Back in Time

When Katy is in her room, cleaning, she comes across a forgotten CD, Up All Night by One Direction. No one knew what happened to them and all of their music was confiscated. The Ministry made sure of that. One Direction was famous 3 years ago, and Katy was 17 then. She was 20 now, and she had to go back in time to find One Direction before the Ministry did.


6. Morning Coffee

~Hey guys, I know I promised a new chapter, so here it is! Thank goodness I didn't get any homework this weekend, so I'm totally free. Anyways, hope you guys all like the story so far. Here it is, my lovely unicorns.~

I woke up the next morning with Andy lying at my feet, passed out and breathing softly. He looked content sleeping, probably having a dream of freely chasing rabbits, so I quietly went into the bathroom to fix my hair.

I looked in the mirror and didn't see myself-I saw some kind of mess. My hair was all tangled in the messy bun I had had it in, and I had forgotten to rinse off my makeup, so it was smeared around my eye. I first grabbed a cloth from my bag that was in the corner and wet it. I rubbed my face until all of the makeup was washed off. I grabbed a haircomb and 'gently' brushed out all of the tangles, pulling so hard I almost cried out. I went back to the bed to see Andy awake and looking around, probably forgetting where he was.

"Andy, dude. We're still at the hotel." I patted his head and went to the door. I opened it for him and he reluctantly got up and went to the kitchen. I followed him inside and got myself a bowl of oatmeal. "Andy, want a cheeseball, buddy?" Why was I always feeding him cheeseballs? I put on on top of the food in his bowl and grabbed my phone from the counter. I checked my Twitter. Of course. 5 people want to follow me. You guessed it, One Direction wanted to follow me on Twitter. Lucky me.

I let them all follow me and went to my room to get dressed. I wore white jeggings and a red tank top, throwing a denim vest over it. I grabbed a pair of red Toms and went back outside. I put my shoes on and went outside to go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee.

I hopped in the car and waited for a moment. There was another car pulling out behind me, so I followed them out of the parking lot and drove to Dunkin Donuts.

I ordered a coffee and a boston creme donut, and sat down at a small table. I took a sip of my coffee and played Angry Birds on my phone since I was bored. When I finished eating I went back home. I walked into the lobby to see my dog running around like a lunatic. He glanced toward the door and froze. "Andy, are you serious?" 

I grabbed his collar and pulled him up the stairs. Lucky for me, he wasn't resisting. He knew he had done something wrong.

"Hello love. Having trouble with your dog?" I heard Harry say as I unlocked the door to my room. "Yes, I am. He got out and was running around the lobby." I went back into my room. "Well, the boys and I are driving to the President's house today, so goodbye." He held out his hand. I shook his hand, though I knew, that I wasn't going to stay here. I had to follow them.

~Hey guys, sorry for the short chapter. I'm still deciding what I want to happen next. And, when I do finish this, should I make a sequel? And I would like to thank you all for the comments, they are making me super happy! Later unicorns!~

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