A Dream Come True

As 18 year old Kaitlynn lives in a small town in California dreaming to one day going to a One Direction concert. She knew it would take a while since it was over $1,000 for front row and she wanted every chance to actuall look in to Harry Styles eyes and fall in love with him all over again. Kaitlynn saved up as much as possible each day, also would enter each contest possible. Then one very special day comes.




Kaitlynn's P.O.V.


               Im going to tell you a little story about my experience... Well lets make that a HUGE story. Let me start off tell you I absolutely LOVE ONE DIRECTION. I have been saving up ever since I heard their first song. I checked that it was over $1,000 to get front row tickets I didn't care I had to look into Harry Styles eyes to fall in love with him all over again.

               I have been entering every contest you could think of to just see ONE DIRECTION. I never won they would usually send me a tee-shirt, a bag, posters, or even C.D.'s. It was never what I wanted. I always had my hopes up that one day I would be able to meet them. All my friends knew about it and they always told me it was to get your hopes up... a contest. I never would listen to them why would I. I had to keep my hopes up. 

               I came home from school like any other day and got the mail like any other day. I checked if there was any mail for me there was a package. I read that it was from ONE DIRECTION'S studio I was probably thinking it was another bag. I opened it slowly there was another box with a letter on top. It read:

Dear Ms.Kaitlynn,

               We will love to tell you that you have won 5 tickets for you and 4 of your friends. You won 5 plane, back stage V.I.P. passes, and tickets to the ONE DIRECTION concert. You get to meet and stay with the boys for a MONTH. Please contact us at 1-800-614-4625 or send us a e-mail at ONEDIRECTION5@yahoo.com. Please contact us as soon as possible. When you do you will need the first and last names of the people you will bring.


                                                                                               The ONE DIRECTION family











sorry for such a short chapter but it is my first book and I was woundering if you guys had any ideas for the upcoming chapters and also I'm already looking for a co-author so please comment below tell me your favorite book you wrote so I can see how you write. And if you're interested contact me I might include my e-mail next chapter and the phone number and e-mail I made up.





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