You Mirror Me.

What happens when a regualr girl from Englands life gets turned upside down when people mostly Teenage girls start saying that shes some girl named Eleanor Calder?
I was writting drafts on this one but it was supposed to be Danielle not Eleanor but then Liam and Dani broke up so I didnt want to make anyone sad.


2. Almost Out Of Patience...

(Jenna's POV)

Me and Johanna threw away our frozen yogourts and entered one of my favorite stores Topshop

"You know we should look this Eleanor chicka up some time" Johanna said as we flicked threw the racks, I looked up at her she shrugged

"Jo, I dont even wanna know if I actually look like her because that would be just creepy" I said

"I understand Jen"

We bought a few items I yawned as we walked out of the store

"Jo I'm tired wanna just go to my house and watch some movies?" I asked

"Yeah Sure"  said we walkd out of the mall we got into my car and started the drive home

We got to my house and went inside I sat on the couch Johanna laid on my love seat

"The Notebook or Titanic?" I asked

"I'm going to have to say Friday the 13th" She said I giggled but took out the movie of her choice and grabbed all the blankets and pillows in the room the title screen came up

"Jo I'm not watching this movie unless were sitting next to each other" I said she smiled and shook her head but joined me I pressed play and the moive began

Half way threw the movie my phone vibrated I took it out and answered it pausing the movie

"Come on Jen thats the good part!" she said I shushed her she threw a piece of popcorn at my head

"Hello?" I asked

"Is this Jenna Mallet?" the voice asked

"Um yes can I help you?" I asked

"Were you planning on coming to work today?" I gasped

"Marie I am so sorry!" I said covering my mouth

"Jen its alright your only 15 minutes late" She said

"Does Jo work today?" I asked

 "Yes, can you call her and see if shes up for work today come in as soon as possible" She hung up

"Jo wanna go to work now? were late" I said

"Fuck that" she said popping popcorn in her mouth

"Come on dont throw this job away we need it!" I complained she sighed

"Just because I love you, you uptight Bitch" she said getting up

"Love you too" I said we walked back out the door and got into my car did I mention I work at Topshop.. yes the store I just shopped at awkward...


We pulled up I got out and took my phone and headphone and sunglasses my daily mix for work I walked in followed closely by Johanna.

"Jenna Johanna finally decicded to show up" Marie said giving us one armed hugs

"Hey Marie I am so sorry" I said I elbowed Johanna

"Sorry" she said quitely

"No worrys its your first few days" She said she handed us our lanyards with our 'STAFF' cards on them I walked around folding the clothes

I felt a tap on my shoulder

"Excuse me is there a change room free?" she asked I turned around and her mouth dropped

Shit! I forgot my sunglasses!

"Eleanor Calder?" she said excitedly, I ignored her

"Yes theres a free change room follow me" I said she followed behind me I unlocked a change room amd walked back to the cash station where Johanna worked I walked up to her

"Jo have you seen my sunglasses?" I asked

"Nope" she said chewing her gum and leaning on her hand

"Jo seriously I dont wanna have to deal with the teenage girls Eleanor Eleanor!" I said

"Oh yeah Marie gave me these told me to tell you to wear them" she handed me the glasses that look like 3D glasses but they looked like they were perscription I put them on

'Can you tell its me?" I asked

"No not really good enough" she said I sighed

"Your no help" I said and walked away with the glasses on my face I put one head phone in my ear and started One Direction's album I wasnt die hard obsessed I listened to their music thats it I didnt really even know their names.

I folded more clothing this job had its fun days but then there were some really boring days like today. This was going to be a very long afternoon....





















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