You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


1. The Mall...

(Jenna's POV)

Me and my best friend Johanna were going to the town mall I parked my car in the parking lot and got out wearing a peach colored off the shoudler shirt with black skinny jeans and peach toms my long brown wavy hair falling freely Johanna came out of the car wearing her hunter green skinny jeans and white tank top with black combat boots her blond hair up in a pony tail

I grabbed my purse and Iphone and met up with Johanna at the back of my BMW

"I hope none of those girls walk up to you-" She mocked their voices

"Oh my god oh my god Eleanor! I love you!" She said I giggled

"Like who the hell is this Eleanor chick anyways?" She said

"I dont know Jo but I think I might have to say something next time." I said

"Jen you say that but you never do your too nice" She said

"I know I know Its just im not that kind of girl who yells" A guy in his car sped by right infront of us almost hitting us

"Watch where your driving moron!" Johanna yelled flipping the guy off

"I would never do that" I said gesturing to her

"Relax Jen" she said we walked into the mall and we went to a frozen yogourt place we were standing in line when I felt something grab onto my leg

"What the- oh hello" I said seeing a little girl about 4 hugging my leg

"Hi" she said

"Are you lost?" I asked her

"No I am just so excited about meeting you" She said and there it is

A women I am guessing her mother came up and lifted her up and looked at me

"I'm sorry Ms.Calder she just gets excited when it comes to you and Louis" she said I didnt want to explain the thing so I waved her off

"I think nothing of it its alright" I said

"Have a good afternoon" she said leaving

"There it is again with that Eleanor chick" Johanna said as we sat with our frozen yogourts I put a spoon full in my mouth when I noticed the table of 13 year olds about 5 of them staring at me they quickly looked away I shook my head

"What?" Johanna asked turning around and then turned back

"whats with these teenage girls lately?" She asked taking a spoon full I shrugged when camera flash went off I looked up and noticed it was the girls I sighed and took my forzen yogourt and walked over to the table leaving Johanna staring at me I dragged a chair over and sat

"Hello girls" I said their smiles were priceless and their looks towards each other were priceless.

some girl had her IPhone out recording me

"Hi" They all said in course

I smiled and they just stared at me

"So hows Louis?" They asked I held back my look of confusion

"Hes Great" I said putting thumbs up I looked back over at Johanna and gave her the come save me look she came over

"Sorry Girls me and J- Eleanor have to go" she said dragging me away

I waved and as we were walking down the hall I sighed

"Sorry about that" I said

"Your crazy" She said I laughed

"I guess so"











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