Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


5. The Incident


“This hurts,” I mutter, tenderly touching my forehead, where my new bruise rests happily. Thankfully, my brown hair covers it, or I would have been a little freaked to be seen like this in public with the boys. “Make it go away!”

“Oh, if only I could,” Niall chuckles, lifting his head from his arms.

He is the only one up with me right now.

He is the reason I have this bruise on my forehead.

Never, ever wake me up, because I will not remember where I am and I will totally flip out. And flipping out in a small, compressed area…hurts like a bitch. I had slammed by head into the top of the bunk, when Nialler had come to wake me up, because he was lonely.

“Why are you two up?” A groggy voice interrupts our conversation.

I let my eyes trail over to a sleep figure, standing in the middle of the curtains, and he is currently trying to wake up.

“Nialler hurt me,” I tease Niall, grinning.

“I did not! It was an accident! Hazza, you know I would never, right?” A stricken Niall looks to his band mate.

“Of course I do, Irish buddy,” Harry winks at me, once he is done talking to Niall, who catches the secret wink and sighs loudly.

“Kyra, I’m sorry-” Niall begins but I lift a finger up, silencing him.

“Oh my gosh, Niall I know, I was just messing around,” I laugh, poking him jokingly in the shoulder.

This just makes Niall groan, get up quickly, and exit the room quickly. Harry takes his spot, even sipping out of the same cup Niall had out, which is supposed to be filled with orange juice.

“He’ll get over it,” Harry says quietly in his deep voice, smiling sincerely at me.

“Do you hook up with every girl you look at?” I blurt out randomly, covering my mouth in horror. “Shit, shit, I never meant to ask that!” I start cursing at myself, standing up, my face flushing beet-red.

Harry Styles just laughs at me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just a simple laugh.

A laugh that I’ve heard in so many videos, and which I’ve only ever dreamed of hearing live and now here I am. Seriously, now it’s only hitting me that I’m touring with the biggest boy band in the world? Seriously…

“Say your name,” I suddenly snap at Harry.

He’s taken aback but responds, “Harry Styles.”

I just simply nod, resting my head into my arms, and start silent screaming into them. It isn’t like frustrated, or scared screams, but oh-my-god-I’m-right-next-to-Harry-effing-Styles screams.

“Erm, Kyra, are you okay?” Harry’s voice reaches my ears as he pokes me gently in the arm.

I instantly lift my head up, and quickly, causing Styles to jump back and crash into the cupboard behind him. I don’t know why, but I just start laughing, and I can’t stop. Or I’m not trying to.

“Oh, you think that’s funny, do you now?”Harry glares over at me, showing off his own evil grin.

I shake my head side-to-side, but I can’t help let out a little giggle. And it probably doesn’t help that my face is reddening, trying to keep the laughter in, which is becoming really impossible.

And then Harry gets fed up with me, reaches into their small refrigerator, and pulls out a can of whip cream. I abruptly stop laughing, calming down, and eye the can of delicious warily.

Harry takes a step towards me.

“Harry, what are you doing?” I ask him cautiously, standing up myself.

“Nothing,” He replies, smiling innocently…too innocently.

“Harry, don’t do it.”

“Do what?”

“I’m sorry,” I beg, taking more steps backward, as Harry starts to raise the can up.

And then with no warning, he presses the release button, and I instantly feel soft cream all over my face. And it doesn’t stop for a little while, but once it does, I can’t see anything.

I reach up, wiping the cream from my eyes, and lick my hands. As soon as I can see anything, I realize that Harry is no longer is in front of me. I’m all alone.

At that moment, I suddenly notice the whip cream can next to me.

And then I hear quiet footsteps behind me.

And in that moment, I don’t think about what I’m going to do, I just do it. My hand reaches for the can lightning-quick, and as I turn around I press the button precisely at the time I’m done spinning, and the whip cream hits the target behind me.

Except it isn’t Harry.

Could have been, but it isn’t.

I stand there stock-still, unsure of what to do next.

Maybe he won’t kill me?

No…he probably will.

I look up at the person and reach out with my hand.

“Sorry…” I trail off, trying to look as apologetic as I can.

Liam just stares at me and then starts to walk past me, but pauses right next to me, and whispers quietly into my ear, “You’re going to regret that.”

Yup, he’s going to kill me.

Haha imagine that; Kyra Moore killed by Liam Payne.

Great, brilliant brilliam headline, wouldn’t ya think?

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