You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


16. Recording Studio

(Jenna's POV)

Me and Eleanor and the boys were waiting in the recording studio when a man walks in with a clip board
"Hey Derek" Liam says Derek gives him a nod
"So boys today you will be recording Little things, Rock Me and Over Again" when he said over again I looked over at Louis and he looked at me
"First is little things so Zayn can you step in the booth please?" Derek asks Zayn nods and walks into the room we all sit and talk as Zayn gets recorded then he comes out and sends Liam in to be recorded. Then Louis goes in, he steps out and Harry gets up Louis slaps his butt and yells
"Go team!" We all laugh Louis walks over and sits on my lap Eleanor doesn't look jealous she just laughs
Harry comes out and Niall goes in and then they all go in leaving me and Eleanor alone we talk about how amazing they are at singing. They all don't come out until they are done recording Rock Me then they get a break they drink lots of water and Niall eats he goes to drink the coke Paul got him with the sub and spills the coke all over the front of himself he sighs and takes off his shirt and throws it at Louis who whips it back at him Niall does a pouty face Louis chuckles and then they are called in to record Over Again... The song written for me.... The song LOUIS wrote for me.
After they are done that Louis and the boys come out and they say its time to go home Niall got a sweater from Derek with the recording studio logo on it so he didn't have to wear his sticky shirt when we arrived back at the House Liam suggested we all go to the beach because the day wants even half way over so we all changed into swim suits and packed everything up and drove over to the beach in Harry's range rover... Yes the one Me, Niall and Liam smashed but it's fixed now! Yay..... Anyways we go to the beach Louis sang to me at yes is walking distance but when you got all this beach crap in our hands you don't want to walk.
We set everything up all the boys but Louis and Zayn run to the water I talk to Zayn as I rub sunscreen on Louis' soft back and shoulders
"So do you like the album so far Jenna?" Zayn asks
"Yeah it's amazing" I say
"What's your favorite song from the album?" Zayn asked
"I would have to say Over Again" I said getting Louis shoulder pinching his cheek on the side Zayn couldn't see Louis had his hair styled the same way the day he sung over again to me on the beach.
Zayn laid back
"Wake me up when were leaving" Zayn says
"Ok" I say Louis leans back into my lap and I start massaging his shoulders as he watches the boys I see his eyes travel from boy to boy
"So how are things with Eleanor?" I ask he leans his head back and looks at me he puts his head up again and his hair touching my upper chest area Zayn snores loudly once and Louis snorts and starts to giggle I giggle too because Louis is just so damn cute.
"Then I see you on the street in his arms I get weak my body fails I'm on my knees prayin" Louis sings in his beautiful sweet like chocolate and strawberries voice I look over and all of the boys and Eleanor are splashing and fighting
"Do you know Eleanor has feelings for someone else in the band?" Louis says
"She does who?" I ask he tilts his head back again and looks into my eyes
"If I tell you you promise to keep it a secret?" He says
"I promise" I say
"She likes Liam" he says
"Haha Liam stop!" I heard Eleanor yell
Louis looked up and held his hand out
"See Jenna she doesn't love me she never did." He says
"I'm sure she did" I said trying to make him feel better
Liam had her over his shoulder and she was giggling and everything.
"It's always been Liam... Even when Liam was with Danielle it's just a fucked up love story" he says that's one of the first times I've heard Louis swear and he chooses the F word
"Nice way to drop the F bomb Lou" I say patting him
"Well I never end up happy with a girl she always ends up liking one of the boys in the end like you for example you like Harry.... And Niall" he says
"I should just face it I'm never going to be happy" he says I grab his jaw with my hand and make him look me in the eyes
"Don't say that ever again or I will have to hurt you" I said the corners of his mouth curve up the slightest bit Louis yawns and his mouth opens up wide
"Yeah get it out" I say as he yawns so loud Im surprised Zayn isn't up yet
"Your like a lion" I said he starts to laugh in the middle of his yawn he puts his head down again so the back of his head is against my chest he watches the boys again
"Do you think your going to dump Eleanor?" I asked
"Hun, I've been wanting to do that for a year..." He says
"Your relationship is only 1 year" I said
"Exactly" he says I bite my lower lip.
"Why don't you just break it off?" I ask
"I was trying to make it work something she never did" he said
"Wait Was trying?" I say
"I stopped trying the moment I met you" he says my heart starts to beat really fast
"I can feel your heart beating" he says and chuckles
"Wait when Harry and Niall found me Eleanor had run away from you" I say remembering the day Harry and Louis came into the store I worked at and brought me to Louis.
"What you didn't see was when Eleanor came back she told me she liked Liam and then you came in I know you look exactly like Eleanor but there was something different about you your hair seemed softer and lighter your eyes sparkled your lips pinker everything about you was better than Eleanor. You are like the updated Eleanor... But your nothing like her your kinder and smarter fearless your.... Your not afraid" he says
"So when I saw you and when we found out you were Eleanor's sister there was just something weird you guys might be identical twins but your not identical there's just something completely different" he says
"Do you really mean all of that?" I say
"Yes I do" he says I hug him he grunts when I let him lose
"Wanna know a secret?" He asks
"Sure" I say
"I wrote a total of 5 songs for you on the new album" I choked on air
"Are you ok?" He says
"Yeah *Cough cough* I'm fine 5 songs that's a lot Louis" I say
"Jenna there is 13 songs in the album
"What are they called?" I ask
"She's not afraid which is on the bonus one then there's Last First Kiss, I Would, Over Again and They Don't Know About Us"
I still couldn't believe that Louis Tomlinson wrote 5 songs about me!
"I never knew you wrote songs I always thought it was Niall" I said he looks up at me again
"No me and The boys write songs together all the time Ed writes a little bit too he's friends with Harry so he always gives us songs and stuff" Louis says
"You can just say Co-Write not gave it to you" I said he chuckles and puts his head back up looking at the boys and Eleanor again
"We haven't even touched the water yet lets go" he says getting up and taking my hands helping me up he turns his back to me a crouches a little bit
"Jump up" he says I jump onto his back he walks with me on his back to the water he lets me down we walk into the water we closer to the boys and Eleanor. Louis gives me a playful shove I shove him, he chuckles and I giggle we reach the boys and Eleanor and they greet us Eleanor is on Liam's back now that I know how she's been stringing Louis along I'm kinda mad at her, I know she's my sister and Family above all but not in this case Louis is an amazing person he's gentle funny and loyal, he deserves someone better than her.

An hour later...
We woke up Zayn and packed up the stuff in the car and started driving home. When we got there the boys decided to get dinner they went to Nando's and because Liam was going Eleanor went I rolled my eyes at her but no one saw. Once they were out the door Louis stayed with me
"You know it's going to take them like an hour to get all of our food and Niall's food ready?" He asks
"What could we do for an hour?" I asked he winked at me I giggled
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