Back in Time

When Katy is in her room, cleaning, she comes across a forgotten CD, Up All Night by One Direction. No one knew what happened to them and all of their music was confiscated. The Ministry made sure of that. One Direction was famous 3 years ago, and Katy was 17 then. She was 20 now, and she had to go back in time to find One Direction before the Ministry did.


3. Pack up and leave

I threw in a ton of shirts and pants even though I might only be gone for a few days. "Andy! We're leaving!" I screamed. He trotted into the living room. "Bye Mom." I opened the door and started toward my car. I heard the door open behind me. "You didn't say goodbye to your father!" my dad came outside wearing an apron. He must have been making dinner. "Dad?" I must have been dreaming. Oh, yeah. When I was 18 my dad got in a car accident and was stuck in the hospital. I hadn't seen him since. The world was so confusing. "Oh, yeah, bye Dad." I gave him a hug and left. I arrived at the airport at 6:00. "One ticket to Missouri, please." I paid for the ticket and sat on a bench until the plane came. My stomach growled. The plane was coming at 7:30, so I had enough time to eat something before I left. I found a hamburger place, so I grabbed a burger and sat back down on the bench. I heard screams from girls. One Direction screams. I saw the guys from One Direction push through the crowd. Bodyguards blocked the girls from attacking the guys. They sat on a bench near the one I was sitting on. I pulled a book from my bag and held Andy tight on his leash. Luckily, this airport was the kind that allowed animals, so my dog could come along. Andy strained to get a look at the screaming girls. "Andy, knock it off!" I said as he pulled on the leash. He was getting anxious. I tried to grab him, but I only caught his collar, which slipped off. "Andy!" he ran off to the boys of One Direction. "Oh no." I muttered, running over to my dog. "Hello love. Is this your lovely dog?" one of them asked. He was in stripes and red pants, like he was trying to pull off the 'sexy sailor' style. "Yes, can I please have him back?" I asked, trying not to sound too bratty. Andy looked up at me innocently. The guy pushed him over to me. "Thanks." I said, walking away. I heard them muttering behind me. "She's not normal." "I know, she acts like she doesn't know who we are!" I shook my head. If only they know what may happen to them if I can't help them out.

I got on the plane and sat Andy down beside me. The boys of One Direction were placed in front and behind me.


~~~~Sorry for all of the short chapters, I've been busy lately! I'll try to give you longer chapters very soon. xx~~~~ -Hailey

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