You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


12. Birthday Shopping For Liam And Then A Party!

(Jenna's POV)

Me and Harry were drving to the dollar store to buy decorations for Liam's birthday party well surprise party Niall had him out shopping right now we parked and walked in getting our pictures taken people still think I'm Eleanor... But they will soon find out because Louis and her are out ordering the cake right now

We walk into the store Harry grabs a card and we walk on he puts in party hats party red cups a plastic bowl a ladle a table cloth chips banners air horns for me and him silly string we came by hats and Harry put one on my head and took out his phone I did the duck face and held up a peace sign he laughed and took the picture then flipped it around and out a hat on and we took a picture together we took pictures with a bunch of stuff it was fun

(Eleanor's POV)

I stood Louis' arm around my waist we were putting Liam's cake together at the place where you watch them make the cake in front of you paps snapped pictures of us soon people will find out about me and Jenna because she put with Harry right now Zayn was at home organizing the ammount if guests that are coming and wrapping the presents while Niall was out with Liam distracting him. This was going down smoothly good Louis turned his head and kissed my forehead I snuggled into his chest I love him so much

(Jenna's POV)

Me and Harry were finally leaving with a cart and a basket full of stuff we drove home fast in his Audi and pulled up Zayn came out and helped us out
"El and Lou here yet?" Harry asks as we bring in the last of the stuff
"No still getting the cake" he says we start to decorate....

(Niall's POV)

"Do you like this Liam?" I asked as I came out of a change room
"Yeah get it and then can we go home?" He asks I check my phone back in the change room no texts from them saying we plus go home yet
"No I'm not done" I said
"Hurry up please Niall" he says
"You can't rush fashion" I say he chuckles
"Can you go find me a sweater?" I call over the change room as I take off my shirt I hear footsteps and shortly after he returns and holds a red Jack Wills sweater I pull it over and put it on I like it with my black jeans and white supras I nod and take a picture of myself in the mirror and post it on twitter
@NiallOfficial: should I get the sweater? ;) xx
I waited a minute or two and read sme of the replys
@ShannaDouglas: OMG Niall you look stunning and yes you should you look beautiful! :)
@ZoeyDaisy: Buy it you look great Nialler :p
@Gabie_Styles: you look sexy! Buy it tell Liam I say happy 19th?! I love you and please tell Harry I love him too! Xoxoxo xoxoxo
I smiled and took the sweater off and took my choices out of the change room and bought them we got back to the car and I stood by the door and quickly took my shirt off and out the sweater on I heard a scream behind me I turn around and a blonde hair girl is standing there covering her mouth she slowly tips over and falls to the ground on the grass I run over she had fainted I shake her shoulders lightly nothing I notice she was wearing a I <3 Niall sweater and she had just saw me shirtless in front of her she actually fainted I looked behind me and shrugged my shoulders at Liam
"Come on" he begs
"I can't just leave her" I said I turned and shook her again
"Hey... Hey" I say she slowly opens her eyes and goes to scream when I cover her mouth she sits up immediately and hugs me so tight I don't even think Louis could have pulled her off I hugged her back as paps took pictures she took the dog tag off of her neck and put it over my head and smiled I smiled back I took off the links on my wrist and put it on hers she smiled she was about 17 I tightened it on her wrist and she smiled she hugged me again and kissed my cheek I got up and helped her up and got her to give me her twitter I followed her on the spot she thanked me as I sent her along I got a message I opened it and it was Harry telling me they were ready I smiled and texted back telling him we were coming I drove the car I'm not allowed to borrow Harry's car anymore so we drove Liam's when we to close the house was dark we opened the door and walked in Liam first and then the lights came on and he was silly stringed and air horns were being blown
"Oh my god guys!" Liam yells he thanks and hugs all if us

(Jenna's POV)

Louis starts to blast the music the irst song to be on was Oath By Cher Lloyd the one they knew so that was blasting through out the house
I was sitting down watching everyone dance and almost screamed when I saw Miley Cyrus she was wearing black skinny jeans with a baby blue and black leopard print loose tank top and mini black cowboy boot type shoes her short blonde hair gelled she wasn't very tall not as I suspected she sat
" I noticed that you were in the dance floor and then I look over and your here I know your not Eleanor you don't have to protend I'm Miley and you are?"
"Jenna Mallet-Calder" I said and shook her hand. Ridin' solo by Jason Derulo was our on as the sing ended she dragged me on
"Come on I love this song" she says I smile and go on the dance floor and we dance shaking our hips side to side and laughing she points behind me and Harry comes up and holds me from behind and twirls me around I laugh and Miley does too I really wanna kiss him right now but I can't not here he starts to dance with me and Miley for a second or two and looks over and points
"Is that Selena Gomez?" He says and walks in the direction of his finger I laughed so did Miley I liked her a lot she was nice Liam came around wearing a birthday hat
"Hey Miles" he says she hugs him and kisses his cheek adding to the lip stick marks of all different colors I apply a fresh coat of my pink lip stick he comes over to me
"Wanna add to the collection?" He asks smiling and pointing to his cheek I nod and grab his chin with my pointer and my thumb and peck his lips leaving pink on his lips I laugh he blushes and walks away
"Well that was random" Miley says as the song ends and Dont Wake Me Up starts
Louis comes up to us
"Did you kiss Liam on the lips?" He asks
"Yeah to leave my mark" I said he laughs and high fives me and returns to Eleanor's side when I see something interesting I look threw the crowed and see Harry dancing with Selena I feel I pinch of jealousy but brush it off and continue to dance with Miley.

(Liam's POV)

When Jenna kissed my lips it felt like a million butterfly's flew into my stomach I smiled to myself as I danced with Niall and Taylor Swift almost every singer or actor I here he sing ended and a slow song came on it was Everythings gunna be alright by Justin Bieber came on which is pretty awkward at the fact that Justin is here anyways Niall started to dance with Taylor and I was left alone until somene tapped my shoulder I turn to see Selena which is also awkward cause Justin And Selena just broke up.
"May I have this dance birthday boy?" She asks I smile and nod I don't wanna sat no thats mean.

(Jenna's POV)

I stood watching everyone dance Cher Lloyd arrived near the end of dont wake me up she was dancing with Harry All of the boys were taken and I won't dance with a stranger
"Don't wanna dance ahy?" A sweet velvet voice says from beside me I look over and it's Justin friggin Bieber! He's wearing black jeans low riding red supras with a Red fox tail hanging from his back pocket and a red long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up his hair gelled up like usual he looks over at me and smiles he is about the same same height as me which isn't bad
"Why aren't you dancing?" I asked
"I'm not going to dance to my own song... awkward" he says I laugh and cover my mouth because I hate my laugh
"You have a nice laugh you know" he says
"No it's ugly" I said
"It's beautiful just like you" he says I feel myself blush he takes my hand
"I'll dance if you will" he said
"Deal" I said we walked onto the dance floor and he puts his hands on my hips but I'm really close to him my arms go around his neck my hands at the back of his neck I start to play with the back of his hair it's soft and fuzzy I like it we dance I look down I look up and notice he was looking at me our eyes connect the corners of his mouth twitch making me look at his lips
He puckers his lips like a duck and I giggle he chuckles he starts to quietly sing the song
"Through the sorrow and the fights don't you worry cause everything's going to be alright" he sang I smiled and put the side of my head on his chest he rests a chin on my head he continued to sing it softly I hugged my hands to my chest and he wrapped his arms around me it was like a giant hug I closed my eyes
"Don't fall alseep on me" he says
"I won't" I said
"Promise?" He asked

2 hours later...
I've been hanging out with Justin and Miley most of the time no one else really the song being played right now was
Feel again by one republic I was sitting on the kitchen counter as Justin stood infront of me back to me Miley sat infront of us on the island she smiled she made a heart with her hands and put us in it I felt myself blush
"Why don't you guys just get it over with and kiss already?" She says I giggle but blush Justin chuckles and turns around and lifts me up and sits me beside Miley and still faces me his hands on my back mine on his chest
"Come on do it" she said grabbing her drink and sipping it Justin and I looked from her to each other and shrugged our shoulders
"Please?" She asked
Justin leaned in and pecked me
"Bitch please that wasn't a kiss" she says I laughed
"Fine" I say and turn Justin's head with my hand and connect our lips
He pulls me close up against his chest I put my arms around his neck and hug him with my legs it was funny because as soon as our lips touched the course of the song came along
The song ened shortly after causing us to unlock lips
How many people can one girl like?
Higher came on Justin cheered
"I love this song!" He yelled I laughed he dragged me and Miley onto the dance floor by our hands and we started to dance crazy I shook my hips and moved Miley cheered Liam came over and spun me around followed by Selena she looked over at Justin he looked away and da fed with Miley I stopped dancing
"What's wrong Liam?" I asked
"Nothing just wanted to hang with my favorite twin!" He yelled over the music
"Why is Selena following you around?" I asked in his ear as she stood arms crossed avoiding Justin grinding Miley
"I don't know she won't stop following me around" he said I giggled he put his hands on my hips
"Help me get rid of her dance with me" he said I put my hands around his neck and we started to dance I even grinded him a little bit she eventually stormed off I didn't stop Liam was never this much fun I held onto the moment my back against his chest we laughed and smiled I was glad t make him happy on his birthday.
We danced I got free and moved away from him and wiggled my hips throwing my hands in the air as the course came around I gestured for him to come over with my finger and skipped away he came after we it was really crowed in their huge living room/parlor
I ran into something curly it was Harry he twirled me around into Niall's chest and Niall twirled me into Zayn's
"Zayn!" I yelled over the music hugging him he smiled and Louis pulled me away I danced with Louis and Eleanor until Liam came back over and took my waist I laughed I was having the time of my life the song ended and I was out of breath I saw Justin and Miley they were talking I walked back to them Misery by Maroon 5 came on I danced over to them Justin did a body roll me and Miley laughed
I lipped along with the words I loved this song
I hope this party will never end!
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