If Only I Could Turn Back Time

Serena and Ash are still in the dungeon at living mirage and they have some new friends. Serena has lost Niall but she is going to try and get revenge. She starts to fall for another guy. The Sphinx will make sure she stays in the dungeon but will she and her loved ones live? Find out in the sequel to Magical Presserve.


4. Dreams

S p.o.v
I woke up screaming. "What's wrong?" Bracken asked. I told him about what just happened in the nightmare. In my dream the Sphinx caught all of us and put us in the dungeon. He opened Zyxz and killed us. "It was just a dream." he tryed to assure me. "Your right." I said. In the morning I am going to try and use the oculus. We found out the oculus is the most powerful of all the artifacts. I closed my eyes with Bracken's arms around me. This time for some reason I was dreaming of Ruth the old hag. She had caught me again. "You can't get away this time girl." she said. "That's what you think you hag!" I yelled. "You don't have anything or anyone to help you this time.My imps have searched you completely." she said laughing. "That's what you think bitch." I said. I turned into a fairy and shrunk. Ruth laughed even more. "Get her Mendigo!" she yelled. A human-sized puppet came forward. It was her lumberjack puppet. He was bigger and alive. He came forward and tryed to get me in his hands but I was to quick for him. I grabbed my satchel that held my gear and flew out. My eyes opened it was early the sun was just rising so I went back to sleep.
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