Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


11. Tell Me A Lie

*A/N: I'm sorry if its getting confusing or anything, its just how I have it planned out, but it'll clear up soon enough! - A xoxo*


I exit the lift quickly, hearing a ding at the opposite side of the hallway. I don’t look and continue to walk to my room, where Brenda must now be. But once my hands reach my door handle, I can’t help it.

I look up and meet Liam’s gaze.

But I quickly glance away, open my door, and slam it behind me.

And then there’s Brenda standing before me, hands on hips, and a smirk on her face.

“You like him, don’t you?” She cocks her head to the side.

I roll my eyes, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

“Liam, dumb butt. And don’t deny it, I saw you run after him.”

I narrow my eyes, “I will deny it, because it’s not true. And if you’re so quick to judge me, what about you and the Irish one here?”

Brenda’s mouth opens but no words come out. I sigh, pressing my fingers into my forehead, trying to relax myself.

“Sorry, it’s just…I don’t know what I feel. I shouldn’t feel anything for him, I just met him, and I just got my dream job as a fashion manager. I am not risking anything for him or for it, so I’m letting these stupid feelings go.”

Brenda laughs but doesn’t say anything. Instead she grabs her keys and fixes herself in the mirror. She is all dressed up; I wonder where she’s off too. And then she looks over at me.

“Kyra, why aren’t you dressed?” she asks, looking me up and down.

I look down at my Mickey shirt, the white scarf hanging loosely around my neck, and my blue PINK sweatpants.

“I’d say I’m pretty well dressed for just staying in a hotel room.” I reply, looking at her confused.

She shakes her head, “We’re on tour, remember? The boys have their first show tonight, we need to go smart one. We are the fashion designers.”

I nod slowly, angry at myself for forgetting, “Ok, well then come on, let’s go.”

Brenda smiles, heading towards the door, totally forgetting my messed up wardrobe outfit. I shrug it off and walk after her.


We reach the cars, noticing the boys getting into their tour bus, leaving us in the black Jeep. And for a second, my gaze meets Liam’s, and I keep it there. I smile friendly and give him thumbs up before ducking into the car.

“Kyra?” Brenda’s voice comes through the little ear thing in my ear.

“Hm?” I reply, leaning back into the Jeep, relaxing before my first time as a fashion designer.

“Who says you can’t have both things? Who says you can’t have him and fashion designing?”

“Me, I do. I don’t want Liam, I don’t like him, got it?” I snap back, before turning the volume down, ignoring her response.

I seriously have to stop lying.

I just met him, and this is crazy…

I’m screwed.

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