If Only I Could Turn Back Time

Serena and Ash are still in the dungeon at living mirage and they have some new friends. Serena has lost Niall but she is going to try and get revenge. She starts to fall for another guy. The Sphinx will make sure she stays in the dungeon but will she and her loved ones live? Find out in the sequel to Magical Presserve.


1. Reunion

S p.o.v

It's December now I know because the Sphinx makes Conner remind me what day and month it is. I saw the usaul bright flash at the wall. Bracken came in smiling with Ashton with him. "Ash?" I ask. I haven't seen him the whole time I've been here. Which was in august. He ran toward me hugging me he was taller now. "You found him?" I ask Bracken. "Yep when I got in his cell he was on the ground holding his legs saying, 'I Hear them. They want me to be there master.' It was wierd then I realized he was a shadow charmer." He replied. I ran to Bracken and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed. "Whats going on between you two?" Ashton asked. My face went bright red. "Oooo." Ashton said. I looked at Bracken and saw his face was red too. "Let's go see Civia." I said. "Ok." ash said. He went through the bright wall and Bracken went behind him. Was I really falling for another guy?

B p.o.v

I took Serena and Ash to see Civia. Ash kept whispering something to her and she always said, "Shut up." after each time he did it. I couldn't help but wonder did she love me? I loved her. I was going to ask her soon. She doesn't even know who I am. I mean what I am.

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