You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


14. Make Yourself At Home

(Jenna's POV)

I got up from the couch and walked up the stairs and went nt the bathroom and started the shower I quickly splashed my body and hair and got out wrapping a towel around me and putting on around my hair I stepped out and bumped into Louis he smiled
"Sorry" he says I smiled back
"It's alright". Said walking down the hall to my room/the guest room and getting dressed in leggings with a baggy white jumper I out my hair up in a messy bun and put a white bandanna around my head and slipped n some white toms when there was a knock at my door it was Louis he was all dressed in black chinos ankles rolled up of course and a grey wool sweater that was loose with grey toms he had his hands in his pockets letting me know he was nervous he doesn't know that I realize every time he's nervous he puts his hands in his pockets
"What's wrong?" I asked him
"I don't know I wanted to try something but now that's I'm infront of you I don't know..." He trails off
"What is it Louis?" I asked stepping towards him we were about two meters apart
"I've been having these feelings Jenna and its feelings I've only had once..." He says
"Continue" I push him on
"I just I don't know" he says
"Louis tell me whats wrong" I say beginning to be impatient
He just looks at me all cute... Wait did I just say that?
"Louis please just tell m-" I'm cut off by him crashing his lips against mine he pulled me closer to him I put my arms around his neck after about 2 minutes we unlocked our lips I felt my knees go weak I feel to my knees Louis quickly helped me up and sat me on the sofa in my room he sat beside me
"What did I do wrong?" He asks
"No that was amazing you made me go weak in the knees" I said he smiled but I can tell he's hiding something
"I'm a bad kisser aren't I? Oh I bet I'm horrible" I said nervously nibbling on my lower lip
"No no it's not that" he says
"Then what is it?" I asked
"Your better than Eleanor and that kiss I felt sparks fly" he says
Oh shit.
"What are you saying?" I asked
"I think I'm meant to be with you" he says nervously
"No your meant to be with Eleanor" I said
"Nothing ever happened with our kisses no sparks not even a little flame" he says
"Are you saying your in love with me?" I asked he looked me dead in the eye
"Yes Jenna... Yes I am." He says
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