Butterfly (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Brooklyn was abandond. She feels lost after her "brother" left for x-factor. Once Louis finds her again, she finds her self opening up and falling inlove with one of his best friends. (just read it ya mofo) <33


4. OH NO (Read this before chapter 1)

lol i'm fucking hilarious. cause i'm so smart, i forgot to put this in the first chapter. so cha.


“Honey, you’re going to go live with some nice people now. Just for a bit. Okay?”

“Why can’t you come with me, Mommy!?”

“We’ve gone through this baby, I have work to do and you can’t come with me so you’re staying with some nice people.”

Then people put her in a car, while a woman Johanna Tomlinson held me back from crying and running after the car that held my mother in it.

My mother was a drug addict. When I was nine she had “work to do” which meant she was in rehab for drug abuse. And when she went to rehab, I moved in with my dead father's wife and kids.. I don’t even know if my mom still alive or not to this day.

My half brother, Louis and I became extremely close. He became my best friend, my only real friend I ever made in Doncaster. My brother. He was so protective of me. Louis was the reason I started to heal from my past. He made it better.

“Kick some ass Louis!” I laugh and get engulfed in a huge hug.

“You’re going to watch the show right?” He asks smiling at me.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it. “You’re going to win the X-Factor and I’ll be waiting for your calls and skypes and everything.” I laugh. Hiding the fact that I want him to win only for his sake. But I don’t want him to because he’d leave me.

“I promise, that I’ll call you everyday! I love you.”

That was a lie. He called once. When he got put into a group. I knew and everyone knew that he wouldn’t be back for a bit. I couldn’t stand for it. Being in Doncaster reminded me of him. Old wounds came back along with new ones of betrayal. So I am in a new foster home. I’m two hours away from Doncaster now.

I was fifteen when Louis left. He never tried to find me either. I never heard from him. I’ll see him in interviews and cry. Listen and sing along to each song of his bands and cry. Everything he ever said to me was a complete lie. Now I’m seventeen and waiting to get away from this abusive foster father and son and live somewhere far away again once I turn eighteen.

I just know that I’ll never forgive Louis. I can’t after he left me broken.

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