh for stealing my food.

“Louis.” She smiles. I think that I just peed my pants of excitement.

“Mom, that’s not even a question!” I say smiling like an idiot. Louis and I only see each other once or twice a year. But he’s in a really famous band for a couple of years now so I haven’t seen him since then really. I think it’s called One Direction. No one knows that I’m related to him though. We didn’t want people to treat me differently.

“Yeah seriously mom, those two always get along. They’re like two peas in a pod together.” Josh rolls his eyes and wraps his arms around my neck from behind my chair, munching my bacon obnoxiously in my ear.

“I know mom, but I still wanna see him.”

(A/N: I know Zayn wasn’t there in Natick, but lets pretend he was, shall we?)

“Hello?” I hear her voice through my phone. She sounds so fragile and small, just like I remembered.

“Jessi!” I shout in the phone excited.

“That’s me, but who are you...?”

“It’s Louis! We’re picking you up at your house in an hour or so.” I say smiling, looking outside our tour bus window.

“Lou, your phone number changes so much. And who is we?”

“The boys, Paul and I”

“Oh, I’m meeting the boys?” she asks me quietly.

“They will love you. Don’t worry, babe.” I assure her. I know all the boys will love her. She’s an amazing girl.

“If you say so. And no one knows we are-”

“You didn’t tell anyone in Natick that we are related?” I laugh shaking my head.

“No, just my best friend Casey... People would treat me differently and I like how I am now.”

“I love you.”

“That was random...” she giggles at me. I return her laugh.

“It’s just that a lot of girls would tell everyone just for the attention and you didn’t want to.” I hear her laugh at me again on the line.

“I love you too, Louis.”

“And I kinda maybe had your mum agree to letting you come on tour with us for the next week or two.” I say pulling the phone slightly away from my ear because of her screams. I look at the boys who look over at my phone from the ear-piercing noise.

After another ten minutes or so, I finally end the call with Jessi and turn to the boys. Niall is shoving crisps down his throat while on his phone, probably on Twitter or something. Being poked in the face by Liam telling Niall to entertain him. Zayn and Harry are having a thumb war, but it looks more like they’re holding hands and swinging their elbows in the air.

“So what’s this girl like, is she hard to control?” Paul asks me, somehow catching all of the boys attention.

“Well she’s not as fun as myself, but not as mature as Liam?” I smirk.

“Someone has to be.” Liam smiles.

“Is she fit?” Harry asks attempting to steal food from Niall, but chickens out because he’s too scared to try.

I send Harry dagger eyes. “Stay away from her.” I say firmly. Harry lifts his arms in the air in defeat and I laugh with everyone. “Guys,” I say gaining their attention again. I sigh and speak with all seriousness. “Try not to fall in love with Jess.”


“Alright ready?” I ask Jessi as we are walking down her driveway to get on our tour bus. We have a signing, and mini interview to really introduce her I guess. She’s coming home later tonight to pack some stuff for the next couple of weeks since she can’t live off of one pair of Toms, jeans and a jean jacket.

“I guess so.” she says and stops me for a moment. “What if they don’t like me?”

“Then go cry in a corner.” I say grinning and pulling her into a huge hug as we’re both in laughter. I take her hand in mine and run into the bus. “IT’S JESSI TIME, EVERYONE!” All the boys stop in their positions, which I must say are pretty hilarious, and stare at Jessi and I.

She looks down at her feet shyly and slightly smiles, “Hi.”

I smile and whip my head dramatically to the boys, “Isn’t she so outgoing?” all the boys chuckle in laughter and she tries to hold back her smile. “Don’t worry, she gets more like me.”

“Oh hell.” Paul says from behind me, we turn around to see him laughing.

“Jessi, this is Paul, he’s our tour manager man.” I say smiling and he waves and starts the bus. When we turn back around the boys are introducing themselves. “This is Harry, don’t let him touch you.” I wink at her, and she rolls her eyes and turns back to Harry to be engulfed in a hug.

“Nice to meet you Jessi, but sorry, Louis and I have a committed bromance.” Harry says winking at me.

“That’s Liam,” I say as we sit down on the bus couches.

“Hi Liam.” She smiles.

“Hey, guys look!” Liam waggles his fingers between Niall and Jessi. “They’ve got the same eye color!” We all look over and notice, though I already knew this. Jessi finally looks up to Niall and looks at him she smiles and nods her head.

“I’m Niall,” He says laughing and pointing at himself with his sandwich.

“You are Irish!” Jessi says shocked.

“You are American!” Niall winks at her.

“I’m Zayn, but thanks for caring guys!” Zayn waves smiling. Everyone goes back to what they were doing before. In a few minutes Jessi’s phone starts ringing.

“Crap!” She says and we turn to look at her. She picks it up,
“Heyy..” She tries to say casually. “No, I’m sorry my cousin came in town and-” She must have gotten cut off. “Louis. Yeah come on over to my house at like 9 or something. Or the signing for the hell of it.” She smirks and they say their goodbyes. “Sorry guys, that was my friend...”

“Did our sexyness make you forget about the world around you?” Zayn winked. We all expected her to just smile and not respond since she’s been so shy.

“I can’t help it if I’m a teenage girl, with hormones.” She shrugs and smiles down at her phone. We all sit there and stare at her, smiles on our faces of how she just randomly decided to open up. But I’m glad to see her real self out and about. “Well, are you all just going to stare at me? Because I thought I was the one complaining about hormones here.” She raises her eyebrows at us still grinning.

And that’s it. We cracked, and doubled over in laughter.


“Aren’t dimples...” Jessi trails off. I see Harry turnaround from talking with Zayn only to have his cheek poked by Jessi. “How do they even work?” She asks.

“Well, my dimples normally just sit there?” Harry says smiling. “It’s an imperfection in the skin that causes it I think.” He tells her.

“You are so random...” Zayn comments shaking his head at her.

“Sorry! Carry on!” she shoos Harry and Zayn laughing at herself. I love my cousin. “So Louis...”

“So Jessi...” I mock.

“What happens if I take a chip from the Irish boy?” She asks.


“Yeah, because you know how protective Josh is about his food.”

“Niall won’t care.” I smiled innocently. “He’ll most likely try to bite your arm off though...”

“Ten bucks I can get the chip bag.” She holds out her hand to me and I chuckle.


I watch her get up and nudged Harry and Zayn. Niall’s back is facing us, sitting across from Liam. They’re talking and laughing and Niall has crisp packet in his hands I can see her holding a finger to her lips at Liam, signaling him not to say a word. Jessi stands behind Niall for a couple of seconds before just reaching over his shoulder, snatching the small bag and running back to the couch, and tries to hide behind me. Niall slowly turns his head around and searches us. Finding who the thief is. His eyes land on Jessi just as she grins and waves the last chip in the air and chomps on it happily.

“You owe me a crisp packet now!” Niall warns her laughing then turns back to Liam.

“Nice to see we’re friends!” Jessi laughs back and turns to me holding her hand out expectantly.

“How did you not get attacked?” Harry asks in amazement.

“Batting my eyelashes and smiling.” She jokes. “But you save that for Louis, right?” She winks at him.

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