Back in Time

When Katy is in her room, cleaning, she comes across a forgotten CD, Up All Night by One Direction. No one knew what happened to them and all of their music was confiscated. The Ministry made sure of that. One Direction was famous 3 years ago, and Katy was 17 then. She was 20 now, and she had to go back in time to find One Direction before the Ministry did.


1. Cleaning

I was in my new room, cleaning up the dust and flies. I snatched a box from the corner and ripped it open. There was a pile of scrap paper and a ton of other crap that came from the junk drawer in my room in my parents' house. I had just moved out and was glad I was finally independent. I pulled out a CD. U A l Ni ht by O e D recti n. I picked the dust off the cover. Up All Night by One Direction. Oh no. That CD was illegal to have in our house. I threw it back into the box. "Oh my gosh. Mom is going to kill me." I grabbed a piece of paper from the box. It was a drawing of Zayn Malik from a few years ago. "Crap! Not again!" it followed the CD back into the box. I had a few other pieces of crumbled up drawings of One Direction. If anyone found out and reported me to the Ministry, I was dead meat. Luckily, I had the perfect spot to keep the CD and drawings.

I opened the pantry and threw the CD and paper in. I then piled a ton of boxes of food in front of it. Even if I threw out the music and drawings, the trashmen would see it, tell the Ministry, who'd search for fingerprints, and I'd be in jail.

I know, it's stupid that One Direction was completely banned from the world, but it's 2015, get a taste of real life. The Ministry hates One Direction, the reason being is because Harry Styles threw up on the president of the Ministry a few years ago. Now the five guys are lost somewhere in the world, and Japan and Hawaii have collided. Yeah, it did happen too soon. It all happened too soon. Anyway, the Ministry hates nonsense, and their revenge for the puking on the president was simple-they got rid of One Direction and everything to do with them.

But then again, why would they ban someone from the continent for puking?

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