Butterfly (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Brooklyn was abandond. She feels lost after her "brother" left for x-factor. Once Louis finds her again, she finds her self opening up and falling inlove with one of his best friends. (just read it ya mofo) <33


2. Chapter 2- The Blonde Boy



Everyone is just laying around not daring to get behind the curtains where Brooklyn is. So I take my sandwich and walk back there ignoring Louis. I look around for her and see her in a little ball on Zayns bunk.

“Brooklyn?” I say softly and sit down by her feet.

She lifts her head up and sits up removing the hair out of her face. And she stares in my eyes.

“We have the same eyes.” I smile and she nods.

“I’m sorry.” She says.

“Woah, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” I say and her face makes a look. “You’re expression right now looks like a mixture of crying and fear all smooshed on your one beautiful face and it doesn’t suit you one bit.” I say before I can stop myself. She looks away but I swear I saw that girl blush.

“I want you to tell me the truth.” I nod. “Did he stop looking for me?”

“No, he lost hope.” I whisper tucking hair behind her ear so I can see her face. “Stop with the sad eyes. I’m taking you somewhere. Let’s go. Grab your sweatshirt, it’s windy.” I say smiling and starting to stand up. I spin around and grab her hands pulling her up.

“They’re all in my suitcase.” She says. Without thinking I grab my jack wills sweatshirt and hand it to her.

“Oh, thanks.... Leprechaun?” I laugh because she doesn’t know my name.

“Yup. Leprechaun at your service.” I say holding out my hand but when she takes it I engulf her in a big bear hug. When we pull out she is actually smiling. “You smiled!” I say and pinch her cheek then take her hand as she’s still smiling and we walk out to where the boys are. “EVERYONE! I MADE BROOKLYN SMILE! I’m taking Brooklyn around for fun. And before you have a heart attack Louis-” I say pointing with my finger at him. And then I make a run for it. We run hand in hand until we get across the road from the bus.

We walk around the town for a little while, with a nice silence. Surprisingly there is no sight of fans. I have no idea where we are.

“Wanna get some starbucks?” I ask her stopping in front of a small coffee shop.

“I have no money.” She says letting go of my hand and starts walking again. But I grab it and pull her towards the door.

“That’s not a problem. It’s on me.” She sighs and nods as we walk in. We order and stand of the the side waiting.

“I know nothing about you.” She says surprising herself.

“Well, twenty questions?” I ask winking grabbing our drinks and handing her hers.

“No, I hate that game I run out of questions before twenty.” She shakes her head making her way to the very back and sitting in a booth. I sit across from her. “Truth or Truth?” She asks

“Truth.” I say grinning and sip my tea.

“What’s your name?” She asks opening the lid to her hot chocolate.

“Niall.” I say as she stops stirring her drink and looks at me. “Niall James Horan.” She nods her head and takes a sip. “My turn?” I ask. Brooklyn nods her head again. I think for a moment. “What will it take to make you smile again?” She stops.

“I don’t know.” She says. “Are the boys nice?”

“They’re like brothers and you’ll love them. What’s your favorite color?”

“Purple. Is that your natural hair color?”

“Nope. It’s brown. Do you want to go home?”

“I don’t have a home anymore.” She says quietly. “But if you’re referring to where I was before Louis found me, then no. It was scary.” She says barely loud enough.

“Wait why was it scary?” I ask furrowing my eyebrows together.

“It isn’t your turn yet!” I laugh and wait. “Mmm.... None of you will... take advantage of me will you?”

Wasn’t expecting that...

“NO! No, no, no. I promise you we won’t!” She sighs and relaxes in her seat. “What are some things on your bucket list?” I ask curious. She pauses and looks up at me again... smiling this time. Point for Nialler.

“I crossed one out, find Louis again.”


“Yep. It was on there.” She says eyes locked with mine. “So is many other things.”

“Like what?” I ask again. She seems like she wants someone to know cause they just flow out of her mouth like she’s rehearsed it.

“I want to have a kitten. I want to change someones life, for the better. I want to find love. I want to see a waterfall. Go to the beach for vacation-”

“There’s a lot of things you haven’t done.” I say smiling at Brooklyn.

She sighs. “I know.”

“What’s number one?” She just shakes her head. “Number two?” I try

“No! Number two is so silly.” She protests.

“I like silly! Come on, tell little Nialler!” She looks down at her drink.

“Don’t laugh. But it’s to dance in the rain. I’ve never had someone to dance with, and I love the rain.”

“I’ll remember that.” I say smiling at her. “And I don’t find that silly at all.”

“You cheater. That was like five questions!” She says shaking her head at me. I shrug. “What’s number one on yours?”

I smile, “Honestly it’s to kiss in the rain. I’m not a cheesy homo, I promise you that.” She smiles for the third time.

“I think it’s sweet, Niall.” She says saying my name for the first time.


She’s a great girl. My type of person.

Brook grabs my wrist and studies my watch. “Holy crap we’ve been here for two hours.” She gasps.

“My god!” I laugh and she hurriedly sips her drink.

“Ew! It got cold...” I laugh again.

“Well that’s what happens when you let it sit on out for two hours, love!” She pouts and I tap her nose. “What did I tell you about that face?”


“No, you’re beautiful when you smile.” I slip out and mentally slap myself.

“It’s pouring outside.” she says staring past me. “We’ll have to walk-”

“Or we could do something else!” I say an idea popping in my head. Grinning I grab our drinks and throw them in the trash and take her hand and run outside.

“Nialler! What are you doing?” She asks and I can just hear the smile in her voice.

“Crossing something off your bucket list.” I say stopping abruptly once we reach a huge water fountain right in the middle of a park. We’re both entirely soaked now. I walk towards her and take her flip flops out of her hand and throw them. I then take Brooklyns small hands and place them around my neck. I grab her waist softly and move her closer to me.

“Niall...” She whispers looking away from me. I lift her chin up so she looks in my eyes.

I start humming a song by Ed Sheeran. The first one that comes to my mind. “Kiss Me”.

She blushes as I hum to the song. We sway and I take one of her hands from my neck and lift it high in the air and she spins around and giggles.

Brooklyn just giggled. It was beautiful. I wanted to hear more of it. It was like a drug, even after the first dose. But I just smile at her and dance with her some more before dipping her. I easily hold her there and she smiles holding onto my neck. I pull her up and spin her again still humming and singing slightly to the song. I don’t take my eyes of off hers. And the smile on my face is different. It isn’t the kind when I’m about to burst in laughter, or when I’m pulling a prank on the boys. It’s the kind I always pictured myself making when I found my Princess.

I feel myself leaning in. But I remember how that can’t happen. But she stands on her tippy toes, leans in and kisses my cheek gently with her soft pink lips.

Once the song ends. I’m tempted to start the song over again. It felt right.

I know it may be impossible, but there is something she’s doing to me. Something happening to me. Something I know I won’t be able to stop. But I don’t want to. So I let myself picture for a moment if she was my princess. If I could hold her like this everyday.

I just remember what Liam told me about his relationship, “You know it could be real when the first feeling you get is butterflies. Not a boner.” Even though I laughed when he told me that, I mean it is funny, but it’s true.

And the first feeling I have around Brooks, is baby butterflies warning me that this could be my Princess someday.

Brooklyn hugs me. “You’re a good one, Niall. Don’t make me regret trusting you as my friend.”

“You won’t Brooks, I promise you.”

“But right now, there’s only one problem.” We didn’t kiss. I think to myself.

“And what’s that?”

“I haven’t had food in a whole two hours.” She winks.

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