Butterfly (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Brooklyn was abandond. She feels lost after her "brother" left for x-factor. Once Louis finds her again, she finds her self opening up and falling inlove with one of his best friends. (just read it ya mofo) <33


1. Chapter 1- Pilot

Wooh. Hi. I'm a kangarooooo. no joke. if you are reading this, chapter 2 is freaking fluffy.


“It wasn’t me!” I yell at Mr. Carney my principal. He was blaming me for stealing test answers.

“So they magically ended up in your locker with money?” He says calmly like he knows the world.

“Yup.” I say popping the ‘p’.


“Look I know that there is no way I’m going to convince you I didn’t freaking do it. I didn’t. So can we just skip to the chase and tell me how much I’ll be getting in trouble?” I ask running my hands through my wavy dirty blonde hair.

“A week off of school. We just are waiting for you to be picked up to be brought home now.”

I scoff, my foster family left me for the past two weeks on vacation. I have no one to hold responsibility for me. He knows that they are away. That means only one more option. “Are you gonna make me wait here until you quit trying to get a hold of my mom, or you gonna let me go?”

The principal looked like he was in pain. “I’ve already talked to your brother.”


“Louis.” Even though I didn’t want to, I felt myself tensing up all over. I hadn’t even heard his name from someone in two years. No one knew that I was related to him. What right did this idiot had to contact him?

“Oh yeah?”

He nodded. “I explained our current situation. I also told him that your mother and foster family has been either unavailable or unable to assist us in your discipline, and that was my reason for calling him.”

He watched me for a few seconds, trying to gauge my reaction. I was doing everything I could not to react, but I was breathing hard, almost like I had been running.

“Your brother was very concerned when I talked to him yesterday. He’ll be here in two hours to talk. You can wait in the detention room until then.”

“Concerned my ass!” I storm out of his office and go into the detention room. How the hell did he get the impression that he was concerned. And how did he even contact him?

“Brooklyn, your brother and I have talked. You are leaving this school. Today was your last day, you will stay with him from now on instead of your foster family and will be taking online classes until you graduate.” I can’t form words in my mouth so I just nod. I don’t want to be with Louis! I don’t want him anymore! I’ve moved on and he has no right coming in and stealing me away from my friends. He didn’t even bother to find me before.

“Brooklyn?” Mr. Carney snaps me back. “Louis waiting outside for you. Goodbye.” He says as he starts walking away. I stare at the door. Tiny droplets start tapping slowly on the window of the door. And I see a figure standing outside of a car, back facing me. I know it’s Louis. I know it’s been two years. But I just know. I decided that I have to go sooner or later so I open the door and start to walk outside. I pull my hair out of my face as he spins around to me. A huge grin appears on his face and he opens his arms coming towards me.

“Brooklyn!” He laughs.

I slam my palms on his chest. “Get off!”


“Don’t call me that!” I shout at him calling me my nickname.

“What’s the matter?!” He asks staring at me.

“You are. Now drive me back to my house.” I growl and jump in the passenger's seat in the car “Just don’t talk to me!” I slam the door and put in my headphones full blast. I wish I could hug him. But I can’t after what he did to me. So the car ride is silent. I tell him to stay in the car as I go upstairs in my house to pack everything I own. Which isn’t much. Two suitcases of shoes and clothing. And a small bag of things I love. That’s all. I grab my crappy phone and put it in my pocket and start downstairs out the front door but run into my foster brother.

“Brooklyn you’re leaving?” He says angrily as he pushes me up against the door feeling me up.

“Get off James!” I struggle

“I never finished what I wanted before though.” He pouted devilishly referring to the billion times I got away from him trying to have sex with me.

“STOP!” I squirm trying to avoid his gross kisses. But he falls over.

“What the fuck man?” James yells.

“She told you to stop, you leave her the fuck alone!” Louis screams at the top of his lungs and hands me one of my suitcases as he takes the rest quickly and he grabs my hand and pulls me into the car.

After a few quiet minutes I speak up. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I did.” He replies back to me.

“No, I could’ve handled it.”

“Brook! It looked like he was dry raping you!” He says raising his voice.

“Well I still could’ve handled it! I’ve been handling it for TWO years now! But you wouldn’t know that now would you!” I yell tears now streaming down my face.

“Is this why your mad at me?” I stay silent and wipe away my tears. “I lost your phone number. I couldn’t find you. Mom didn’t know where you were!”

“How long did you try? Mmm? Five minutes?”

“Believe me or not I tried a lot harder than you know.” I didn’t respond. I’m debating on whether or not he’s telling the truth. I trusted him with my heart and life.

It’s been pretty hard being mad at Louis. I don’t talk much to him. But he’ll talk to himself, which is pretty hilarious. Louis will make side comments to a random driver and I’ll have to bite my tongue not to laugh hysterically.

“Where are we going?” I ask as I see signs for an airport.



“You’re living with me now, and I live on my tour bus. Which is currently in America!”

“So let me get this straight: You’re on tour in America with your band and I’ll be following you around?”

“Like a puppy.”

“When does the tour end?”

“In June, so two months.” He says looking over at me for a second. I just nod and look out the window, almost at the airport. “Um Brooklyn?”

“Yeah?” I respond looking over at his nervous face.

“There’s a really good chance that when we get there, that there will be girls following us and filming us.” I nod understanding. “We’ll have a security guard meet us there though.”

“Oh okay.” I sigh and put my cheep boots back on getting ready to leave the car. We get out and a man comes over and smiles at us and I return it just to him.

“Hi Louis!” Some girl maybe 15 or 16 says smiling wearing a One Direction shirt. It’s sweet how so many people care about them this much.

“Hey babe!” He responds smiling. There were only ten or so fans which I was surprised about. He took pictures and talked with each briefly and apologized when the security man said we needed to go now.

“They were sweet.” I say quietly to Louis. He takes my hand and I don’t stop him. I miss the feeling of him protecting me. I look at him in the corner of my eye and see him grinning. His fans make him smile more then I would ever need to.

Louis P.O.V.

I just need to prove to her. I tried for so long. I don’t think I ever gave up.

I can’t explain the feeling of relief that my Brooks was finally within reach again. I can protect her again.

When I snaked my hand in hers, she didn’t fling her arm away and scowl. I couldn’t help but just smile in victory. Maybe she can come around, and believe me, s=he always was the most stubborn girl I’ve ever known. When we got on the plane, I watched her most of the time. When we first could see the ocean she started crying. I would’ve never known if I didn’t see tears falling it was so quiet. I know she doesn’t hate me.

“What are you leaving behind?”

“My friends.” She says quietly and wipes her tears away and turns around to face me too.

“I know that’s not why you’re crying.” I say unbuckling my seatbelt and sit right next to her. “Brooks, what are you leaving behind?”

“The worst two years of my life.” I say no more and just tell her to sleep, it’ll be a long ride. I know that she’s upset and disappointed with me. Even though she’s wrong. But she doesn’t hate me. She hated me the first hour. When she said nothing but mean. But now she’s opening up a little more.

She squirms around a little and then puts her head on my shoulder. I remember the song I wrote for her one of the first weeks she lived with me. I sang it to her almost every day.

“Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you’ll be.
Can’t go far but you can always dream.
Wish you may and wish you might
Don’t you worry, hold on tight
I promise you there will come a day,
Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away.
Got your wings now you can fly
Take those dreams and make them all come true,
Butterfly fly away.”

And I look over at her, sleeping but frowning.


Niall’s P.O.V

Louis left to get his half sister, Brooklyn. We all knew about her. Well except fans because we could never find her after Louis left for the X-Factor. I thought she was his girlfriend or something in boot camp, until we got put in a band. That day he found his phone which I heard him whining about. It was in his suitcase... Anyway he called his family and I realized they were related then he told us the story. About her mother and her moving in. And how he treated her. How close they were. They were inseparable. Until his phone got stolen and he lost her number. His mom didn’t know where Brooklyn went. She moved and was never heard again. Until Louis got a call a couple days ago, and got a fight that day. And the next day, today, he’s flying back to America with her. He only missed one concert, the one in Boston.

I think we’re all nervous to meet her. What if she’s some broken girl who won’t let Louis out of her sight? Or she’ll cry every time she thinks of her past. But Louis always said she was strong.

The boys and I were waiting in the tour bus for them to come in. Louis texted us saying they’d be here any minute.

“I’M HOME BOYS!” I hear Louis shout. Everyone runs up and attacks him. I look around for the girl when I see a beautiful girl standing down the little stairs outside of the tour bus. I tap Liam who stops and looks who then taps Zayn, then I hit Harry on the head to shut up and Louis hits his own head and runs down the steps. “Come on babe! They don’t bite, well except Niall when you take his food, but other than that they all-”

Louis stops talking because she walks up the stairs and walks back into the room area where there are beds and shuts the certain. We all stare after her and then look toward Louis. He motions us outside and we follow.

“Why is she hiding from us?” Liam asks.

“Why’d you tell her I bite?”

“Niall be quiet.” Liam hushes me and shakes his head.

“She’s upset with me. She doesn’t realize that I did actually try to find her. I haven’t seen her even smile yet and its almost been a day. That’s not the Brook I know.”

“We can tell her and prove it?” Harry says.

“She’ll probably just think we’re standing up for him since we’re his mates.” Zayn says.

“I don’t know guys, I’ll just have to make it up for her, she won’t believe me, she’s too broken.” Louis says and walks in the bus.

“Lads wait...” I say and they stop “There has to be someway right?”

“Niall, we don’t know! Not even the fans knew about her.” Harry says as him and Zayn walk in the bus.

“Nialler, you want to help but I don’t think there’s anything we can do quite yet. Okay?” Liam says patting my back.

“Yeh. I guess.”

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