If Only I Could Turn Back Time

Serena and Ash are still in the dungeon at living mirage and they have some new friends. Serena has lost Niall but she is going to try and get revenge. She starts to fall for another guy. The Sphinx will make sure she stays in the dungeon but will she and her loved ones live? Find out in the sequel to Magical Presserve.


9. Hello Seth

S pov
Bracken got me to sleep and stop driving. "I'll drive." He said. "Okay just wake me when we get there." I replied. He kissed me as I closed my eyes.
B pov
I stopped the car and shook Serena awake. She looked at me and yawned. "Are we here?" She asked. I nodded and she opened the car door. We walked to the front door of The eternal's house. Serena knocked on it and a actual kid who was like 13 opened the door. "What do you want?" He asked. Serena bent down so she was his size. "Hi do you know where Seth is?" She asked. "Your looking at him." He replied. Serena had a shocked look on her face but turned around and started to laugh. "Kendra!" Seth yelled. Then a German Shepard started to bark at Serena and she tried to bite her. Serena turned into a fairy and flew into my jacket pocket. Seth was astonished and said, "Kendra down!" He yelled. "Ok Seth." The dog said. Serena flew by my ear and said, "I thought eternals were older not like 12." She said. I nodded.
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