His Last Rose

her heart hurt. he didn't understand his feelings. she decided to end it all. he wouldn't let her. she fell in love, with the wrong boy. but when the other man appears in her life, can maysilee find the one she truly loves?

he loves me, he loves me too.


6. Forever


“I’m truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love, with you.” He finished. “It’s rough and unfinished, but I think eventually it could make it somewhere.”

            I loved his voice; he had come and sang to me every day since I found myself hearing things. Though I still couldn’t move or talk. Many people visited, left me gifts, though I didn’t know who they were or what they gave me.

            “Oh May, that song is so about you. I don’t think I truly realized it until now. Am I crazy? I’m in love with a girl that doesn’t even know I’m here, right now. Every day.”

            Oh, but I do know!  I was screaming inside. If only I could speak, tell him I was here, I was listening.

            “It’s been two months. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have my sanity for.” He laughed lightly. “I really wish you were here. Well, conscious I mean.” He paused. “I’m thinking about auditioning for a singing show. I probably won’t make it, I’m no good… it’ll just be for laughs then.”

            His statement didn’t bother me any. I knew he wouldn’t forget me. He cared too much. He could go onto a singing competition. His voice was that of an angels choir. If only I could be there to support him. Be with him. See him.

            I sighed and imagined myself standing up, running into his waiting arms. Instead I was trapped in this frozen limbo.

            During my stay at the hospital, certain bits and pieces of conversations and other movements gave me an idea of what the room looked like.

            It was fairly small, my bed sat in the middle of the room, against the back wall. To my left was the monitor that managed my heartbeat and on my right was a nightstand with an alarm clock. The alarm was set and went off at certain increments. I based my time off when nurses came to check on me. Every morning the alarm went off at 5:00am, and every morning the nurses came in at 5:10 to shut it off. They came again at noon, checking my heart rate and brain activity. Their last visit came at 7:00pm. All the other times throughout the game became a jumbled mess. Then again, time wasn’t exactly an important element in my life anymore. It was nothing but meaningless words.

            There were also two visitor chairs right next to the door. They were almost always occupied. Sometimes by my mother and sometimes by my alley boy, though I knew they both just preferred to sit on the end of my bed.

            “If I could rewind, I’d change everything. I’d make sure you never had the thought of suicide. You’d never have a reason to end your life. You’d always be happy.”

            My heart burned with love for him. I wanted him so badly. I needed someone who cared about me.

            I heard him drop something on the nightstand. “One day I’ll remember to bring a vase for these.” He muttered to himself. I heard him take steps towards the door. “I really should go. But I feel like, if I leave, you’ll wake up and I’ll miss it.” He paused. “Goodnight, May.”

            Then he was gone. I mentally sighed, thinking about him, the life I was missing out on… how long has I been out for? I’d lost track. I’m sure I’d figure out soon. I’m practiced.

            What if he never came back? The awful thought ran through my mind. What if he is so successful on the TV show, he forgets about me? I couldn’t think that way. I needed to know who he was. I needed to thank him for all he’d done for me.

            And it would happen. I would see him in the flesh and breathing.

            I hoped.

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