Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


4. Liam Payne


“Holy hell, its freezing, where are you guys?” I snap into my phone, talking to Louis at the moment, while freezing my bum off outside of the building.

“Silly Kyra, its fall, of course it’s going be freezing!” Louis laughs back, and I can hear muffled laughter in the background. “We’re going to be there in a few, bye!”

I groan and hang up, clutching my body, trying my best to keep warm. I mean yes, I could go into the building, but it doesn’t really open till later and the janitor is being a Meany and won’t let me in.

“Kyra?” An unfamiliar male voice asks.

My blood freezes, not only from the cold, but by just the chills I get from someone knowing my name. I slowly turn around and there’s Miss Burton’s son, sipping a coffee, with a beanie on his head.

Beanies, they get me bad.

Like, they…I just want it now.

I want that beanie, now.

“Hi…” I trail off, remembering that he never told me his name.

“Jonas,” He sticks his hand out, well, his hand covered in a very warm glove.

Why the hell did it have to be fall?

“Hello, Jonas,” I continue, trying to give him one of my flirty smiles. I don’t know why but you know, I’m about to leave on tour with the biggest boy band, so why the hell not flirt while I could. “Can I have your number?”

“What?” I can tell he’s taken aback by the question…or by my sexy ambition.

Hehe, sexy…such a funny word.

“You know, if I ever need tips from…you…can I have it?” I smile wider, trying to make it less awkward, but I’ve never been told I have a good smile so…this is more awkward.

“Yah, here,” He takes my iPhone from my hand, and then types his number in, and then hands it back.

I smile and am about to say something back, when there comes a sudden honk. A very loud one and I jump, basically flying into Jonas’s arms. Well, this relationship seems to be heading to first base rather fast, yeah?

“Oy, Kyra, ya ready?” Niall’s Irish accent hits my ears.

Nialler your gonna get it, for scaring me shitless, I’m warning you.

I untangle myself from Jonas’s arms, and lean away, my face flushed scarlet red. I mutter my apologies and focus my attention on the boys, as they walk out of their tour bus. Huh, I wonder where their fans are.

I thought Directioners were on top of the boys…sometimes literally…but with clothes on…you know when they’re mauling them…yeah.

“Dammit Nialler, you scared me!” I jokingly snap at him, tensing up, as arms suddenly wrap around my waist.

Oh god, Jonas’s arms were around my waist. Why?

“Haha, sorry K,” Niall giggles. “But Paul here will gladly take your luggage into our tour bus for you.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Wait, I’ll be in the same tour bus, as you five?”

The five lads nod their heads vigorously, smiling. Well, most of them. One of the members was eyeing Jonas, warily, and his arms wrapped around my waist. I detangle myself instantly, feeling self-conscious, but I give Jonas a smile and he smiles back at me.

“Well, bye, Jonas. It was-” I’m cut off as lips crash onto mine.

“For now, Kyra,” Jonas says breathless, as he detaches from me, walking into the building.

The boys are all smirking, watching me closely, and waiting for some reaction. I just shake my head, smoothing myself out, and then walk past them and onto their tour bus. They follow closely behind.


Once were in and moving, I ask them where I’m supposed to sleep.

“You’ll be taking my bunk, its right above Liam’s,” Zayn responds, showing me to where it is.

Liam is already in his bunk, the small curtain closed, and a quiet snore could be heard from inside.

“Thanks,” I whisper to Zayn. “I think I’m going to crash but just warn Louis, that if he touches any of my stuff, he will wish he hadn’t. I’m very good at exacting my revenge.”

Zayn gives me a concerned look but nods and walks out of the small hallway, and into the small play area, where the others are.

I crawl into my bunk, or rather Zayn’s even though he is sleeping out in the play area, but try to make sure I don’t wake Liam. Once I’m in, I pull the blanket loosely around me, exhaustion already taking over me.

But lists of things run through my mind, quickly before I black out.

Paul’s a nice guy. I wonder if the Directioners are really vicious. Am I getting paid? Will I survive this job? I’m surprised that M&M were cool with my job decision. Oh God, I’m so exhausted. Night all, night brain…night…boys.


Liam’s cute.

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