Butterfly (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Brooklyn was abandond. She feels lost after her "brother" left for x-factor. Once Louis finds her again, she finds her self opening up and falling inlove with one of his best friends. (just read it ya mofo) <33


3. Chapter 3- The Others and Their Hope

SO. I have no idea what else to write! haha well at the moment. You're lucky i love writing! I have no system of when i'll update but I'll try to do A LOT! thanks everyone! <3 :D


“Thanks again, Niall.” I stop as we’re about to go back onto the tour bus. It’s around eight pm. “You took my mind off everything somehow.”

“You needed it, I’ll be here for you.” He tells me and leads me up the few stairs into the bus. We walk in and everyone stares at us. “Hi boys.” He waves.

“Where’d you guys go?” Louis asks standing up from the couch.

“Starbucks and the park.” Niall says and walks over to where some food is stashed.

“Hey babe! Liking America?” Louis asks me. I shrug and stand in the front of the bus still, rather awkwardly.

“Heelloo!” A curly haired boy waves at me grinning. I wave back at him and he pats the seat on the couch next to him. I hesitantly walk over and sit criss cross.

Getting away with Niall was like getting away from my problems for a couple hours. Now I’m back with Louis and remember how life was terrible before. How much I wish Louis found me before my school found him. I’m sure I’m bursting the boys bubbles by being here with them.

“That’s Harry, Liam, Zayn and I guess you know Niall...” Louis says pointing at each boy.

“Can I go to bed?” I ask silently.

“I’ll show you which bunk you are.” Harry says getting up and we walk behind the curtain. “Okay so this is yours,” He says and pats a bed on the very top on the right. “This is mine, right underneath yours. So I can kick your bed at night and annoy you!” He jokes, “Niall is under me, Louis is right here” Across from mine. “Liams then Zayns lastly.” He says. “Bathrooms back there and we keep food everywhere cause Niall stashes it wherever he pleases... Tada!” Harry finishes with jazz hands.

“Thanks Harry.” I say and smile slightly at him.

“Yeh, well good night I guess.”

“Night.” Once he walks out I get up on my bed and see an iPhone on my bed with a note saying it’s from Louis. I turn it on and see that the front screen wallpaper is a picture of me and Louis before the X-Factor. Bring on the tears. I look around in my phone and see that the only contacts they put in themselves. Hazza, Liam :D, Dj Malik, Nialler, LouBear, TemPaul Run.

Oh. Interesting. I turn my phone off after putting in numbers from friends back in England. Then go to sleep with feeling the bus driving.

Louis P.O.V.

“So what happened?” Harry asks sitting on the couch once he comes out from the bunk area.

“Oh um, nothing really. We went to Starbucks and to a park.” Niall says shoving chips in his face.

“Was she this quiet too?” Liam asks.

“Well at first but then we just started playing Truth or Truth and she’s a great girl. She’s just shy at first I guess lads.”

“She’s always been like that. You know, shy at first. She’s just mad at me.”

“I don’t think she’s mad at you, mate. Otherwise she’d be throwing fits.” Zayn says.

“Yeh, she just seems upset or disappointed or something.” Liam agrees.

“I don’t know how to prove to her that I did try.”

“You didn’t just try Louis!” I say dropping a chip straight out of my hand. “You did the weirdest things looking for Brooklyn.”

“Yeah, like who dials random phone numbers looking for someone?” Harry asks.

“I thought maybe I would remember it eventually!” Louis defends.

“We’ll just have to let her be until.” Zayn suggests.

“We can’t prove to her.” Liam agrees.

“I guess so...” Louis sighs looking down.

“Are you kidding me! That girl obviously doesn’t deserve just to suffer not knowing the truth!” I say standing up and go into the rooms. I see Brooklyn’s asleep. I sigh in relief. Grab the video recorder and my computer hoping for luck.

Louis’ P.O.V.

“I FOUND IT!” Brooklyn jumps at Niall shouting from the other side of the room. She stands up and walks into the bunk rooms.

Niall’s been on his computer for two straight days, he literally spends every free moment on that thing. And he’s slept for about four hours.

“Found what?” Zayn asks walking over to him.

“Louis,” Niall squirms his way around Zayn, over to me and sits on Harry. He wiggles his butt obnoxiously until Harry complains and slides away from me and lets Niall sit between us. “Look, I found it!”

“Found what?” Zayn sighs and sits on the arm on the couch next to me looking at Niall’s screen. Liam joins beside Harry.

“Proof!” He explains and presses the spacebar. Playing some video. The five of us have our own recorder to video for fun when we’re bored. None of the fans have watched it though.

“HEELLOOO!” Harry shouts holding the flip cam to himself. “Zayn here, is going to pour water on little Niall’s sleeping body.”

The view goes towards Zayn who is holding water in a container. He’s grinning.

“How upset will he be?” Liam asks as the camera turns towards him.

“Who knows.” Harry says chuckling. “Okay go.”

Liam and Zayn walk out of the bunk rooms of the tour bus and into the lounge area. They gather around Niall just before Zayn pours water on Niall who wakes up immediately.

“Bitches!” Niall says sleepily and chases Liam and Zayn around the bus. You can hear Harry laughing from behind the camera as the three of them end up tackling each other on the floor.

“What do you think of this Louis?” Harry says and moves the camera towards Louis.

“I think you all should keep it down! I’m busy dammit!” He shouts not looking up. Harry points the camera towards the floor, thinking he stopped it half way though his sentence.

“Don’t take it out on him, Louis.” You hear Liam say.

“I’m sorry lads, I’m just stressed.”

“It’s almost been two years, Louis.” Zayn says.

“Want me to give up?” Louis says. “I’m never going to stop trying to find Brooklyn boys!”


The next clip starts but Niall pauses it. We stay silent for a few moments.

“This is it.” Louis says.

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