You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


11. Couldn't Hold It In Any Longer

(Jenna's POV)

3 months later.....

It's been about 3 months Niall is officially my best friend Harry and I have been simmering down but he gives me a kiss on the cheek here and there nothing big
We were going laser tagging the teams were me and Niall AKA JeNiall Louis and Harry Lourry Liam and Zayn Palik Eleanor had a meeting so she couldn't come as the match starts me and Niall run to the back and climb some type of tree thing and sit on it waiting for one of the teams to wonder into our territory.
Louis and Harry were the first ones all though we could hear them coming because Harry is one to drag his feet and well Louis can't really whisper that well either they walk in and go back to back and scan the place and high five I aim my gun for Harry's chest when Niall lowers my weapon
"On three we shoot at the same time" he whispered I nod
"1,2,3" he says he aims for Lou and I aim for Harry we shoot and the little glowing parts on their sets go out
"Damn it" Louis says me and Niall jump out of the tree
"Of course team JeNiall has to be a tree" Louis says me and Niall high five and get back in the tree as Louis and Harry team Lourry walk out weapons over their head I giggled and leaned back on my hand Niall did the same his hand going ontop of mine we look up into each others eyes we smile at each other when we hear a loud sound we jump out of the tree type thing and run down the dark all Niall ran into I tinted window and fell to the ground groaning I giggle covering my mouth I reach my hand out to help him up when he pulled me down with him I landed on top of him and we laughed we heard mumbled talking behind us we quickly got up and ran down the hall and climbed up another tree thing and watched Liam and Zayn walk past

3 hours later....

(Harry's POV)

Me and Louis have been sitting around for 3 whole hours waiting for those idiots to come out already, we have taken some pictures with fans still in our gear and took same pictures ourselves which we out on twitter we were in the glow in the dark arcade when a fan came up to us she was about 14 years old her name was Kelsey ;) and she asked us for a picture she had a pink case on her black iPhone and was blonde with blue eyes and had a face with freckles on it Louis smiled
"Sure love" he said she thanked him her Canadian accent was strong she out her phone like she was going to take a selfie and me and Louis kissed both of her cheeks as she blushed like crazy
After the picture she hugged us and Louis kissed her cheek in more time and they took a picture just them it was obvious Lou was her favorite he kissed her forehead and she left looking like she was the happiest girl in the world
"To bad she's 14" Louis says in a low voice I elbow him
"Louis you have Eleanor" I said smirking as I started to play a shooting game
"She's prettier I like blondes" Lou says we laugh

(Jenna's POV)

We heard Liam and Zayn coming from down the hall at the corners we were hiding at once they got close Niall counted with his fingers and we got out f the corners and eliminated them and walked out me and Niall cheering in triumph Louis and Harry came running out of the arcade we took a couple pictures with fans and it was time to leave we climbed into the car and drove home when we got home I went up and showered I went back into the guest room and went three the bag I backed I took out some red skinny jeans and a blue and white long sleeve striped shirt and blue toms and out them on I walked out and someone's door opened I ignored it when I felt someone pinch my bum I turned and saw Niall I smiled he walked beside me and put his arm around my shoulders and whispered something in my ear
"You look pretty" he says
"Thanks" I responded
"No like really really pretty" he says
I stopped in my tracks and looked at him he looked ashamed
"I'm sorry that was in called for I might have made things awkward between us and I'm sor-" I cut him off by kissing him he back us up into my room and we kissed I officially had a thing for Niall... And Harry god damn why did they both have to be so cute!?
Niall had his hands on my hips mine were wrapped Around his neck kissing Niall just felt right we leaned away and put our foreheads together I smiled so did he
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that" I said
"Same here" he says he leaves to go down the stairs I fix my hair and everything and touch up my make up and open my door to see Harry leaning against the doorway
"Hey beautiful" he says I smile. Like who wouldn't smile at that?! He walks in and quietly shuts the door he kisses my cheek and sits on my bed I keep standing he looks at me
"Are you mad at me?" He asked
"No" I say
"Then what's wrong?" He asked
I walked over and sat infront of him I smiled
"Nothing" I said
"There's something wrong I can see it in your eyes" he said I hit him with my pillow
"Nothing's wrong Styles" I said he went in my face his necklaces hanging down I've always wanted to know what they were for I our faces inches apart his eyes moving all over my face his knees were inbetween my legs his hands on either side of my theighs I hit him with my pillow again when he dragged my legs down causing me to lay on my back as he knelt down and kissed me his lips soft
I had quite the choice to make...
A minutes or so later Harry and I unlocked our lips we smiled at each other we were called from down stairs we got up and walked down the stairs straightening up when we got down Niall didnt look jealous because he doesn't know what's going on between us... Atleast not yet.....
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