Back in Time

When Katy is in her room, cleaning, she comes across a forgotten CD, Up All Night by One Direction. No one knew what happened to them and all of their music was confiscated. The Ministry made sure of that. One Direction was famous 3 years ago, and Katy was 17 then. She was 20 now, and she had to go back in time to find One Direction before the Ministry did.


10. Unlost

I sat there, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain against the roof and windows of the car, when I heard something bump the window.

I looked through the foggy glass to see Louis, smiling like an idiot and dripping rain. I rolled the window down, despite all of the rain.

"Hi, Katy!" he smiled.

"Hi, Louis! Do you know the way back?" I said, smiling.



"Okay, well, I sort of got lost, but I'm sure we'll get back soon! Just, not with all of this rain."

I rolled my eyes. "For the love of Pete, Joe, and Hank, Louis! We can't just sit in a bloody car for the next hour! We need to get back, now! My parents are probably worried sick!"

He shrugged. "Sorry, love. We have to wait. Unless you want to get lost again..."

"Fine! I'll just sit here. Go back to your car. We'll wait."

~Half hour later!~

"The rain isn't even nearly over! It seems it's gotten worse!" Louis said, slouching. He had gotten lonely, so he was sitting in my car. "Maybe I can call Harry!" he reached into his pocket and called Harry.

"Yes. We're stuck in... Albany. COME SAVE US!"

He hung up and looked at me. "Harry says that Niall says that Liam's coming to get us."

"Thank goodness. He does know the way, right?"

"Yes. It isn't my fault! I just lost the road as I was graciously coming to save you. Keep in mind, I could have left you stranded out in this random town." he crossed his arms, but I knew he was joking.

"Smart move, Louis. You decide to get yourself stranded in a random town also."

He swept his hands up in defeat. "Okay, you win this time! But you're lucky I came to keep you company."

"Yes, and now all you do is complain."

He glared at me. "I'm not the one complaining..."

I gave him a small push and looked back out at the passing cars and pouring rain. "I'm bored..." I complained. Okay, so I was complaining.

As I stared at the rain, I saw a face appear in the window. I jumped back.

"Liam! Thank goodness! Show us the way home!" I said, opening the window just a crack, not wanting to get wet.

"Okay, follow me!" he ran to his car.

Louis ran back to his own car and we followed Liam back to the hotel.

When we got off the elevator, I grabbed Andy's leash, and we ran to the hotel room.

"Thanks for saving me, guys."

Liam and Louis shrugged.

"Hi, Katy!" Harry screamed from the couch. "Whoa, check this out!"

I ran to the living room where Harry was watching the news.

President Conners furious with Harry Styles and Katy Clear. "I'm furious. This Katy girl never had permission to come into our interview!" he says. What will happen to these teenagers?

"Oh no!" I plopped down next to Harry. "Now I'm going to get banned off this face of the Earth.

"Well, we'll get banned with you. Listen, Katy, we're your friends now, okay? You saved us, now it's our turn to save you." Harry said, smiling.

"...yeah I know. That would be great!" "But, if they break up, it will-" I heard the other four boys of One Direction whispering.

"Guys, what are you talking about?"

"You and Harry dating." Niall said proudly.

"What? Guys, that can't happen. There's too much going on anyways." I said.

Louis punched Niall's arm. "What's the point of whispering, mate, if you're just going to tell them anyway?"

"There's not that much going on..." Harry muttered. I stared at him.

"What?!" this was getting confusing. Did me?

I didn't think so. He probably just thought he did, because I saved him from the President of the stupid Ministry.

"Um, well..." Harry glanced at Niall.

"I'M HUNGRY!" Niall screamed, and Harry looked relieved. I rolled my eyes. Boys are so stupid sometimes. They make everything seem obvious.

"Go make me a sandwich." Niall said to me, trying to act all gangster.

"No. Make it yourself." I said, refusing to play along.

"Ugh. Fine." he went into the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a sandwich in his hands and a proud smile on his face.

"You know, I want a sandwich too." Liam said, going into the kitchen.


If Liam was yelling, then it was bad, so we all followed Niall into the kitchen, giggling our faces off. As soon as we stepped into the kitchen, our jaws dropped.

"Niall, you ruined the freaking kitchen!" I said, walking around. There was mustard everywhere, and ketchup where the mustard wasn't.

"Well, it made it fun to make a sandwich..."

"But you got toppings all over!"

"Clean this up. NOW!" Liam said, gesturing to the whole kitchen.

"I'm going to call for a maid!" Niall said, running to the phone on the wall.

We all went back and sat down.

"Hey guys, I've got something to tell you." Harry said, breaking the silence.

We all looked at him.

"Well, my family's been at war long with the President's family, and we're probably all going to get killed for this. Just so you know."

"WHAT?!" we all screamed.

"It's not my fault! It's my great-great-great-great-great-"

"Shut up!" I screamed. "We get it!"

"Okay, so the point is, we've been kind of fighting with his family, over what I have no idea. But he kind of wants to either kill me, or get rid of me, because if I'm famous apparently I can expose his family. So, yeah..."

"Thank you, Harry. You're now going to get us killed." Louis said, smiling.

"It's not my fault, I said!" Harry burst. "Leave me alone!" he ran off down the hallway to the left of the couch.

"Nice one, Tomlinson." I said, giggling.

"He'll get better. He's just a little SCAREDY CAT!" Louis replied, screaming the last part so Harry could hear.

"Shut up, Louis!"

I looked at the time on the t.v. "Guys, it's late. Let's get to bed. Can I stay here?" I asked, gesturing to the couch I was sitting on.

"Sure. But you don't have to take the couch." Liam shrugged.

"That's alright. Thanks. I'll just go grab my stuff."

"Well, shouldn't you check into the hotel?" Liam stood up.

"Nah. I'm rebel like that, you know?" I giggled, opening the door and running out to my car.

I grabbed my bag and ran out of the rain back into the warm, light hotel.

I hummed along to the elevator, not thinking much about what I was humming, until I heard, "That's what makes you beautiful!" and I laughed to myself.

The elevator dinged, so I hopped off and walked back into the boys' room, which was really dark. I saw a figure moving by the couch, so I flipped a few switches to turn the lights on.

"Oh, sorry. Just helping with the blankets and stuff. Night." Harry walked back down the hallway.

"Wait!" I said, running up to him.

"Yes?" he asked, turning around.

"Do you seriously like me?"

"Um...yeah..." he mumbled.

"Oh, okay. Night then!" I giggled, running back to the sofa, plopping down and grabbing my phone from my pocket.

I played Angry Birds (oh evil hogs, you so funny!) for a few minutes, and fell asleep with my phone on my face.





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