Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


21. True Feelings


“I cannot believe you did that!” Brenda shouts at me, throwing a glass at my head.

I cringe and dodge the glass, stepping quickly to the side. Brenda wasn’t entirely happy that I tried to fix her relationship with Niall, as you can see.

“I’m sorry; I swear on my life, I won’t ever do that again!” I shot back, dodging another glass, crashing into the couch in our hotel room.

I lay on my back, Brenda standing over me, her hands coming down on my throat. I try to move, to get out of the way, but I didn’t need to.

“Brenda, what the hell are you doing? It wasn’t her idea, it was mine!” A familiar Irish voice intervenes, grabbing a hold of Brenda by her wrists.

She stops, flinching at Niall’s touch, causing him to let go. Sadness sweeps over his blue eyes and he just stand there, gazing at Brenda. She avoids his gaze by glaring directly at me.

I look away and look at Niall, “Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to your interview today?”

He sighs and nods.

“Well, get along, we’ll be fine,” I say curtly, walking over to him, and shoving him towards the door.

He glances between Brenda and I, uncertain about leaving, and I just chuckle at him.

“Seriously, go,” I laugh, pushing him out of the door, and closing it behind me.

I turn back to Brenda, cringing when I see her holding another glass. She gives me a weak smile, before leaning down and dropping the other broken glass pieces inside of the non-broken glass in her hand.

“I’m literally, seriously sorry,” I apologize as I lean down to help her.

She coughs, “I know, I’m sorry for overreacting. It’s just…I kind of want to fix my relationship with Niall, on my own.”

I nod, bumping her should lightly, “Next time, I’ll let you, okay?”

She laughs, nodding her head, dumping the glass pieces in the trash.

Wow…getting glass thrown at you is just…complete fun.


“Wake up, Kyra!” A voice shouts into my ear.

I mumble something back incoherently, rolling further into the bed sheets, trying to fall back asleep.

“Now!” The voice screams into my other ear.

I sit up quickly, glaring at Brenda, “Fine I’m up. Happy?”

She smiles, “Yup, now come on, the boys are on the telly!”

I flick my eyes away. “I don’t wanna watch.”

Brenda giggles, “For me? Payback for earlier?”

I roll my eyes. “Fine.”

I let her drag me over to the telly, flicking it onto the right channel, and the boys pop up on the screen sitting across from some London interviewer.

“Well, boys, its swell to have you back! Right audience?” She beams, smiling at the camera.

The crowd goes wild and the boys laugh and wave at them.

“Now, getting right to it, you gotta please your fans with some info! Who, right now, is single?” She glances at her note cards, reading off of them.

Harry, Niall, and Liam all raise their hands like they always did when asked said question. But this time, the interviewer gazes directly at Liam.

“Liam, now we have all heard of your break-up with two year girlfriend, Danielle Peazer. But we have also heard the speculations of a relationship with one of your stylists, Kyra Moore. Is this true?” She continues to read off of her note cards.

My heart stops at the sound of my name.

Liam ponders the question and then answers with, “No, Miss Moore and I have never dated. We are just friends!” He ends with a bright smile on his face.

The interviewer displays a satisfied smile.

Just friends…that’s all I keep hearing…

“So, no feelings for Miss Moore, whatsoever? Does she have any for you?” Why does this lady still dig further, why does it matter to her?

“I have no feelings for her but I cannot speak for Miss Moore, you would have to ask her,” Liam ends curtly, and I can tell he is slightly agitated.

The interviewer smiles, “And that’s we shall do! Yes, audience?”

What the fudge? Who is this lady?

My iPhone starts to ring. How did she get my number?  I pick it up, Brenda watching me from the other couch.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Yes, Kyra Moore, you are live! Now, we have just one simple question for you!” The interviewer shouts into my ear.

I nod my head, “Okay?”

“Answer honestly; do you have any feelings for Liam Payne from One Direction?”

I don’t hesitate.


I just announced my feelings to him…to everyone watching…hates coming my way.

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