If Only I Could Turn Back Time

Serena and Ash are still in the dungeon at living mirage and they have some new friends. Serena has lost Niall but she is going to try and get revenge. She starts to fall for another guy. The Sphinx will make sure she stays in the dungeon but will she and her loved ones live? Find out in the sequel to Magical Presserve.


3. Meet the dad

S p.o.v
"Come on Ashton! You can run faster then that." I yelled. I had a special training session with everyone. They said I didn't need any help so I'm everyone's trainer. Ashton needs help with running and I'm helping him right now. He stopped in his tracks. I did the same. "What Ashton?" I ask walking over. "Do you like Bracken?" he asked. It was snowing I wanted to run in it and avoid the question. But I knew he wouldn't stop bugging me about it. "If you really have to know then yes I do." I said. "I knew it!" he yelled. He ran into the house I bet to tell Bracken. "COME BACK HERE!" I yelled. Bracken came running out in a t-shirt and jeans. He picked me up and spun me around.
B pov
Ashton came running in the house. "SERENA LIKES YOU!!!" he yelled. "COME BACK HERE!" I heard her yell from outside. I ran out and picked her up and spun her around. She laughed. "Never trust Ashton with a secret." she said. "I won't." I replied. "Well lets try sword fighting then the crossbow." she said. We were fighting with our swords when Ashton came out onto the back porch."Dad is here Serena." he yelled. Serena's dad wasn't here when we escaped. She put down her sword and ran into the house. "Serena!" I heard a man yell inside. I bet it was her dad. I went inside and saw him it was a tall man with brown hair that had some grey in it. "Hi I'm Bracken." I said. "Daniel Jones." he replied.
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