Catch My Breath *Liam Payne Love*

Kyra Moore has always loved fashion.
Though, at first she never got it to be her dream job, that changed one day.
She went to an interview and she got the job.
But her first client, she just thought it would have never been them.
Can she handle the pressure or will she buckle and lose everything?


23. Heartbroken

*Liam's P.O.V*

I step into the tour bus, shaking my head side-to-side, trying to dispel the water that desperately clung to my short hair. I take off my soaked jacket, placing it onto the coat-rack very slowly. Once done, I start to take a step towards the gaming area on the tour bus, where the other lads are but I pause and look out of one of the tour bus windows.

It's dreary and raining, but that's typical London weather for you. Usually, that's all it would like to me but not today.

Today it looks like London is crying, like she is heartbroken. Just like I had been and how I felt when Danielle had suddenly broken up with me.

No, I had never hated or blamed her, and I never will. But, I will always wonder what I did wrong. What I could've done right? What I could've done to have kept her in my arms? 

"Li?" A tired voice calls out to me. 

My heart it always does whenever I hear someone use the nickname Danielle always called me. I tear my eyes away from "crying London" and look down at the tour bus doors.

My heart skips a beat, as for a second my eyes choose to see Kyra's lovely face.

"Yes, Brenda?" I ask, emptily.

She gestures towards the doors, "Open them, maybe?"

I reach for the tour bus doors, opening them. "Of course," I hear myself say to her involuntarily. 

But once inside, Brenda moves hastily to the gaming room in the tours bus, leaving me alone with my thoughts once more.

My thoughts, now, switch to the one and only Kyra Moore.

Why had she run away, after announcing her true feelings to me and the whole world? If she hadn't even wanted to talk about it...why had she said yes to the question? Why had she left me in the dark for a whole month? She had thirty days to tell me. But instead, she lied and pretended to be my friend, and I had totally fallen for it.

Yes, I know I kind of put her in the situation, but there were key reasons to why I just wanted to be friends with her. First off, it had been only, well, fourish months since the break-up with Danielle. Secondly, it was too soon for me to have feelings for another girl....I just wasn't that kind of guy.

But I guess, Kyra had been viewing it differently, and now I just realized I had never bothered to ask her how she felt.

And now she's gone.

But why had she left me?

Why had she left me all alone?

[Sorry for late updating...I kept typing this chapter but everytime I did, either my computer got turned off because of my father [long story] or I was writing it on my iPod and it never saved itself... SORRY, but I will do my best to do better -A xo]

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