His Last Rose

her heart hurt. he didn't understand his feelings. she decided to end it all. he wouldn't let her. she fell in love, with the wrong boy. but when the other man appears in her life, can maysilee find the one she truly loves?

he loves me, he loves me too.


5. Trapped.

Beep. --- Beep. --- Beep.


            “May, please. If you can hear me, open your eyes.”


            It was my mother’s voice, but she sounded distant, far away. I was submerged in darkness, my vision failed me.


            I heard some talking and some muffled crying. I wanted to reach out with my hand, signal I was coherent, but my arm wouldn’t obey. I couldn’t move it, or any other part of my body, for that matter. It was then I realized I was lost in a standstill of darkness.


            “Doctor, do you think she’ll be okay?” It was my mother speaking again, though I could not see her, her voice told me she had been crying.


            “She’ll be fine. We just need to get her up and running again!” He laughed nervously.


            I heard shuffling of footsteps. Then the door opened, then closed. There was a new presence in the room.


            “Is the okay? Has she made any promising movements?”


            It was a boy. He was worried. About me. It was my alley boy! Oh, how I yearned to have my vision now. I needed to see what he looked like, who I had been talking to so frequently. I vowed to myself that I would never take my vision for granted again, this was pure torture.


            “No, not since you saved her from that truck.” The doctor said, and I heard him pat the boy on the back. “She’s lucky you were there, the impact would’ve killed her.”


            That’s what I was going for, I thought.


            “Yeah, but I banged her head in the process.” The boy responded, guilt etched in his words.


            “It’s not your fault the sidewalk was there. She’ll be alright, don’t beat yourself up over it.” My mother reassured him.


            “Well, I’ll check in again, later. I’ve gotta get back to school.” The boy said quietly.


            “You skipped school?” The doctor asked, astounded by the thought.


            “I needed to see how she was doing,” The boy paused. “But I’ve really got to go.”


            More footsteps. Door open. Door closed. Then silence. He was gone.


            “I’d really better be going too. I promised Shealynn I’d help with her college applications today.” My mother said, reluctant.


            “Well, have a good afternoon, Ms. Brunner.” The doctor said, and I could almost see his fake smile, plastered across his plastic face.


            “You too, Dr. Wilks.” Then there was more walking, leaving, until it was just me alone in the room. Wishing I had control over my eyes so I could cry.


            It was quiet for a few moments, before loud footsteps interrupted the deafening silence.


            I felt the weight change on my hospital bed. Someone was sitting at the end of the bed.


            “Oh, May. Please, come back to me. Sometimes I think it’s those experiences when you lose someone that makes you realize how much you need them in your life. And I’m missing you everyday. My Christmas wish this year will be for you to wake up. I promise now, that when you do wake up, the first thing I will do is hold you to me, and never let you go.” There was a pause. “I can’t lose you, May.” I heard muffled crying. “I just can’t…”


            Then the weight left the end of the bed, and I really wished I could reach out and pull him back to me. Tell him I miss him too, and I’m here. He won’t lose me. I’m right here.


            Then I felt warm lips on my forehead. Then he pushed my hair behind my ear. “Don’t leave me, May.”


            More footsteps and a door opening and closing signaled that he was gone.


            Don’t leave me, May.


            His last phrase burned in my memory. I wanted to come back, I wished I was awake again. If this was God’s stupid way of trying to tell me I shouldn’t have tried to commit suicide, I got it now. Bring me back, I won’t do it anymore. I vowed to myself.  I won’t cut, I won’t try to hurt myself, and I’ll rebuild my lost relationships.


            Just bring me back.


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