You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


17. The Best Hour Of My Life

(Jenna's POV)

Louis walked up to me he leaned in I leaned in to then he ran away I giggled and chased after him he ran down the huge hall way and went into the foyer he ran up the stairs I was lose to him he shrieked I giggled he ran into the up stairs living room we stood on either side of the couch he was trying to desk me out he rolled over the back of the couch and fell over to the ground I couldn't stop laughing Louis slowly get up
"I'm going to get you" he says I stop laughing and run as he runs after me I run down the stairs as fast as I can and skip the last step and run into the kitchen we circle the island but then run up the stairs again I run into Harry's room and we run up and over his bed and I ran back down the stairs again and hid behind the couch the house went absolutely silent until Louis was upside down and in my face
"Boo!" He yells I shriek he laughs
"Lou you little shit!" I say he laughs and kisses the tip of my nose I look at him and think about it for a second and then kiss him like spider-man and Mary-Jane he kisses back after he smiles at me, I get up and sit beside him on the couch I snuggle up to his shoulder and hug his huge bicep
"I've always wanted to kiss like spider-man and Mary-Jane... Thanks for being my first Spider-Man kiss he says I nod
"Your welcome" I say quietly
"Are you falling asleep?" He asks
"No" I lied
"No falling asleep we still have about 18 minutes left" he says getting up
"Come on up" he says he tugs me up by my hands I collide with his chest our faces inches apart he slowly rests his forehead on mine and then our lips slowly connect he put his hands on my waist I put mine around his neck we kiss for about 3 minutes then we un lock our lips gasping for air and smiling
"One more thing I can add to the list of things your better than Eleanor at" he says I giggle
The thought of that day where Eleanor told me she slept with Louis came up in my head
"Louis?" I said
"Since you met me have you slept with Eleanor?" I asked he looked at me
"No, I haven't why?" He says
"Because one day Eleanor saw me in the hall way and told me she might be pregnant with your kid because you had sex without protection" I said
"What night was this?" He asks
"Maybe a few weeks back" I said he looked angry and he turned away from me and he walked over and punched the wall and shook his fist I walked up and looked at his bleeding knuckles I took him to the kitchen I sat on the counter and he stood inbetween my legs as I cleaned off his knuckles
"Why'd you get so angry back there?" I asked
"That time Eleanor wasn't sleeping in my room she said she was going to go bunk with one of the boys" he explained I gasped and covered my mouth
"Her and Liam!" I said
"She must have slept with Liam and was scared she got pregnant with his kid"
"I'm sorry Louis" I said
"She's just a whore" he says as a tear rolls down his cheek
"You still love her don't you?" I asked
"No, I haven't for the longest of times but while I'm trying to Make things work she goes and sleeps with one of my best mates whats with her?" He says I wipe the tear away
"You should break it off with her Louis it will make you so much happier" I said
"Then I'm alone because this love story's clear to me... I dump Eleanor to be with you and prince Harold swoops in on a white horse and sweeps you off your feet and out of my hands" he says I don't know what to say to him I really don't.
"I don't now what to say to you Louis" I said
"Tell me you love me" he says we connect eyes it's true these past few days Louis has been growing on me
"I love you" I said his eyes brighten up and he kisses me once more passionately and I love it he pulls me close to him the kiss was about to deepen when the door came open he pulled his lips off of mine and ran to the other side of the kitchen where he acted like he was getting a drink I grabbed a bowl of peanuts and started to nervously eat those when they walked in a bag of Nando's in each hand that's ten bags of Nando's.
"How are we going to eat all of this?" I ask they all start to laugh at me
"Relax Niall's got it covered" Harry says he smiles at me his cute dimples pop I make eye contact with his beautiful green orbs.....
I'm in trouble.

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