His Last Rose

her heart hurt. he didn't understand his feelings. she decided to end it all. he wouldn't let her. she fell in love, with the wrong boy. but when the other man appears in her life, can maysilee find the one she truly loves?

he loves me, he loves me too.


4. I'm Ready.



“And don’t you ever try to grab my ball again!”


            I was in gym class. On the ground. Bleeding all over. Crying.


            “Ha! That’ll show her! Raven, give her back her ball.”


            Then a volleyball smacked my red, stinging face. Raven had thrown it. I stood up and felt my face. It was burning and my cheeks were bleeding. Tom must have been wearing rings when he slapped me. And punched me. God knows where the gym teacher was, and even if he was here, he wouldn’t care.


            Then I realized something.


            I didn’t care either. Wiping away my tears of pain, I walked to the locker rooms with my dignity. I changed out of my sweaty, now slightly bloody gym clothes and into my ‘DONATE LIFE’ t-shirt and sweatpants. Then I walked right out of the gym, not bothering myself of thinking of the consequences.


            Reaching my locker, I threw my books inside, not caring enough to actually put them away. Then, my anger boiling inside me, I ran to the school’s main exit. I pushed open the doors, feeling the chilly wintry air on my face. I tried to pull my coat tighter around me, before I realized I wasn’t wearing a coat. Freezing, I walked down the slick sidewalk, trying to calm my anger that I had contained inside for too long.


            “Hey guys, watch this.” I heard someone say in front of me.


            I didn’t bother looking up, I didn’t care who it was. I just wanted to get home.


            Lost in my thoughts and pain, I tripped over something, sending me falling face first onto the hard, icy concrete.  A few people laughed somewhere above me, as I carefully got back on my feet. My elbows were now all scratched up and I had reopened the cuts on my wrists.


            “Ha! Watch where you’re going klutz! I mean, who trips over flat ground?” I looked up to see where the voice was coming from.


            The one and only. Chase Thomas.


            I shot him the dirtiest look possible. Then I examined the ground around me, trying to see what I had tripped over. I looked over to where the boys were sitting on the brick wall lining the sidewalk. There, Nate’s foot was placed strategically where my foot had caught it.


            Fighting tears, I collected myself and walked away from them, careful not to slip on the ice. I could hear their taunting remarks behind me, but I didn’t care. Not anymore anyways.


            Once I was out of the boy’s view and earshot, I ran. I ran past the alley, not even wanting to speak to my alley boy, I couldn’t. I ran past the old slums, and beggars on the curb, until I reached my apartment.


            I fiddled with the lock on the door until the click signaled it was open. I flung the door inwards furiously, almost crashing into my mother. She grabbed my wrist and I winced, the scars very noticeable now.


            “Oh, May!” She exclaimed, examining my wrists tenderly, fingering my permanent scars. “Why?”


            I tried to yank my arm away from her, but her grip was fierce. “Just because!” I screamed at her, and shocked, she released my arm. Seizing the moment, I ran back out the door of my family’s shabby, run-down apartment complex.


            Then I was on the street. I didn’t know how I came to be there, but I was. I sat on the yellow dashed lines, waiting for someone to come hit me with their car. I wanted it so bad. I just wanted to die.


            And then a truck came. A large flatbed truck, carrying logs on it’s back. It was coming down the road quick. That was good, less time for me to think about the pain and all I was leaving behind. The driver wouldn’t be able to see me from behind the wheel, the set-up was perfect. The situation was perfect. I was ready to die.


            Tears began to stream down my face, but I pursed my lips and didn’t move. I counted down the seconds until the impact, distracting myself from my internal fear.


Five, four, three, two...


            I heard someone scream my name.



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