You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


9. Supermarket Escape

(Jenna's POV)
I was going to the Supermarket with Niall and Liam. Liam parked Harry's range rover in the parking lot we walked in there were a couple of teenage girls who took a picture of us poor girls still thought I was El I grabbed a bag of chips with Niall as Liam went to get carrots for Lou and drinks me and Niall were getting chips when we saw a bunch of teenage girls coming in Niall checked his twitter
He read it aloud
"@NiallOfficial , @Real_Liam_Payne and @EleanorJCalder are at the supermarket he's photo proof everyone come down!" He swore under his breath
"Where's Liam?" I asked
"Right here lets get out of here!" He yelled from the end of the hall me and Niall ran with him out the door and into Harry's car I sat in the back seat as Niall sat in the passenger and Liam drove
Fan's cars were speeding behind us Niall was turned towards Liam
"Go faster Liam!" Niall yelled
"I'm going the speed limit!" Liam said
"Screw the speed limit!" Niall yelled putting his foot down ontop of Liam's and speeding up the car I flew back at the sudden speed change I fell to the side
"Niall!" I Groaned
"Niall stop!" Liam yelled I looked ahead and a red light was up ahead Niall kept going
"we will make it!" Niall yelled we raced through the traffic I screamed loudly I put my hands over my ears and squinted my eyes shut
I heard horns and a car must have ticked the back of the car because we swerved to the side and came to a stop I slowly removed my hands from my ears and opened my eyes Niall turned back to me
"Oh my god Jenna are you ok?" He asked
"Yeah yeah I'm fine what about Liam?" I asked
"He's not doing to good can you help me put him back there with you?" He asked the car stopped somewhere off to the side of the road I slowly got out the passenger side and fell to my knees they felt weak Niall picked me up and smiled at me his blue eyes with the hint of green concentrated on dust stains on my black skinny jeans he bent down and wiped it away he kept rubbing at my knees
"Niall I think they're ok" I said giggling he stood up
"Now lets get Liam" he said avoiding my eyes we opened the door Liam groaned
"Here lets lay him in the back and I'll sit up front with you" I said
"Ok" we laid him on the back seats and got in the front Niall started the car and took off we got back to the house Liam was ok he took the stuff in as me and Niall went to the back to check out the damage Niall covered his mouth the light from the back of the car was hanging but a couple wires and around that had a dent bigger than me and Niall's heads together maybe about the size of Lou's bum maybe even bigger
"Harry's going to kill us" I said
"We should hide it" Niall suggested nibbling on his nails nervously
"Hide his car?... Where are we supposed to hide his range rover?" I asked
"Um the bushes out of the country the river..?" Niall said
"Niall!" I said
"He's going to kill me not you Jenna" he said
"Liam was driving" I said
"Yeah but my foot was on the peddle I was..... Co driving"
"True guilty with ossciation" I said
"Your not helping" he said I giggled he grinned we heard the door open
"Hey guys what are you waiting for get in here!" It was Harry's voice he was standing in the porch looking over at us
"Uh we're good out here!" Niall called back
"What's wrong?!" Harry called stepping off the porch
"No no Harry don't come back here!" Niall yelled Harry stopped in his tracks
"Why what's wrong?" He asked
"You'll ruin the surprise me and Jenna have to go back out and get something for the surprise we need to borrow your car" Niall said Harry raced over
"What surprise" he was smiling then he looked at the dent/gaping dent the size of me and Niall's head and Lou's bum his face went blank his jaw looked like it would touch the floor
"What did you do Niall?" Harry yelled
"I didn't do anything" Niall said
"You were driving mp weren't you!" Hard yelled he stepped close getting in Niall's face I stepped inbetween them defending Niall
"Hoold up!" I yelled Harry looked down at me
"Are you guys seriously going to fight over a dent? Me and Niall will go get it fixed right Niall?" I said elbowing Niall lightly
"Ye-yeah we will" Niall said Harry relaxed a bit
"Sorry Nialler I just had a nervous break down there" he said Niall smiled
"No worrys atleast it wasn't your Audi" Niall says
"I would have to kill you" Harry says Niall nods and we pull off leaving Harry walking up to the door.
"That was close thanks for that by the way" Niall says as we drive to the car garage
"No worrys Ni that's what friends are for" I said
"Yeah friends" Niall says I smile at him as we drive towards the car garage
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