You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


10. He's The Best

(Jenna's POV)

Me and Niall pull in and park Harry's range rover and walked in paps took pics of us we walked in
"Follow my lead" he says he walks in and goes up to the counter
"Hello I'm Niall and this is um Eleanor and we kinda busted our friends car can you help us out and fix it quickly?" He asks
"It depends what type is it and what kind of damage?" The worker asked he had a thick Irish accent
"It's a 2012 range rover and the back light was just about taken of- let me show you whats your name?" Niall says
"It's Bill and alright sounds good your in luck lad were not busy" he said Niall nodded and led him out to Harry's car
"And how did this happen?" Bill asked
"...a...Dog" Niall says I bite back a smirk and a laughing look away towards the paps who are watching us taking pictures poor guys they think I'm Eleanor sorry lads your wrong...
"A dog did this?" Bill asked
"Um yeah.." Niall said scratching his head
"Are you embarrassed about the truth Niall?" Bill asks his old features made him cute (in the old person way) his big brown eyes were comforting and his fuzzy grey hair under his baseball cap looked soft as a teddy bear he wasn't chubby like mist old men and he wore overalls with a green t-shirt under I focused on the conversation
"So yeah my wreck less driving almost killed my two best friends and it wrecked my lads car" Niall finished explaining the story
"He didn't almost kill us he's just over exaggerating" I said tippy going to talk to Bill over his shoulder Bill smiled at me I put my hair in a pony tail my stupid side bang I was born with came out I wonder if Eleanor deals with this problem or hates it as much as I do I hugged Niall from behind but then remembered the paps and quickly let go I slid my aviators on my face and leaned against the car knocking the light off completely I covered my mouth with both hands
"Oh my god" I said Niall just laughed his contagious laugh he put his hands on his kneels and laughed we were facing each other and laughing at how stupid I was
"I took the whole light off" I said inbetween laughs Niall just laughed too
Bill looked at us and chuckled
"Ok kids back to business" he said
"I can fix the whole thing in about half an hour and I can do it for free just for you guys" he said
"No no ill pay you than, you do you know the taxi number?" Niall asked
"Just borrow my car don't smash it though its a classic I will so you to it it's at the back" he led us to the back and an old black Camaro was parked there Niall mouth was wide open
"No efense Bill but aren't you a little old to be driving that?" Niall asked
"I'm old not dead" He says chuckling and handing Niall the keys Niall smiles and hugs Bill and speaks some sort of Irish twang I don't understand and I just pressed the unlocked button on the keys and went up to the car and tried the door handle but it didn't work
"Niall can you help me?" I asked
"Oh yeah it's manual unlock" he said and walked away as Niall gave him the keys to Harry's car Niall walked over and unlocked my door and opened it for me
"Why thank you kind sure" I said
"Your English accent is adorable" he said smiling
"Thanks" I said I didn't know I had one.....
"Let's go" he said as he climbed in the car and turned on the radio Irish music was playing he changed the channel and their song Rock Me was playing he was going to change it when I stopped his hand
"Don't touch it" I said he smirked and looked at the road the engine was so loud and amazing!
He pulled out and waved to Bill as we pulled out Bill was just getting into Harry's car to pull it in the garage Niall drove back to the house and pulled right up the drive way Harry came out
"Niall? Did y get me a new car or somthing?' He asked confused
"No it's um the guy from the garage let me borrow his car" Niall said Harry nodded Niall's lakes in Harry out his hands on my waist as we walked into a hidden area
"Hey you" he whispered he kissed my neck I felt myself blush I kissed his cheek as we walked in acting like nothing happened
"Hey it's my long lost Sister" Eleanor says walking up to me and hugging me
"Hey" I said
"Jenna!" Louis yells he hugs me
Everyone says hey to me like I was gone forever. I walk up to Liam
"Hey are you ok?" I asked
"Much better now thank you love" he says
"Anything to help" I said pecking his cheek he smiles
I sit beside Niall and share the bag of chips he just grabbed from the kitchen we watch episodes of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the one from 2003 I look at Louis knowing they were his
"Where did you get the whole seasons on DVD?" I asked
"I'm Louis Tomlinson" was all he said to me
"Oki then" I said we watched half of the first season and turned it off
"I'm bored" Zayn says
"Me to" we all agree
"Lots go to the beach" Niall says jumping up
"People don't know about El and J yet" Harry says
"People don't know about El and J..." I trial off
"Oh shit Johanna!" I yelled and ran out of the room grabbing my phone from my pocket and dialed her number and waited for her to answer she picked up at the second ring
"Jen you finally call me what the hell you just like disappeared" she says
"Sorry Jo I was with some people" I said
"Who?" She asked
"Alloy me to let them introduce themselves" I said
I handed the phone to Liam
"Hey I'm Liam" he passed it to Zayn
"I'm Zayn"
"I'm Harry"
"I'm Louis and whats your name love?" He was listening to her
"Ha, is it? Nice so whats with-" I cut him off by grabbing the phone
"but there's one last person" I said
"Who? And why do those names sound so familiar?"
"Hold on" I handed the phone to Eleanor
"Hey I'm Eleanor"
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