If Only I Could Turn Back Time

Serena and Ash are still in the dungeon at living mirage and they have some new friends. Serena has lost Niall but she is going to try and get revenge. She starts to fall for another guy. The Sphinx will make sure she stays in the dungeon but will she and her loved ones live? Find out in the sequel to Magical Presserve.


11. Going Back in time

S pov

We took Seth back to Fablehaven and I was experimenting with the chronometer. I know I was being retarded just pushing random buttons. I realized there was a dial. I just did it randomly and I pushed a button and suddenly I was in the kitchen in the main house. I looked at the calendar and saw it was July. "What the-"

I was cut off by Niall. "Hey babe." He said and kissed me.

I looked at him about to say something but he got my hand and took me outside. I knew what day it was. It was the day Niall and I were attacked by a ogre. "Where are we going?" I asked. 

"You'll see." He replied.

I knew exactly where we were going but I wanted to kind of relive this day. I gripped his hand a little tighter I wanted to be with the old Niall again. I just forgot about Bracken for a moment. 

"Here we are." He said and we were by the beautiful pond full of naiads. The Gazebo was beautiful and Niall took me to it. There were speakers and he put some slow dancing music. 

"Oh Niall." I said. I wanted to stay in the past forever. "I love you." 

"I love you too." 

He spun me around. I then saw the ogre and panicked. "Niall. Ogre." I said. 

He turned around and got out his sword. I got my bow and arrow out. The ogre went down after a while. "Don't worry Serena. We're safe." He held me tight. I decided I would stay and make sure Conner didn't take me to Belgium. I was going to change the future. 

Niall took me to the house and I saw the past Ashton he was short compared to how he was in the present. His hair shorter too. He looked at my scars from when I was in the dungeon of living mirage and looked confused. "When did you get those?" Ashton asked. 

"When I was exploring the forest today." I said. 

"You know your not supposed to do that without me or one of the guys." Niall said. 

"Sorry Nialler. I just am curious about the creatures in there." I replied. 

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