Back in Time

When Katy is in her room, cleaning, she comes across a forgotten CD, Up All Night by One Direction. No one knew what happened to them and all of their music was confiscated. The Ministry made sure of that. One Direction was famous 3 years ago, and Katy was 17 then. She was 20 now, and she had to go back in time to find One Direction before the Ministry did.


5. Neighbors

"Okay, here's the key. You're in room 302 on the 7th floor." the woman at the desk handed me a ring with two keys attached to it- a key and a spare.

The boys went into an elevator on the end, so I hopped in the one next to them, so I didn't look like a stalker. I pressed the button that said '7' and listened to the elevator music, which just so happened to be One Direction singing "What Makes You Beautiful." I smiled and listened to it. It was one of my favorites. I heard a 'ding' and the doors of the elevator opened. I stepped outside and pulled Andy along with me. Every place I went to allowed dogs, how did I get so lucky?

"Hi, Katy!" as I was walking to my room I realized the boys of One Direction were staying in the rooms next to where I was staying.

"Hi, didn't expect to see you guys here!" I replied, halfheartedly.

"I thought you were going to see a friend?" Harry questioned. Darn, caught in the act.

"Um, I have to stay here. She lives a few hours away from here." Harry nodded. "Well, see you around." he unlocked the door to his place and went inside. The boys followed him inside. They must have been having some top secret One Direction perfection meeting or something.

I went into my room and put my pillow on the bed. Andy trotted into the room and squatted. He prepared to pounce, and jumped on the bed. I didn't mind, I was on my own, again. I sat down next to him. "Hey buddy, like the place? Don't get used to it, we're leaving after I save One Direction." He looked up at me with his soft brown eyes. I ran my hand along his head. As if he could understand me. I heard a noise from outside. I got up and went to the door in the living room that led outside into the hallway.

I opened the door. Liam was standing there.

"Hello love, sorry to disturb you, but did I hear you say something about 'saving One Direction?'" I bit my lip, what was I supposed to say? 'Oh, yeah, I'm from the future and I have to save you guys from puking. Don't eat the hotel shrimp! You'll get banned from the continent, for sure.'

"Oh, no. I said...bathing in perfection." I knew he wouldn't buy it, so I shut the door in his face. I heard laughing outside and Liam telling them about my perfection bath.

I went back into my room and looked for Andy. "Andy, where are you? Andy, come!" I didn't hear a thing. Where did he go?

I opened the bathroom door, no Andy. I went into the other bathroom, no Andy. I went into the kitchen, aha! "Andy, out of the bags!" he had his nose stuffed in a bag full of food, trying to get his mouth on them. He hopped down at the sound of my voice. "Here, I'll go get you some dog food. And I'll stick a cheeseball in the top, you've been very good while we've been traveling."

I went to get a bowl for the dog food. I pulled the food from the bag and poured some in the bowl. "Here, buddy." he gave me a death glare. "Oh yes, cheeseball, sir?" I pulled a cheeseball from the bag and plopped it on the heap of dog food. He gave me a satisfied look and ate his food proudly. He's such a human-like dog.

After I fed Andy I sat down on the couch with my phone. I looked at Twitter. 4 retweets, so-and-so wants to follow me, bla bla bla. Andy poked his head through the doorway and jumped onto the couch. I ran my hand along his back using the other to hold my phone and navigate through Twitter and Instagram. After a few minutes, Andy was yawning and I was tired myself. I went to grab something to sleep in and went into the bathroom to change. After I came out I could barely keep my eyes open. I brushed my teeth and jumped into bed. I played Angry Birds for a few minutes and fell asleep with my phone on my chest.

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