Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


22. Running Away


I hang up the phone, pressing a hand to my mouth. I cannot believe I just did that to myself. I am about to get killed by a thousand Directioners. I am about to get murdered by the whole world. Why did I do it though? I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.

“Whoa, shiz, what just happened?” Brenda finally asks me.

I ignore her and stand up, walking over to the closet in the hotel room. I start to grab my stuff out of there, throwing them onto my bed. Brenda watches me closely but I don’t care, I just continue to grab all of my things.

“First, why didn’t you tell me? Secondly why didn’t you tell him?” Brenda asks, prodding me in my side.

I ignore her, continuing to grab my stuff. Finally, all of it is on my bed, so now I must go grab my suitcase. I search the whole room, discovering it under my bed. I pull it out and lay it open on my bed.

“Kyra? Hello?” Brenda waves her hands in front of my face.

I continue to ignore her.

I fold my t-shirts, putting them neatly inside of the suitcase. Next, I move onto my pants and shorts, this time not really caring how it’s packed. I just stuff it into the suitcase, moving onto the rest of my stuff I brought with me for the whole of the tour…except now I’m not staying for the whole on the tour.

An iPhone dings and I glance at Brenda whilst she takes out her iPhone, turning it on, checking her new text message. She glances up at me.

“The boys are on their way back to the hotel,” She informs me.

I nod my head but continue to pack all my items into my suitcase.

“Kyra!” She snaps at me, sitting on top of my suitcase.

I glare at her, “What are you doing?”

“No,” She snaps. “What the hell are you doing?”

I throw my hands up into the air, “Clearly I’m packing.”

“Why though? We’re not leaving London for three days.” Brenda still sits on my suitcase.

“I’m leaving London now, so please get your ass off of my suitcase!” I growl at her.

She shakes her head, eyes firm, “No.”

I get fed up and shove her off, watching her fall to the ground. I quickly zip up my suitcase and run out of the hotel room. I manage to make it out of there without Brenda following me.

But I also make it out of there in time to see the boys step out of the lift to my right. I meet Liam’s gaze and I can tell he still is in shock of my confession. And with no thought, just instinct, I run to the lift to my left.

“Kyra, wait!” I hear shout out to me.

But I don’t wait. I run as fast as I can to the lift, rapidly pressing the Lobby button, trying to get the lift doors to shut because now, Liam Payne is sprinting towards me…and I’ve read enough to know he can sprint very, very fast.

Finally, the lift’s doors start to close but Liam is still nearing. Come on; come on, oh thank God. They close just as Liam reaches me. [A/N: hehe Come On, Come On is a 1D song]

“Kyra no…guys come on, go back to the lift!” I hear him shout to the other four, just as the doors close.

I don’t know why…but tears start to fall down my cheeks.

The lift hits the Lobby floor and I shoot out of there, heading to the exit of the hotel. I hear another lift hit the Lobby floor and I glance to my right, seeing Liam step out, eyes scanning for me.

I try to duck for cover but he spots me.

I fly out of the building, shoving people aside, making it out to the warm, dark night outside.

“Taxi!” I start to shout continuously, hoping a cab will come before Liam reaches me.

A yellow vehicle pulls up to me just as Liam reaches the outside of the hotel. I jump in, holding the suitcase on top of me, and shout at the driver to go.

I take one last glance at Liam, noticing the sadness in those brown eyes of his as the cab pulls away from the hotel.

I am a selfish coward.

[A/N: sorry I've been horrible with the updates but its the final of Trimester 1 at my school and I have so much homework :p ]

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