A Dream Come True

As 18 year old Kaitlynn lives in a small town in California dreaming to one day going to a One Direction concert. She knew it would take a while since it was over $1,000 for front row and she wanted every chance to actuall look in to Harry Styles eyes and fall in love with him all over again. Kaitlynn saved up as much as possible each day, also would enter each contest possible. Then one very special day comes.



2. e-mails and other things

Kaitlynn's P.O.V.

               As I e-mailed them (after asking all my friends) I gave them the first and last names of my friends:

Dear ONE DIRECTION family,

               The 4 friends names are:

1. Cece cherrywhik

2. Celeste brickplace 

3. Ivana standhouse

4. Ayanna snome

Of course you already know my name. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for this opportunity. 




               It's finally the day that I leave to go meet ONE DIRECTION!!!! We went on the flight it wasn't bad it was long, but we were first class. I asked all my friends how they felt about meeting ONE DIRECTION. Cece (who was also 18) answered," I can't wait THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING ME!!!" I knew she loved ONE DIRECTION and she was like a sister to me. I told her, " No problem but sorry Harry is mine you can have louis." She just smiled and nodded yes.

               Ivana (who was 19) wasn't that in to ONE DIRECTION, but still liked them enough to come. She replied,"Thank you for bringing me and just saying dibs on Niall cause come on who doesn't like a Irish accent!" But being me,"Who doesn't like a British OR Irish accent!!!" Everyone laughed at that.

              Celeste was of course to happy to say a word so she just made some squeals. and jumped in her seat. Ayanna was always the quite one never talked and would always nod at everything someone said.

             We finally landed and went got our stuff everyone got their stuff but me. I got my bag with all my jeans, shoes, care products, and everything else but my tops. I was infumed the airport said my bag missed the flight and will be there in 1 week. I was even  madder cause i had to wait 1 week for m bags but it took 15 hours to get here 1 or 2 days i would get but really a week. 

            5 strange people came up to us with hoodies, hats, sweats, and sunglasses. one with curly hair came up to me and asked if my name was Kaitlynn I nodded yes by his deep british accent I knew who he was. He was the love of my life but the only thing was he didn't know it yet. 

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